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Hyphenation ne go ti a tion
Pronunciations /nɪˌɡəʊʃiˈeɪʃən/

Definitions and meanings of "Negotiation"

What do we mean by negotiation?

The act or process of negotiating. noun

The transfer of a negotiable instrument. noun

Trading; mercantile business; trafficking. noun

Mutual discussion and arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement, whether directly or by agents or intermediaries; the act or process of treating with another or others in regard to the settlement of some matter, or for the purchase or sale of a commodity, etc.: as, the negotiation of a treaty or a loan. noun

In com., the act or procedure by which a bill of exchange, etc., is made negotiable—that is, made capable, by acceptance and indorsement, of being passed from hand to hand in payment of indebtedness, or of being transferred to another for a consideration. See negotiable. noun

The act or process of negotiating; a treating with another respecting sale or purchase. etc. noun

Hence, mercantile business; trading. noun

The transaction of business between nations; the mutual intercourse of governments by diplomatic agents, in making treaties, composing difference, etc.. noun

The process of achieving agreement through discussion. noun

The activity or business of negotiating an agreement; coming to terms noun

A discussion intended to produce an agreement noun

The process of achieving agreement through discussion.

In a typical adventuring team, the person who socializes and talks information out of the rumor mill. Urban Dictionary

To discuss something formally in order to make an agreement. Urban Dictionary

(Noun) 1. In the automotive trade, a metal breaker bar used to increase leverage on a stubborn fastener. 2. A length of heavy duty 2" ID steel piping used for dealing with, or "negotiating", difficult situations or people. Urban Dictionary

Obi-Wan Kenobi Urban Dictionary

Used to define fledgling relationships; a yuppie-ized substitute for the antiquated notion of "dating" Urban Dictionary

The definition of what Ed Bolian does for a living. Basically just lowballing exotic cars and flipping them later. Urban Dictionary

Having to use the bathroom in the absolute worst way, but either a) you're constipated or b) you have performance anxiety for whatever reason. Urban Dictionary

The act of engaging another in an argument that is so self-evidently preposterous that doing so provides dangerous validation to the other party. Usually refers to arguments with bipolar ex-girl or boyfriends, often with a history of employment in various clothing-optional adult entertainment industries. Urban Dictionary

Made famous in Star Wars. Negotiations with light sabers or other weapons (guns, swords, fists, etc...) aka fighting Urban Dictionary

A student who finds themselves "on the edge" of a new grade at the end of the quarter. For example, a person with a 96 A that only needs a few points to reach a 97 A+. A skilled GPA Negotiator will often times BEG their teacher for ANY last minute extra credit or ANYTHING THEY CAN DO to get their grade up a mere few points. A successful GPA Negotiator will often use guilt tactics and and make sure they tell their teacher that the "want to succeed," when in reality it is just to get their grade up by doing little to no effort. GPA Negotiation is the main cause of GPA Inflation. Urban Dictionary

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The word "negotiation" in example sentences

Unfortunately Lyons also wrote, "I am authorized by Lord John Russell to confide the negotiation on this matter to you," thus after all implying that a real _negotiation_ with the South was being undertaken. ❋ Ephraim Douglass Adams (N/A)

If we are able to reframe the word negotiation as a "win/win conversation leading to agreement," and we lean into conflict as an opportunity meet and resolve our collective wants, needs and challenges, we can count on transforming and even transcending all that keeps us dithering in quicksand. ❋ Lisa Gates (2011)

The sessions have been classified as "direct talks" the word "negotiation" somehow indicates a compromise, a win-win, a leavening out. ❋ Virginia M. Moncrieff (2011)

I can scarcely believe that such a negotiation is actually on foot, and yet that I have not the slightest idea of the party! ❋ Unknown (1874)

That piece of information so influenced our view that we eliminated the word "negotiation" from our signature course and renamed it

Well that has been there all the time there is always what you call negotiation with the ❋ Unknown (2010)

Because if you’re truly hands-off in negotiation, you might not know about the mistake until the negotiation is over and you’ve signed the contract. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And if you think negotiation is hard at this stage, imagine doing it — as Dean did — after the contract was signed and agreed to and your circumstances changed for the worse. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The E in E-A-S-Y stands for engage ... asking yourself "Is this an encounter where a negotiation is possible?" ❋ Don Hutson (2010)

Then the negotiation is really, really, really hard — and might even take you to court. ❋ Unknown (2009)

But Cantor talked tough on the longer-term negotiation involving the rest of 2011 funding, saying that House Republicans still stood behind their legislation that would cut $61 billion in federal agency funding, to return to 2008 spending levels. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Xcel Energy defends its involvement by explaining that such negotiation is business as usual. ❋ Anne Butterfield (2010)

Obviously right, actually, to anyone that actually engages in negotiation for a living. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Concessions prior to negotiation is not a strategy. dds says: ❋ Unknown (2010)

Salary negotiation is not a science ... it's mostly tradecraft you have to learn the hard way. ❋ Unknown (2009)

negotiator: well, I was [kissing] [my way] down his [thigh] when he mentioned... ❋ Spaz De Kat (2009)

I'm negotiating over the [price]. she always negotiate over the price, Hey "Did you buy [the car] ? " [Not yet], We are negotiating on the price ❋ Ala M (2014)

"Damn that [crank] [bolt] is on tight, better use [the negotiator] on it" "If that noob doesn't give me my money I'll have to introduce him to the negotiator" ❋ Ynngwie J Malmsteen (2008)

[Ah yes], [the negotiator] ❋ Firebear1 (2023)

- "So is he [your boyfriend] [or what]?" - "[Nah], we're still in negotiations." ❋ Woundedgazelle (2005)

“I talked to her and offered $30k for the Lambo but, she wanted $75k. She was an [shrewd negotiator] so we met right in the middle at $30k.” - [Ed Bolian], The Professional [Shrewd Negotiator] ❋ What122 (2019)

Dude, I was just in [stall 3], and I had to do some major Hostage Negotiation in there... I was a little embarrassed, 'cause Lenny the [VP] was in the next stall. Although HE had no problem [releasing the hostages]. ❋ AluMiNuM77 (2007)

#1: Stripper Sara [cornered] me at the bar & started screaming at me again about her missing [John Mayer] CDs. She knows I would rather tear out my eardrums & set them on fire than listen to that douche. #2: What did you do? #3: I walked away. Anything else is [negotiating with terrorists]. ❋ At Risk Teen (2009)

My [boss] wouldn't [give me] a [raise]. I'm considering using aggressive negotiations. ❋ Bacon1505 (2009)

------------ Example of a GPA Negotiator at work------------ Student - Excuse me, Mr. Smith. I would like to talk to you about my grade Teacher - Yes? You have [a 96] in this class Student - Yes, however I REALLY need to get it up to an A+ so my parents will be proud of me. Is there ANYTHING I can do to [raise it] a mere 1 point? Teacher - Well... I'm not supposed to be doing this, but I will allow you to write a small paper for a point extra credit. [Turn it in] to me tomorrow and don't tell you any of your peers Student - Thank you very much, I am very appreciative......... *walks of with a smug grin* ❋ Bile2 (2010)

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