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Definitions and meanings of "Negros"

What do we mean by negros?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word negros. Define negros, negros synonyms, negros pronunciation, negros translation, English dictionary definition of negros.

When a normal white person starts speaking in black gangster/ghetto slang after exposure to music/games/television about said black culture. Urban Dictionary

Meaning 'Black' in Spanish Urban Dictionary

Not a racial slur. Just spanish for black. You can check a crayon and you'll see. Urban Dictionary

A sort of suffix that allows a person to do or say something stereotypically African American without being misconstrued as an actual black person. Urban Dictionary

Spanish for the color black. Urban Dictionary

The official race of black people. Also known as Negroid or Negro. Urban Dictionary

This is the way we Latinos and caribenos call a color person you can call a south, central American and even Cubans,Dominicans,Puerto Ricans Negro those that are of dark skin color, they don't see this as an insult, is a friendly way of how we Los Latinos call someone of color that you may know, or even if you don't know him, that just may be the way people know this particular person as, but not necessary as something you would tell someone of color to insult him, put him down,mistreat,much less to be use as a racial derogatory word Urban Dictionary

A non-derogative term used to describe peoples of an African culture. Although of benign nature, people tend to regard it as an insult as it has been implied as such in earlier times. Urban Dictionary

"member of a black-skinned race of Africa," 1555, from Sp. or Port. negro "black," from L. nigrum (nom. niger) "black," of unknown origin. Use with a capital N- became general early 20c. (e.g. 1930 in "New York Times" stylebook) in ref. to U.S. citizens of African descent, but because of its perceived association with white-imposed attitudes and roles the word was ousted late 1960s in this sense by Black (q.v.). Negress (1786) is from Fr. négresse, fem. of nègre "negro." Negroid is attested from 1859, a hybrid, with Gk. suffix -oeides "like, resembling." Urban Dictionary

A proven myth. Everybody knows negroes don't exist, they died out a long time ago Urban Dictionary

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The word "negros" in example sentences

As for "negros" - to this day, the NYCB is overwhelmingly white. ❋ Unknown (2008)

His negros were a dull, feeble, half-starved, and overlaboured herd. ❋ Unknown (1911)

The lady who owned the negros was a widow, who was born and raised in Massachusetts. ❋ John McElroy (1887)

My grandfather isn't at all racist and in fact lived in Africa for years assisting in underdeveloped areas but still uses the word "negros" for black people and says "cotton pickin '" when he's frustrated with something. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Are you idiot? in street picture in every day i see only few black (african) ppls, most of them are like me (normaly white / brown) and then some latsins (mulats) and asians (japan), i have traveled in Rio, Sao Paulo, Bahia, and i dont see that brazil is full of black ppls and i dont see any problems with racist i am white and i get along really good with "negros" and "latins" and i really dont see a racist problem in Brazil. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"Which argument of batman's do you think is better: the one where he lumps" negros ", prostitutes and junkies together as" losers ", or the one where he states that pacifists are some of the most violent people around? ❋ Unknown (2009)

The Liverpool striker was found to have used the word "negro" or "negros" seven times during his row with the Manchester United defender by an independent regulatory commission and missed the club's 3-0 defeat at Manchester City on Tuesday having decided not to appeal against his subsequent punishment. ❋ Unknown (2012)

You can also get your tlayuda with asiento, frijoles negros, quesillo, and then add salsa ... ❋ Unknown (2009)

Mr Suárez replied by saying "No hablo con los negros". ❋ Unknown (2012)

Liverpool's staunch defence of a player who has admitted using the Spanish word negro once during his row with Evra, but was found guilty of using it or negros seven times by an independent regulatory commission, has been viewed by many as the root cause. ❋ Unknown (2012)

Joe: shiiiieeeeeeet this thing be fucked up right here ! how you gonna [carry it] man ! Jake: what the hell are you on about ? Joe: sorry i watched [all 5] seasons of [the wire] last week so I've been well and truly Negroed ❋ Reddragon2232 (2011)

Name: [Don] [Jose], Height: five-six, Hair color: [Negro] ❋ Yonsen (2005)

[Spanish] guy:[hola] individuo negro. African guy:[What'd] you call me?! Spanish guy:It's [spanish] for black. African guy:oh. ❋ SomeoneWhoCaresAndTriesToFixUp (2008)

I don't know [how to swim], I'm [two hours] late for work, and I had [fried chicken] for lunch. No Negro. ❋ Sawgee Rawkwell, III (2010)

I think I shall partake of [one more] [Negro] Modela; one tasty mexican [brew]! ❋ Victor Lazslo (2005)

[Race]: __Caucasian, __Asian, __Hispanic, __Indian, __Negroe ❋ Professor Watenabe (2010)

[hepa] my negro como esta [todo] ´´translation´´what's up [blak] how is everything ❋ Corvette052 (2007)

1. Child: "One of [my best friends] is a negro" Parent: "Well isn't that swell" 2. Secretary: "Who shall I send into your office?" [Employer]: "Will you send the negro in please?" Black Man: "What did you call me?!" Employer: "A negro. That was to [differentiate] between you and the white gentleman beside you." Black Man: "Oh ok." ❋ Cesco (2006)

"Professor [Booker T]. Washington, being politely interrogated ... as to whether negroes ought to be called 'negroes' or 'members of the colored race' has replied that it has long been his own practice to write and speak of members of his race as negroes, and when using the term 'negro' as a race designation to employ the capital 'N' " "[Harper's] Weekly," [June 2], 1906 ❋ Gradivarediviva (2006)

When we took [Jimmy] to go see the [negroes] there weren't any [left] ❋ Homoriffic (2006)

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