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Definitions of "netlike"

  • Having openings like a web. adjective
  • having open interstices or resembling a web adjective

The word "netlike" in example sentences

In that area the sparks were not traveling on the netlike lines, but leaping randomly into the grayness and disappearing.. [The Gauntlet Thrown Chapter Thirty Seven]

There were two sorts, refined, adjustable strap racks, with beddings of flat, soft, criss-crossed straps, with sturdy stud-and-eyelet securing straps, and simple net racks, little more than sturdy wooden frames within which was slung a netlike webbing of rope.. [Cinnamon Roll]

After a certain age, netlike structures of proteins and sugars in the amygdala — the region of the brain responsible for making and altering memories — make recollections of fear erasure-resistant.. [Possible Asthma Risk: Belt Size]

Reticulum, from the Latin for “little net,” simply means a netlike structure.. [The Answer]

For a while, researchers have been looking at using carbon nanotubes as semiconductors, crisscrossing them in a netlike pattern.. [Material World: Carbon Nanotubes Net Make Bendable Circuits]

Several netlike lengths of rope hung on the airship's dull-colored gasbag, just like rigging on a ship.. [Crystal Rain]

A netlike long underwear worn under a spacesuit and that holds a maze of small tubes that circulate chilled water to prevent spacewalkers from overheating.. [Riding Rockets]

He opened his eyes to see that Malleal had grown over the two Misfits, had enclosed them in a netlike prison cell.. [The Welkening]

Structurally Pickwick is a mess and Nicholas Nickleby is not much better, but Dickens "was always striving in his work to include more and more, to make each novel bigger and broader and also more particular, and to make the links between all things less linear and more netlike.". [Dickens Our Contemporary]

Could he narrow the focus, somehow use the netlike effect to redirect the heat into a narrower line?. [Fall of Angels]

Trying not to feel like an idiot, he triggered the laser and continued to use his mental netlike sense and the power of the laser to work the metal, almost to smooth the grains into an ordered pattern while trying to create the equivalent of a razor edge on both sides of the blade.. [Fall of Angels]

· Incorporating a window in the kitchen for the smoke to escape; bamboo canes in a netlike structure in the window can keep insects out while letting smoke escape;. [60. Inexpensive blood-screening for HIV]

She pulled off her jeans and sweater Lillick stared at the huge breasts defined by the netlike cloth of her bra, nipples dark circles.. [Mistress of Justice]

He pointed to a large table next to the semi-transparent netlike projection screen.. [Enemy in the Dark]

She paused, reviewing it in her mind, but did netlike to lay more stress upon it.. [A Life's Morning]

This netlike device is far enough past the gatehouse that if someone tried to force his way through, the guard could still pull it up in time to stop him.. [CSO]

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