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Definitions of "new"

  • Having been made or come into being only a short time ago; recent: a new law. adjective
  • Still fresh: a new coat of paint. adjective
  • Never used or worn before now: a new car; a new hat. adjective
  • Just found, discovered, or learned: new information. adjective
  • Not previously experienced or encountered; novel or unfamiliar: ideas new to her. adjective
  • Different from the former or the old: the new morality. adjective
  • Recently obtained or acquired: new political power; new money. adjective
  • Additional; further: new sources of energy. adjective
  • Recently arrived or established in a place, position, or relationship: new neighbors; a new president. adjective
  • Changed for the better; rejuvenated: The nap has made a new person of me. adjective
  • Being the later or latest in a sequence: a new edition. adjective
  • Currently fashionable: a new dance. adjective
  • In the most recent form, period, or development. adjective
  • Inexperienced or unaccustomed: new at the job; new to the trials of parenthood. adjective
  • Freshly; recently. Often used in combination: new-mown. adverb
  • Recently made, or created. adjective
  • Additional; recently discovered. adjective
  • Current or later, as opposed to former. adjective
  • Used to distinguish something established more recently, named after something or some place previously existing. adjective

The word "new" in example sentences

No. 844/General Motors/U.S./Consumer durables In June 2009 “old” GM filed for bankruptcy and sold “substantially” all of its assets to a new independent company (the ”new” GM), which currently doesn’t trade.. [Global 2000 Drop-Offs]

Consumers Union, together with five other consumer and science groups, today expressed continued support for the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), and urged President Obama to appoint new leadership to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to help implement the new  law.. [Consumer advocates call for new leadership of the Consumer Product Safety Commission]

It was the _other_ new, too, the _new_ new -- the new people, including my uncle, who soon would see what Father and Mother and I had built.. [Asimov's Science Fiction]

(NOH-vuh) In astronomy, the appearance of a new star in the sky (nova is Latin for “new”).. [nova]

New floormats, new carpets, new  side carpets, new seat.. [TEDBUNDY]

Poetry, who is the barrel-shaped member of our gang, had made up a poem about our new teacher, whom not a one of us liked very well, on account of not wanting a _new_ teacher when we'd liked our pretty lady other teacher so _extra_ well.. [Shenanigans at Sugar Creek]

The entirely new dresses of a theatre are like the habiliments of the professional singer, i.e. neither one nor the other ever _were entirely new_, and never will be allowed to grow entirely old.. [Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 1, July 17, 1841]

The extreme form of uncritical veneration of the past may be said to take the position that old things are good simply because they are _old_; new things are evil simply because they are _new_.. [Human Traits and their Social Significance]

The other extreme is represented by the position that old things are bad because they are _old_, and new things good because they are _new_.. [Human Traits and their Social Significance]

Marianne and I have counted six new hats apiece of those girls ', -- _new_, you know, just out of the milliner's shop; and last Sunday they came out in such lovely puffed tulle bonnets!. [The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 82, August, 1864]

But while Sir Robert Peel was remodelling the Corn-Laws, and creating a new source of direct revenue, he also undertook another task -- a herculean task, one utterly hopeless, and beyond the reach or even conception of any but a Minister conscious of occupying an impregnable position in the confidence of the country: we allude to his reconstruction of our entire commercial system, as represented by his _new Tariff_.. [Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine — Volume 53, No. 327, January, 1843]

In some parts of Northern India the festival of the new crop is known as Navan, that is, “new grain.. [Chapter 50. Eating the God. § 1. The Sacrament of First-Fruits]

But of far more importance than these borrowings was the great stock of new words that the colonists coined in English metal—words primarily demanded by the “new circumstances under which they were placed, ” but also indicative, in more than one case, of a delight in the business for its own sake.. [Chapter 2. The Beginnings of American. 3. New Words of English Material]

These are of two varieties: the difficulty of showing people who are content with their present stock of old ideas that the new ones are interesting or important; and the great difficulty of making _new_ ideas clear and intelligible, for the art of being clear and perfectly intelligible is very, very hard to acquire and to practise.. [Manhood of Humanity.]

Jar not with liberty, but well consist”; but still, that the promotion of a new person, on grounds of relationship merely, above—even infinitely above—the old angels, with imperial titles, was a “new law, ” and rather tyrannical.. [John Milton (1859)]

How can it discern and hail the new forms that are looming up on the horizon, —new and gigantic thoughts which cannot dress themselves out of any old wardrobe of the past?. [XIV. English Traits. Literature]

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