Definitions and meanings of "Next"

What do we mean by Next?

Nearest in space or position; adjacent. adjective

Immediately following, as in time, order, or sequence. adjective

In the time, order, or place nearest or immediately following. adverb

On the first subsequent occasion. adverb

The next person or thing. noun

(next to) Adjacent to. idiom

(next to) Following in order or degree. idiom

(next to) Almost; practically. idiom

Nighest; nearest; in the place, position, rank, or turn which is nearest: as, next before; next after you.

In the place or turn immediately succeeding: as, Who comes next?

Almost; within a little of being: as, next to nothing.

Nearest to; immediately adjacent to.

Nighest; nearest in place or position; adjoining: as, the next town; the next room.

Nearest in order, succession, or rank; immediately succeeding: as, advise me in your next letter; next time; next month.

Nearest or shortest in point of distance or of time; most direct in respect of the way or means.

The last preceding.

Synonyms Nearest, Next. See near.

In the time, place, or order nearest or immediately succeeding. adverb

Nearest in place; having no similar object intervening.

Nearest in time.

The one that follows after this one.

The word "next" in example sentences

How to use next in a sentence? Example sentences with the next, a sentence example for next, and how to make next in sample sentence, how do I use the word next in a sentence? How do you spell next in a sentence?

Unfortunately the number I picked was too long, which made all the computers crash at random intervals with a popup with a very long number and my name next to it. U.K. Computer Teaching Gets With the Program

Roberto Mancini has reiterated that Carlos Tevez will be staying at Manchester City and has urged the club to splash out in the summer to compete for the Champions League and the title next season. Carlos Tevez is not leaving Manchester City, reiterates Roberto Mancini

Sen. Jim Webb's campaign-finance report for the last quarter of 2010 is raising questions about whether the Virginia Democrat will seek another term next year. Sen. Webb's fundraising raises question about 2012 bid

'But I am quite willing at some future opportunity -- indeed, I may say I hope at some opportunity comparatively not distant, to consider the advisability of representing the matter to the heads of certain departments who might be able, in the course of the next but one Septennial Parliament, or' (even more sanguinely) 'I might under favourable circumstances even hope to say, the _next_ Septennial Parliament, to lay the topic before the 'That Very Mab'

Ensign, who recently announced he would not seek another term next year, has been investigated by federal prosecutors and the Senate Ethics Committee for actions stemming from his affair with Hampton's wife, Cynthia. Former aide to Sen. John Ensign indicted by feds

DUBLIN, Ohio — Tiger Woods will defend his title next week at the Memorial Tournament, marking his return to the PGA Tour after three weeks spent rehabbing a neck injury. Tiger Woods Returning At Memorial Tournament: Report

InfoFormat ( "Recalculating next entry based on a time of {0}" lookBackTime); _next = _timetable. DotNetSlackers Latest ASP.NET News

But now I hear plainly, even though it be very soft -- the whisper about the bridegroom and the next year, and again quite significantly, the _next_ year. How to Sing [Meine Gesangskunst]

Fields was very grave about my going on to New Bedford (55 miles) next day, and then coming on here (180 miles) _next_ day. The Life of Charles Dickens, Vol. I-III, Complete

In order for me to move on to the next level notice the use of the term next levelless crass and intimidating than saying, in order for you to ever get a piece of this, I need to see you in person. Become Your Own Matchmaker

Hutchison announced in January that she would not seek another term next year, opening up a U.S. Senate seat that Republicans such as Lt. Gov David Dewhurst and former Dallas mayor Tom Leppert openly covet. Liberal radio host wants Tommy Lee Jones for Senate

A Lottery You Don't Always Want to Win The Cleveland Cavaliers—who owned the first and fourth picks in the NBA Draft—may not win a title next season, but history suggests they will improve from their 19-63 record. Upset Win Is Big Step for Lisicki

If Mr. Bloomberg finishes out his term next year, he, too, will be 71, but since his birthday is in February and Mr. Beame's was in March, Mr. Bloomberg would be the city's oldest serving mayor in the final weeks of his third term. Mayor, 70, Nods Little to Age

I hardly ever say the word next unless I really, really have to, and even then I don't. The Boy in the Sandwich

"The reason I'm not as concerned as my colleagues who are running for re-election -- and I would hope that they too would support it -- is that as with any budget it is notional, it is aspirational, it does not have the specific legislative provisions that would be necessary to implement it," said Kyl, who in February announced he wouldn't seek another term next year. -- Top News

He also notes details such as whether a visitor reads the label next to the work out loud. The Museum Is Watching You

Several years ago I began using the term next practices in an effort to focus people forward in their thinking. News

If you have a good team, we knew you needed maybe one or two players to strengthen it the following season, but I don't really believe that John Lyall was given the brief or the funds to say, "Right, OK, go and get us the title next year." Alvin Martin: 'Scousers and cockneys get on. It's the mickey-taking' | Small Talk

But the three-time winner needs to make some sort of changes before he defends his title next July. Inside the Tour de France with John Wilcockson: Can Contador extend his reign?

As the label next to the Atget says, hundreds of his mysterious Parisian views are not on view. Evening Standard - Home

What does next mean?

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