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Definitions of "nice"

  • Pleasing and agreeable in nature: had a nice time. adjective
  • Having a pleasant or attractive appearance: a nice dress; a nice face. adjective
  • Exhibiting courtesy and politeness: a nice gesture. adjective
  • Of good character and reputation; respectable. adjective
  • Overdelicate or fastidious; fussy. adjective
  • Showing or requiring great precision or sensitive discernment; subtle: a nice distinction; a nice sense of style. adjective
  • Done with delicacy and skill: a nice bit of craft. adjective
  • Used as an intensive with and: nice and warm. adjective
  • Obsolete Wanton; profligate: "For when mine hours/Were nice and lucky, men did ransom lives/Of me for jests” ( Shakespeare). adjective
  • Obsolete Affectedly modest; coy: "Ere . . . /The nice Morn on th' Indian steep,/From her cabin'd loop-hole peep” ( John Milton). adjective
  • Nicely. adverb
  • Used to signify a job well done. interjection
  • Used to signify approval. interjection
  • To run a process with a specified (usually lower) priority. verb
  • Foolish; silly; simple; ignorant; also, weak; effeminate. adjective
  • Of trifling moment; unimportant; trivial. adjective
  • Overscrupulous or exacting; hard to please or satisfy; fastidious in small matters. adjective
  • Delicate; refined; dainty; pure. adjective
  • Apprehending slight differences or delicate distinctions; distinguishing accurately or minutely; carefully discriminating. adjective

The word "nice" in example sentences

Bold is like any other BlackBerry except is has nice speakers..oohhhh…..nice speakers, who cares!. [Leaked Verizon document hints at release dates for Blackberry Storm and HTC Touch Diamond « Boy Genius Report]

Hey cake luks so nice wish i can hv one..nice blog u have... [A very late entry: Coffee cake]

Ashwini..nice ideas and thanks for link they are really usefula nd attractive to food lovers at any party.thanks for sharing nice recipe and tips. [Three mice & Radish Raita]

"It'll be nice for you, too," said Mrs. Banks, with a side glance at the housekeeper; "you'll have somebody to look after you and take an interest in you, and strangers can't be expected to do that even if they're _nice_.". [A Master Of Craft]

Find a nice girl -- of course a _nice_ girl -- with a fortune large enough to put you back in your proper sphere; and it doesn't matter about me.. [Marriage à la mode]

"O papa! it has been such a nice, _nice_ evening!" she said, as she bade him good-night; "so like the dear old times I used to have with Miss Rose, only --". [Elsie Dinsmore]

"O papa! such a nice, _nice_ home as you have made for us!" exclaimed. [Elsie's Kith and Kin]

I know that the nice value of a process is basically it's priority and I think a high nice% means the CPU time is taken running task (s) with high nice value (low priority).. []

pear, almond & yogurt..nice combination & healthy too.. nice photos... [Pear and Almond Yogurt Cake (Low-Fat Snack Cake)]

p.s. nice article in Sept. RT mag..nice surprise for me to see you featured in it.. [Ann Aguirre » Blog Archive » Feliz Cumpleaños, Ann.]

nice way to use up the ladoos..nice entyr for the event too... [Boondi Ki Kheer]

"Oh!" she cried, "how nice, _nice_ it will be to have a home of our very own, and our father with us all the time!. [Elsie's Kith and Kin]

"I don't believe that's elegant, mamma," said Etty demurely; "and there isn't Tom, Dick, nor Harry; only Dakie Thayne, and that nice, _nice_. [A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life.]

I sort of got what he meant but the word nice threw me.. [Don't Fill Up on the Antipasto]

The word nice derives from the Latin word meaning ignorant, and, up until the 20th century, was commonly used to mean foolish.. [oh dear dear me]

There is a problem of perception here, and the biases we bring to the word "nice," such as being compliant and eager to please.. [Birute Regine: On Being 'Nice']

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