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Definitions and meanings of "Niggerly"

What do we mean by niggerly?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word niggerly. Define niggerly, niggerly synonyms, niggerly pronunciation, niggerly translation, English dictionary definition of niggerly.

-messed up -the act of being gangster -when something is ghetto -to act ridiculous/stupid (not to be used as a racial slur) Urban Dictionary

Something that acts very FELONISH and CRIMINALY Urban Dictionary

Adverb. When someone outputs niggerish trait of stealing, stabbing, or picking cotton. Urban Dictionary

When a white person acts black Urban Dictionary

The act of being a nigger, a stupid black Urban Dictionary

When a white person is acting black Urban Dictionary

Complete opposite of Beverly Hills, expect to have your tires taken off your car, mugged, beat up, or killed. (Enter at your own risk) Urban Dictionary

Niggerly coordinated- referring to one's 'fresh' or dare i say 'mackdaddy' style and swagger commonly used throughout the african american community and is percieved as a compliment Urban Dictionary

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The word "niggerly" in example sentences

If they are going to take the credit on the up-side, lets not let them be niggerly on the down-side! ❋ Unknown (2008)

[Hold up], man, gotta [restart] [my computer]. It's being niggerly. Look at his niggerly walk Damn dude, that car is niggerly. Dude, stop being niggerly. ❋ Nicole (2004)

[Aryan] chad: [Jamal] is so [niggerly] Histroicalwizard: is your spouses husband ok with this ❋ B2#OT (2023)

Matt [niggerly] [stole] my [care package] of a p-red. ❋ Notvick77 (2011)

John quit acting [niggerly] your white ([white people] will get [smack] for using it) ❋ Jahdagoat (2019)

That guy has been acting [niggerly] [lately], better [stay] away from him! ❋ Yung Tobasco (2019)

John your white quit acting [niggerly] don't use [white people] you will get [punch] ❋ Jahdagoat (2019)

Frick no man! you think us crackers can [drive thru] [niggerly hills] without consequences? Just take the long route no need for a [potentially dangerous] short cut. ❋ Niggerphobic (2022)

Ey man, look at [dat dude] [o'er] [derr] wit dat niggerly coordinated outfit...he so damn fly ❋ Kethry Lover (2007)

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What does niggerly mean?

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