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(usually derogatory) Someone who objects to the building of an undesirable structure in their neighborhood, especially in public policy debate.

Used to describe a person or an attitude, NIMBY is an abbreviation for Not In My Back Yard. A NIMBY might agree that a community or a neigborhood needs a half-way house for convicts transitioning back to society, but doesn't want it placed too close to his or her own home or in the neighborhood. property values. too much traffic. ugly woobly boxes  Urban Dictionary

Not In My BackYard: a person who opposes particular construction or projects in their community. Particularly prominent in New York City. Good NIMBYism: Jane Jacobs opposing the construction of the Lower Manhattan Expressway, which would have eviscerated the present-day neighborhoods of SoHo, Greenwich Village, and TriBeCa; Jackie Kennedy saving Grand Central Terminal from demolition and replacement with an office tower. Bad NIMBYism: Fighting the development of a nearby tall building because it might block your view; opposing a new subway line or water tunnel, which would benefit the city for years to come, because of construction noise in your neighborhood; opposing the expansion of the museum across the street because of minor inconveniences, even though it's the primary reason that your property is so valuable. I.E.: Being selfish Iffy: People who fight LULUs, or Locally Unwanted Land Uses: developments or institutions that are needed, but that nobody wants near them, like homeless shelters or power plants.  Urban Dictionary

If any community agrees action X is required for the good of the whole community, the resistance of a subgroup of this community sparked by (short-term) disadvantages affecting this smaller group is known as NIMBY-behaviour. Generally speaking, people will want to benefit from the advantages, but disadvantages are suddenly unacceptable. (Also see freerider).  Urban Dictionary

Not In My Back Yard This can also be referred to NIMBYism. NIMBYism is when people protests against proposed projects like city projects, and cause alot of trouble by protesting.  Urban Dictionary

Not In My Back Yard; someone who opposes anything built right by where they live.  Urban Dictionary

NIMBY is the natural phenomenon of being TERRITORIAL. Short for 'not in my backyard', Nimby is used to describe residents who oppose property development near where they live. A popular tactical tool, the word NIMBY is often used by property developers, supporters of same and pro development government decision makers in an attempt to destroy public support for residents, labelling those who oppose new developments within their own residential locality as selfish and subculture. However, NIMBY, the art of being territoral has been practiced by most living creatures big or small since nature created them to present day.  Urban Dictionary

Shitty looking blunt that usually falls apart and dosen't rip  Urban Dictionary

A extreme mentally ill human being.  Urban Dictionary

"Not-In-MY-Backyard" - A derogatory term used by people who live far away or are not effected by something to belittle the protests of those in it's immediate vicinity who feel the adverse effects  Urban Dictionary

An all round lame and wimpy person. Synonymous to nerd, geek, and dweeb.  Urban Dictionary

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How to use nimbys in a sentence? Example sentences with the nimbys, a sentence example for nimbys, and how to make nimbys in sample sentence, how do I use the word nimbys in a sentence? How do you spell nimbys in a sentence?

There's a great risk that people will think of the residents as 'nimbys'.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

We are NOT 'nimbys' or 'parochial' or any other childish insults Preston can come up with.  

Perhaps she should consider English lessons before calling others 'nimbys' regarding a subject she so obviously knows very little about.  

Already Blackburn MP Jack Straw and the borough's council leader have said they would fight the plans, prompting Preston council leader Ken Hudson to label them 'nimbys'.  

The row over the plans is dividing the county, with Preston council leader Ken Hudson branding Blackburn with Darwen council leaders "nimbys" and saying the area should focus on its industrial heritage and not try to compete with his city's shopping might.  

It may be suggested that if homes must be built on green fields anyway, an alternative to large developments on the edge of big towns would be to scatter them on a small scale around various rural areas, where many would-be 'nimbys' may think twice if it is their grown-up children who are desperate to find affordable homes in these locations.   ❋ Unknown (2008)

'nimbys' regarding a subject she so obviously knows very little about. spurspants, Chingford says ...  

Because some people actually care to design and plan for their neighborhoods, which is the purpose of neighborhood planning, and object to the plan coming from essentially the Nickels administration, you castigate them as nimbys.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

But at the same time, all the nimbys who built or bought out there, you chose that area and the airport was there loooong before you so adapt or migrate.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

When safer shallower areas and on land drilling sites are roped off by govt nimbys what are drillers supposed to do?   ❋ Unknown (2010)

They could only open certain hours, for a very limited number of people, and the nimbys wailed over each tour bus which desecrated their high-dollar environs.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

The government's planning and housing policies are a "nimbys 'charter" set to "strangle" the self-build sector, says one of Britain's self-build experts.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

If only half of the nimbys not in my back yard out their that bit off more than they could chew, paid there bills like the rest of us, we would't be in this mess.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

When you suggest alternative energy, you run head on into nimbys.   ❋ Unknown (2007)

I'm still very anti the liberals who when it came down to it were 'equality nimbys' ... arragh !   ❋ Jes (2009)

Probably because these same nimbys fight employment opportunities for others at every juncture.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

Although the community council supported the zoning change, the NIMBYs argued strongly against the expansion of the trailer park ❋ Hammer Hands (2006)

Other forms of NIMBY include the NOPE (Not On Planet Earth), the BANANA (Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone), and the TEDAO (Tear Everything Down At Once). ❋ Shreve Lamb And Harmon (2005)

We wanted to build a bunch of windmills near city Y, but those NIMBY idiots keep blocking our plans. ❋ Minusforty (2008)

1) They were proposing to build a freeway through Vancouver in the 1960s, but the stupid NIMBYs from Gastown and Chinatown got pissed and the project got posponed due to NIMBYism, now Vancouver is full of dogways! 2) They want to build Skytrain to Richmond on Cambie St. and the NIMBYs are pissed off already! 3) Man Vancouver has alot of dogway loving NIMBYs!!! ❋ Nimbys_suck (2003)

NIMBYs cause a lot of things to not get done. ❋ Korora (2003)

NIMBY ❋ Planetdownunder (2010)

Yo u just rolled a shitty ass blunt it looks like the nimbis 500 from harry potter. Why the fuck did we let you roll its always a nimbis. Who the fuck gave the blunt to this nimbis roller. ❋ Mike Ivory (2007)

Do you see that nimbie over there drooling on himself. Yeah dude he is the biggest nimbie I've seen by far. ❋ Nimbei5000 (2017)

Farmer John lobbied to have the wind turbines built father away from his house so he could sleep through the night, but the people from the city accused him of being a NIMBY and told him to deal with it ❋ Farmer_John (2012)

Dude Sandrine can't even open a jar of pickles, what a freaking nimby. ❋ Dr. H. Lector (2011)

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