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  • Alternative spelling of no one. pronoun

The word "no-one" in example sentences

A phrase no-one had even heard of a couple of years back will today dominate traders' thoughts on both sides of the Atlantic.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

We won the title when no-one thought we could do it.. [Evening Standard - Home]

In short, no-one would come out a winner from it. this*. [The Guardian World News]

(Concealed within your post however seems to be a lament that your old opportunities for transgressive appreciation of taboo-busting books are no longer available, since no-one CARES if you transgressively appreciate a broken taboo.). [Shoot me now.]

She was a meth-head who was tried and acquitted a mere five months later with a domestic self-defense argument with no-one else to corroborate her story.. [Super snoop (Jack Bog's Blog)]

It's best to even it out, so you get medium transmit and medium receive power everywhere and no-one gets cooked.. [Coming soon to that telephone pole outside your house (Jack Bog's Blog)]

Everything is like this, no-one has any true Chinese friends.. [Frank Schultz: China's Universities: Foreign Students Face 'Indoctrination Camps']

Admittedly, I looked quite a sight sitting in the hotel laundry room dressed in pyjamas and work shoes, but no-one actually got to admire this magnificent spectacle.. [HLO Days 2-3: Transport And Laundry Are Too Easy | Lifehacker Australia]

Jesus Christ has no-one here used something like an interactive multimedia CD-ROM, like microsoft encarta?. [Wolfram Alpha Search Engine Answers Questions, Looks Amazing | Lifehacker Australia]

Martin Whitmarsh, for his part, admits to making a number of errors, but still claims that no-one else in McLaren knew about the lies before the stewards reconvened in Malaysia on Thursday.. [Archive 2009-04-01]

And no-one seem to be addressing this issue genuinely.. [City Audit Shows Major Shortage of Services for Homeless « PubliCola]

Gorman argues that it is stretching "credibility to breaking point [to claim] that after Melbourne and before the pair were summoned back before the stewards on Thursday in Kuala Lumpur, that no-one else in the team was made aware of what they had said and what was going on.". [Archive 2009-04-01]

The weight of his judgement crushed me slowly until I was so diminished I begged him to love me because I knew no-one else ever would.. [Redux]

The Gamburtsevs match the Alps in scale but no-one has ever seen them because they are covered by up to 4km of ice.. [The Lovecraft News Network]

So if you use a land crossing, I'm pretty sure no-one will be waisting time stamping your passport.. [Passport stamping & fee technicalities for half day U.S. visit?]

The absence of a consistent life-organizing world-view among the characters and the fact that no-one dominates the action reinforces the strength of the web metaphor, a web, however, that lacks a center.. [2009 May 26 | NIGEL BEALE NOTA BENE BOOKS]

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Setting aside the idea of corruption, 52 per cent of people voted to leave. At that point no-one knew what form le…


@marigold33333: My photograph from within the Grand Mosque in Istanbul..Turkey..very recently.. Am impressed as we were free to take pho…


@Komal_Indian: The actions and reactions of the govt & the common citizens of New Zealand post #Christchurch have been exemplary. No-one…


@ShaneSmith197: That sideline parent at under 10 who Is abusive to the referee Gives their child €5 per goal Argues with other coach…


No-one says Bee Bear is the personification of artisan affection.

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