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Definitions of "noise"

  • Sound or a sound that is loud, unpleasant, unexpected, or undesired. noun
  • Sound or a sound of any kind: The only noise was the wind in the pines. noun
  • A loud outcry or commotion: the noise of the mob; a lot of noise over the new law. noun
  • Physics A disturbance, especially a random and persistent disturbance, that obscures or reduces the clarity of a signal. noun
  • Computer Science Irrelevant or meaningless data. noun
  • Informal A complaint or protest. noun
  • Informal Rumor; talk. noun
  • Informal Remarks or actions intended to convey a specific impression or to attract attention: "The U.S. is making appropriately friendly noises to the new Socialist Government” ( Flora Lewis). noun
  • To spread the rumor or report of. verb-transitive
  • To talk much or volubly. verb-intransitive
  • To be noisy; make noise. verb-intransitive
  • Various sounds, usually unwanted. noun
  • Sound or signal generated by random fluctuations noun
  • Unwanted part of a signal. (Signal to noise ratio) noun
  • The measured level of variation in gene expression among cells, regardless of source, within a supposedly identical population noun
  • rumour or complaint noun
  • To make noise. verb
  • To spread news of; to spread as rumor or gossip. verb
  • Sound of any kind. noun

The word "noise" in example sentences

As I have independently concluded and stated in this blog, which is also stated in #407, there is no noise in climate, by definition. recalling that exponential growth may lead to strange attractors and feature-laden “noise” structures at ALL time scales?. [Exponential Growth in Physical Systems #2 « Climate Audit]

The Zemu continued an impetuous muddy torrent, whose hoarse voice, mingled with the deep grumbling noise* [The dull rumbling noise thus produced is one of the most singular phenomena in these mountains, and cannot fail to strike the observer.. [Himalayan Journals — Complete]

In a more sophisticated manner than cap Dave cap A. 10: 51 AM david_a (291) - Rather than the term noise, the phrase internal variability is sometimes used to describe the effects of ocean oscillations and so forth.. [RealClimate]

In a more sophisticated manner than cap Dave cap A. 27 February 2009 at 2: 31 PM david_a (291) - Rather than the term noise, the phrase internal variability is sometimes used to describe the effects of ocean oscillations and so forth.. [RealClimate]

Most people look around to see what all the noise is about.. [365 tomorrows » 2010 » May : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day]

Tonight, much more from Al Gore on climate change, what he calls the noise machine and his take on President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize.. [CNN Transcript Dec 9, 2009]

Where in all the noise is there any authentic call for a process of truth-telling, a means to reconciliation?. [April « 2006 « Bill Ayers]

With this amount of volatility, short term noise can sometimes overwhelm.. [The Full Feed from]

The city wants to move the courts to eliminate what it calls noise problems at that location, but Ruehle - and a majority of the association members - has been critical of the plan because of its $3.8 million price tag and because the potential noise being introduced to Granada-area residences.. [Long Beach Press Telegram Most Viewed]

_timbre_ by which one sound is distinguished from another of the same pitch and intensity is due to the different complications of waves in the air; the ability to discriminate the various waves in the vibrating air is, therefore, the condition of our finding music in it; for every wave has its period, and what we call a noise is a complication of notes too complex for our organs or our attention to decipher.. [The Sense of Beauty Being the Outlines of Aesthetic Theory]

I'm a grandfather -- this kind of noise is music to my ears -- even when it's a child crying at 3am.. [Stephen Gyllenhaal: Music of the Spheres]

Proving, once again, that "noise" is in the ear of the beholder.. [Dia de la Independencia -- Viva Mexico!]

Simplex noise is also lacking Perlin noise’s distinctive thread-like patterns.. [Simplex Noise : KillerCodingNinjaBunny]

The noise is earsplitting, making the job of this softspoken spokesperson harder.. [Guess it *was* a crime (Jack Bog's Blog)]

If the Pearlies bitch about noise from the mail trucks now, (and train whistles, and garbage trucks) then they would surely be sent into therapy sessions over all the noise and fuss a stadium would bring .... [Stadium switcheroo -- must the construction go out for bid now? (Jack Bog's Blog)]

The crackling noise is the tape rustling as his little feet pitter patter across the floor!. [Museum of Animal Perspectives]

Noise on Social Media

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@GoodwoodRRC: Ripping V12 noise! #FOS


Im not even a light sleeper like not even close (you can ask my mom) but whenever my roommate is getting ready in t…


what is more disturbing, knowing that there is someone making that noise or knowing that there is nothing, yet the noise continues?


@MsLucyOpenshaw @mrichardshost Has he taught you his biggest secret, the key to unlocking noise?


@MetroNorth head car of the 4.42 to New Haven , the air blower making a horrendous noise. Can someone check it out?

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