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Definitions of "non"

  • Obsolete form of none. adverb
  • No; not. See no, a. adjective
  • A Middle English form of none.
  • Not.
  • Not; a prefix freely used in English to give a negative sense to words.
  • A Middle English form of noon. noun
  • negation of a word or group of words adverb

The word "non" in example sentences

Sassarese accepted annually from the Genoese a Podesta, who swore fidelity to their constitution; and the Sassarese assert that while their city was under the protection of Genoa, they only styled that haughty republic in their statutes and diplomas, “_Mater et Magistra, sed non Domina: _” “_non Signora, ma Amica. _”. [Rambles in the Islands of Corsica and Sardinia with Notices of their History, Antiquities, and Present Condition.]

By reference to the Latin, "non solum _non_ est impossibile a Deo aliquid creari". [Summa Theologica, Part III (Tertia Pars) From the Complete American Edition]

"_Ah, non, non, mon Dieu, non_, note yat vay!" sez he, joompin 'away from me whin he caught soight o' me fists.. [The Ghost Ship A Mystery of the Sea]

The formula: "_Bona opera non quidem esse causam efficientem salutis, sed tamen causam sine qua non_ -- Good works are indeed not the efficient cause of salvation, but nevertheless an indispensable cause,". [Historical Introductions to the Symbolical Books of the Evangelical Lutheran Church]

[22] It is superfluous to point out the error of the Bollandist text in the phrase _Monuit (Cardinalis Franciscum) coeptum non perficere iter_, where the _non_ is omitted, A. SS., p. 704.. [Life of St. Francis of Assisi]

"The _posse non peccare_ is not the _non posse peccare_," said Sara quickly.. [Robert Orange Being a Continuation of the History of Robert Orange]

It seems best to read _multis ingenii luminibus non multae tamen artis_ than to put the _non_ before _multis_.. [The History of Roman Literature From the earliest period to the death of Marcus Aurelius]

"_Non, non, non_!" said the captain, raising his hand to tug at one of the rings in his ears.. [Cormorant Crag A Tale of the Smuggling Days]

"_Mais non, mais non, mais non_ -- come, there is a train going to. [The Halo]

4 Orbaquidem fuit, quam ducere non liccbac alicno j fcdanus, patre virginis non« dum explorato, ad id con - filii progreffa cft.. [Publii Terentii Afri Comoediae sex novissime recognitae cum selecta varietate lectionum et ...]

"Dat's what dat ar sheriff man said my Nimbus was -- a non -- _non_ -- what, Miss Mollie?. [Bricks Without Straw]

_ "" Ah, "he said, in answer to my questions," _io non amo questo paese_; _è freddo ed oscuro_; _non si gagna niente_ -- _ma in Italia si vive_. ". [Northern Travel Summer and Winter Pictures of Sweden, Denmark and Lapland]

Graeciae libris pene hoc capitulum in fine non habentibus_:” but only, — “_non in omnibus Evangelii exemplaribus hoc capitulum inveniri_;” which is an entirely different thing.. [The Last Twelve Verses of the Gospel According to S. Mark]

Thanks for the mention and all, but I hate the term non-believer.. [Attacking Believers]

The term non-financial is best avoided, as are moral arguments.. [Joel Makower: Young Analysts Don���t Put Their Money on Sustainability]

The term non-wellfounded set refers to sets which contain themselves as members, and more generally which are part of an infinite sequence of sets each term of which is an element of the preceding set.. [Non-wellfounded Set Theory]

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