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Definitions of "noncombative"

  • Not combative. adjective

The word "noncombative" in example sentences

(CNN) - Most Congress members conducting town hall meetings this month have chosen a noncombative posture to deal with angry participants who disrupt the proceedings.. [Barney Frank goes toe to toe at health care town hall]

As for comparable sports, bowling had eight times as many injuries as dodgeball, golf had sixteen times as many injuries, and inline skating a noncombative, noncompetitive staple of P.E. programs designed by forward-thinking educationists produced thirty-three times as many injuries.. [FLY FISHING WITH DARTH VADER]

It was a stale response, but noncombative, and all I could manage just then.. [AMERICAN SUBVERSIVE]

You are noncombative, noncompetitive, and something of a pacifist.. [Blog De Ganz | Archive | January]

It is issuing a report this week that recommends, among other points, that the United States use more "nuanced, noncombative rhetoric" that avoids sweeping declarations like "war on terror," "global insurgency," even "the Muslim world.". [Learning to Live With Radical Islam]

Fareed Zakaria argued the smart strategy was "nuanced, noncombative rhetoric" that avoids sweeping declarations like "war on terror.". [The End of Newsweek?]

A delegation of town officials and leading citizens, “looking as amiable and noncombative as a parcel of sheep,” according to an eyewitness, gathered.. [Cavalryman of the Lost Cause]

She talks slowly, enunciates precisely (her mother was an opera singer and actress) and takes a genuinely noncombative view of art.. [Mortality, Morbidity And More]

Bolten's low-key, noncombative style has made his task a bit easier, especially when it came to asking the sometimes volatile Rove to surrender some of his power.. [Bush Pops His Bubble]

Wasserstein said he hoped the Time Warner board would act on Lazard's proposals in a noncombative way, but added, "At the moment, that doesn't seem likely.". [Time Warner's Bankers Get Rich]

One dead american soldier = X dead innocent unarmed noncombative Iraqi civilians.. [Archive 2003-02-01]

These concerns were fanned by critics such as military leader Admiral F. E. Chadwick, who declared that a boy taught by a woman “at his most character-forming age is to render violence to nature causing a feminized manhood, emotional, illogical, noncombative.”. [Failing at FAIRNESS]

As New York City psychologist and author Elan Golomb advises, you will need to master the art of “noncombative firmness” and practice “bland indifference” to provocation in order to insulate yourself emotionally and maintain your equilibrium.. [Why is it Always About You?]

Some mentally disturbed people are meek and noncombative; others are quite capable of killing the police who respond, and have no compunction about doing so.. [Bitter Harvest]

Powell may have been a military man, but he was singularly noncombative when it came to race: he did not consider it his problem when the people he met responded first or only to the color of his skin.. [General Right]

According to the reports there are Massood and noncombative species in the attacking force as well.. [The False Mirror]

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Looks like somebody assaulting a kid here. Kid was noncombative and stopped for the guy. Dude recanting his lie b…


and that made my radio not work for a minute. until I opened a new compose tweet box. It's irritating, and I don't…


@CharlesMBlow Do you mind if adopt "lies. But continue" into my own repertoire of noncombative combacks? I'm loving it

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