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Hyphenation non ex ist ence
Pronunciations N/A

Definitions and meanings of "Nonexistence"

What do we mean by nonexistence?

The condition of not existing. noun

Something that does not exist. noun

Absence of existence; the negation of being. noun

A thing that has no existence or being. noun

The state of not existing; absence of existence; the negation of being; -- usually used with reference to existince in the real world, or logical possiblity. noun

A thing that has no existence. noun

The state of not existing. noun

The state of not existing noun

The state of not existing.

Anything on the Urban Dictionary that doesn't have a sex-based reference. Urban Dictionary

Your brain, talent, and love life. Need I say more? Urban Dictionary

Nonexistant: /Non•ee•ggsi•stant/ a term used to describe a Chinese government that allows its citizens to live independently. Urban Dictionary

An absense of existence, a thing that has no existence Urban Dictionary

Not existing. seemingly not there. missing. gone. absent. Urban Dictionary

The person one becomes after being dumped or factored out of a relationship. Urban Dictionary

The absence of existence, the absence of nothingness, and the absence of absence. It is what is not being referred-to under any circumstances. Its definition is that which cannot be referred-to, named, or defined. Urban Dictionary

When you in kahoot, and you have no idea what to name yourself. Samantha: The kahoot name should be..? Rob: You gonna be Mr. Krabs again? Jim: Nah, dude. I'm gonna be "Nonexistent_Kid" Urban Dictionary

Its a holiday that doesn’t exist Urban Dictionary

A term to use when a guy shoves his whole dick into his personality therefore leaving him with a baby penis. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Nonexistence

The word "nonexistence" in example sentences

Of course, the kobold’s nonexistence is no reason to stop playing the game … ❋ Unknown (2007)

This cessation itself, although something effected, is of the nature of that kind of nonexistence which results from the destruction of something existent, and as such does not pass away. ❋ George Thibaut (1881)

I'm tired with all these liars telling me that atheism is a belief in "nonexistence" etc. ❋ Unknown (2008)

Loss of consciousness beckoned, and beyond it—with no ready receptacle for his katra—so too did nonexistence. ❋ David R. George III (2011)

In a fundamental way, they're right: Even if science cannot prove negatives like the nonexistence of God, it does provide an alternative framework for understanding the universe that doesn't require divine inspiration. ❋ Cody Gault (2011)

She was generally pretty happy in the material world, so I could see how this next phase of her existence, or nonexistence, would be a good one. ❋ Cara Hoffman (2011)

Opposition from national Democrats has faded away to almost complete nonexistence now that it's a Democratic President doing these things. ❋ Jennifer Rubin (2011)

Drag Me to Hell is uninterested in the existence or nonexistence of demons; it is merely interested in mocking them, a not altogether impious enterprise: the humorous devil character -- along with the humorous mummery used to dispel him -- appears in the Book of Tobit. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Terrorists were a victim of their own success on 9/11; I think a big factor in the nonexistence/infrequency of attacks on American soil is that they feel like it has to be an impressive attack. ❋ Unknown (2010)

A proof of the nonexistence of any particular finite sequence of digits in its decimal expansion would have as a corollary that pi is not normal. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Person 1: Man, it's impossible to find something without [a sex] joke related to it's name on [the Urban Dictionary], it's [nonexistent]! ❋ Ieatcereal (2021)

Did you seriously [just look] up "[nonexistent]" on Urban Dictionary? [You fucking retard]. ❋ Yopmail User (2022)

in a nonexistent [world], [China] wouldn't be having [the problems] it is now. ❋ Sporous (2020)

[My love life] is completely [nonexistent]. ❋ KnJC25 (2008)

[Derrick's] relationship with his [16 year old] brother was almost nonexistent. They barely [talked] and he didn't really want him interfering with his life. ❋ Darksongbird (2009)

He was no longer [on the list] to be [invited] to the [holiday] dinner, he is a nonexistant. A person is seen with another everyday for five years, then suddenly he is never talked about, he is a nonexistant. ❋ Sean Layman (2006)

The [idea] of [absolute nonexistence] contradicts itself. ❋ TheNothingness (2009)

[My name] in [Kahoot] is Nonexistent Kid. ❋ Ehh Nonexistant Kid (2018)

[Man] [today] is [national nonexistent day] ❋ Bruhtonium (2020)

[you are a] [real] ryans nonexisting dick [all the time]!!! ❋ Bitchykitten069 (2017)

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