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What do we mean by nonprofitable?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word nonprofitable. Define nonprofitable, nonprofitable synonyms, nonprofitable pronunciation, nonprofitable translation, English dictionary definition of nonprofitable.

A person or organization that makes profit from having nonprofit status. See also poverty pimp Urban Dictionary

An organization that uses surplus funds to achieve its goals, rather than to pay dividends to shareholders. Designated under US Internal Revenue Code 501(c). Urban Dictionary

When attending a training or conference, and whenever the speaker says something, the crowd nods knowingly and approvingly in unison. It's a way to appear engaged without learning a god damn thing because nothing of substance is being offered. The speaker goes on thinking he has made a difference, and the crowd goes home feeling like they are a part of something bigger. Urban Dictionary

A girl who has started her own nonprofit to address an issue facing her community or the greater global community. A nonprofit girl is determined to change the world for the better. She is a very passionate social entrepreneur who is always networking and thinking up new ideas. She is a good example that girls can do anything. Urban Dictionary

Anything but college board Urban Dictionary

A Big Box Nonprofit is any large nonprofit organization whose employment practices are indistinguishable from Big Box For-profits. Urban Dictionary

Career employee at non governmental charitable organizations. Started out in the Peace Corp or Teach for America. Intelligent yet devoid of humor, warmth or taste. Often a white person who wears glasses and shops for brewers yeast and other sustenance at a coop. Frequently resides in a major Mid-Atlantic city. Urban Dictionary

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The word "nonprofitable" in example sentences

"With crude-oil prices high and likely to remain high, margins are set to remain under pressure, and we would expect further closures of simple, nonprofitable refineries in both the U.S. and Europe as the year progresses," said Amrita Sen , a Barclays Capital oil analyst. ❋ Konstantin Rozhnov (2012)

This coming together should not be done only to fight wars that are nonprofitable to true Americanism. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It confirms our view that Lagard è re is more actively managing its portfolio, looking to exit non-controlled and/or nonprofitable businesses. ❋ Ruth Bender (2010)

"Early termination would remove sales that would otherwise be nonprofitable, so sales that are retained likely reveal modest patterns of strategic trade," Mr. Jagolinzer wrote in a recent paper. ❋ Unknown (2009)

As Jon Walker put it, “This sounds like a recipe to price out the old (nonprofitable) and force only the young (profitable) to buy insurance.” ❋ Unknown (2009)

For the second: Coordination in the efforts of companies might turn a nonprofitable market into a profitable one by stabilizing it. ❋ Michael Kinsley With Conor Clarke (2009)

Valuing nonprofitable activities such as social programs, community programs, and employee welfare programs seems rooted more in individual differences than in socialization processes within the organization. ❋ Bernard M. Bass (2008)

There are too many examples to mention but profit for private companies comes years after the government shoulders the nonprofitable research. ❋ Unknown (2006)

For as he substitutes machines for men, he simultaneously substitutes nonprofitable means of production for profitable ones. ❋ Robert L. Heilbroner (1999)

And the insurance business would, in effect, have to make money the way grocery stores do -- a little bit of money on a lot of people, instead of a sizable amount of money on a few people where you can't afford the risk of having even one person real sick and the policy becomes nonprofitable. ❋ ITY National Archives (1994)

For instance, a guilty SubGenius may speak a Divine Inanity which later proves nonprofitable. ❋ The SubGenius Foundation (1983)

Another knock on Russell has been its liberal index-inclusion rules that allow for many nonprofitable and international companies to be included, such as business-development corporations.

Obviously, Retail feels like you -- there was a little bit of a nonprofitable promotion that you pulled off, affected the impact of the sales.

Underlying volumes declined 4%, largely due to reduced demand in the U.K. We are also experiencing a small volume decline associated with the transition of certain of our smaller and nonprofitable accounts to wholesalers.

“It’s amazing how much Microsoft stock went up after the announcement of the Bill and [Melinda Gates] foundation’s multi-billion dollar commitment to fight AIDS." “Quite a [nonprofiteer] that [Gates] guy.” ❋ Aaronkabul (2008)

Bones: Excuse me, your gang can't fund the lobby for legalizing crystal meth. T-Jam: On the contrary, Bones, we classify as a [501](c) [nonprofit] advocacy organization. We can fund whatever we wish provided we don't kick out [dividends] to investors. Bones: Word to your mother. Lets go cut someone. ❋ Old Ebbit (2011)

Dan sat thru another [wasted day] at the conference. Realizing when he left, all that got accomplished was a handful of [nonprofit] [nods] to make everyone feel good. ❋ Ncdubmixer (2014)

The life of a [nonprofit] girl looks [glamorous] with all the conferences and interviews, but [behind the scenes], nonprofit girls have to work very hard. ❋ Outtoproveyouwrong (2011)

"[college board] is nonprofit" ❋ Ur Child 2.0 (2021)

A Big Box Nonprofit will call [discrimination] "unintentional [workplace] [bias]". ❋ @bigboxnonprofit (2018)

[D.C]. has female nonprofiteers and male [maga] [lobbyists] on tinder. Very little sex is happening. ❋ Pointlesslywordyredditmoron (2022)

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