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Definitions of "nonreading"

  • Not reading adjective
  • The act of not reading noun

The word "nonreading" in example sentences

I get off cheap because I have no “nonreading friends”.. [10 Books for non-readers]

I'd started writing more, or course, but work and nonreading hobbies nibbled away at the reading time until I came to a point where I wasn't reading novels at all.. [Reading Like a Kid]

It is all the more difficult to reflect on unread books and the discussions they engender because the concept of nonreading is itself unclear, and so it is often hard to know whether we're lying or not when we say that we've read a book.. ['How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read']

It is unsurprising that so few texts extol the virtues of nonreading.. ['How to Talk About Books You Haven't Read']

He speaks of "aggressive" nonreading, which has been my relation to Joan Didion's "The Year of Magical Thinking," her best - selling book about the death of her husband, a work I would as lief cut off both my thumbs than read.. [All the Wisdom, Without the Words]

There are millions of people in this country today who will never even know who their great-grandparents were, who will have no pictures, who will have no nonreading parents who make sure they have books.. [President Remarks At Italian American Dinner]

How do parents engage their nonreading children in the world of books?. [ rss feed]

Do think again in making way for what sounds like one more jejune set of unfunny panels pitched at the nonexistent (or at least nonreading). [Comics Comics]

I loved this article, but I don’t think that these books are perfect for “nonreading” types.. [10 Books for non-readers]

3. It is universally agreed that the nonreading of poetry is (a) contemporary and (b) progressive.. [‘Death to the Death of Poetry’ « Gerry Canavan]

That’s gross, but seriously I wonder if nonreading teenagers don’t deserve to have some simple “their type” books written.. [Jay's Journal]

It must be remembered that, literacy being what it was in those days (a condition it seems we are rapidly approaching once again, which, in itself, ought to be a warning to those who yearn for "the good old days"), the nonreading public was more likely to be exposed to any semblance of literature by attending performances at the theater, probably in much the same way in which our functional illiterates establish their relationships with the face of the TV tube.. [VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol III No 1]

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an adolescence is a programme: beamlike yet nonreading


@summerbrennan So true. Proposing a panel at MLA on this troubling topic... Bartleby in Byblos: Not Reading Now "H…


@hialexis_ I am too... my nonreading ass 🤣


@brendanbeirne: #MLA2020 CFP is up: "How do emergent and traditional forms of nonreading shape literary discours…

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