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Definitions of "nonsexy"

  • Not sexy. adjective

The word "nonsexy" in example sentences

"Its nonsexy stuff," Kenney says of the enrollment processes.. [Open Enrollment]

Instead, they are managing and directing scientists more closely, requiring them to share data before it is published, cooperate, and do the nonsexy development work required after a discovery is made.. [Desperately Seeking Cures]

- Clearly the byproduct of a pilot called “Meet the Darlings” that a roomful of focus-group-savvy producers kept inserting provacative adjectives into before deciding to just remove all the original, nonsexy words.. [Worst Title in the History of Television: “Dirty Sexy Money” or “Women’s Murder Club”? | Best Week Ever]

Pollitt praises the movie very highly, especially the title character, who she describes as "prickly, winsome, complex and original person: she wears work shirts, plays the guitar and has a luminous intelligence and a pixielike nonsexy beauty, and that is a way young girls are almost never portrayed in films.". [Archive 2008-01-01]

It seems like only yesterday that the bull market was in full stampede, with the Nasdaq market above the magic 5000 mark and even nonsexy indicators like the Standard & Poor's 500 and the Dow industrials hitting new high after new high.. [BEWARE THE QUIET BEAR]

On the obscure nonsexy flab that hangs under my arm placement choice out of respect for prospective future boyfriends, I have a new tattoo, my first, picturing a pink-veined piece of raw shrimp.. [shrimp]

The more permissive political atmosphere of Ukraine has spawned Femen, a group of young women who address such nonsexy issues as pension reform by baring their breasts in public.. [NYT > Home Page]

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Organic Traffics

the most disappointing thing about apex is that they used the nonsexy robots and not the sexy ones


Nah brah, I want the nonsexy boring stuff. I want to set it and forget it and guap hard...I'm talking about busines…


BakuKami nonsexy and mildly gross intimacy ritual:

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