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Definitions and meanings of "Normale"

What do we mean by normale?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word normale. Define normale, normale synonyms, normale pronunciation, normale translation, English dictionary definition of normale.

If you ask yourself this question then you're not. Urban Dictionary

A statistic based upon a majority Urban Dictionary

Normal is taken many different ways,in socializing it means to fit in. To not stand out but blend in. In other ways it means to be alright, okay, the usual. In another sense it's used to describe onself and others, mostly it is used to judge Urban Dictionary

A word made up by this corrupt society so they could single out and attack those who are different Urban Dictionary

Normaler a word meaning more normal Urban Dictionary

The act of tasting one’s own cum and when told by others it’s odd fixing the situation by exclaiming “its normal guys” Urban Dictionary

A variety of mental illness typified by symptoms such as an incapacity to differentiate oneself from others, an obsession with the maintenance of meaningless rituals provided these are also prevalent among others, and a pathological gullibility towards claims made by others with the same condition. Sufferers often experience acute delusions, such as the belief that the present global system functions effectively. People suffering from Normality can be extremely dangerous in large numbers, since they often maintain that only their own interests and needs, and not those of other psychological groups, are relevant in determining social policy. Normality is currently incurable, although some evidence suggests that MMR vaccine offers a potential cure. Urban Dictionary

1. An idealistic state of being that remains as such. Because the idea of such a state varies from being to being and any set standard is nonetheless someone elses idea of what it is this condition warrants satisfactory confirmation of being amongst the confirmed members of such class, by the individuals code. 2. Normal is about as concrete as the idea of "love". The meaning is constantly evolved to suit the momentary desires and/or needs of a single person, or group of people. 3. A tool of conformity. Urban Dictionary

An adjective used by boring people to make themselves feel better. Urban Dictionary

There is no such thing as normal so there really cant be a definition...... Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Normale

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The word "normale" in example sentences

Some parents should just not be aloud to breed, if they are irresponsible. im assuming that this pervert planned the killing of the girl. has anyone seen anything anywhere saying how the child died? this story is nearly hard to believe but the way things are now im not surprised. also, did he have help carrying the girl to the gravesite? sounds like bull to me some one calls you up and ask's you to get rid of a safe for him and you do it and say dont know what was in it you was just helping a pal, yea right b.s. is what that is, a normale persons thoughts would be why, then you would think mabe hes knocked over a place and wanting me to get rid of it for him, then you would think whats in it he dont want to surface, eaither way smells like trouble, and in a case like that a normale person would say i dont think so if you want to get rid of it do it your self i want nothing to do with it, sounds like the pal might know just lil bit more then hes telling mabe what was in the safe might involve him also mabe thats why he helped. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Moi, pauvre Pinku je ne comprends deja rien a l'espece humaine "normale" alors des que s'approche de moi un humain un peu different ca me perturbe! ❋ Pinku-tk (2007)

They are a producer's ordinary bottling of Chianti, the "normale," and are generally spared the aging-in-new-oak regimen that brands the riservas. ❋ Unknown (2010)

(Apple Computers) 09: 40 VLAN voor VoIP/SIP icm 'normale' switch ❋ Bart Van Klaveren (2010)

Italiano · Algeria: tutto normale dopo gli scontri tra locali e immigrati cinesi? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Obviously, I have never, directly or indirectly, pressured anyone to cancel a meeting in support of the partisans of the boycott of Israel, with Palestinian Leila Shahid, Frenchman Stéphane Hessel, and others scheduled to appear, at the Ecole normale supérieure in Paris. ❋ Bernard-Henri Lévy (2011)

Obviously, I have never, directly or indirectly, pressured anyone to cancel a meeting in support of the partisans of the boycott of Israel, with Palestinian Leila Shahid, Frenchman Stéphane Hessel, and others scheduled to appear, at the Ecole normale supérieure in Paris. ❋ Bernard-Henri Lévy (2011)

After studies at the prestigious Ecole normale superieure and the Sorbonne, she began teaching in high schools in the 1930s. ❋ Post (2010)

There, the serving girls were friendly, the prices normale, and the gelato top-shelf. ❋ Roland Merullo (2009)

He laughed and told me Garlenda was normale, not too long or too short, not too easy or too hard, not too hilly or too flat. ❋ Roland Merullo (2009)

“Al suono del brano The Daydream del musicista ambient Tycho, paesaggi stellari intersecano una città e la protagonista femminile Bali nel processo di scopertà interno alla normale esistenza.” ❋ Unknown (2008)

Exactement la même réaction que les personnes qui ne sont pas familières avec quelque chose de nouveauexemple du rock quelques années auparavant.., mais bon ça a l'air d'être une réaction normale commune à la plupart des personnes. ❋ Unknown (2006)

J'étais en qualité “normale” — j'espère qu'il comprimera moins mainenant que je lui ai dit d'être supérieur ❋ Unknown (2006)

[Normal] is [normal] ❋ NormalRandomPeople (2021)

❋ I.P. Freely (2003)

Everything here [looks] [normal] [go back] to what you were doing ❋ Thinking Of Summer (2015)

[Normal] is nothing but a word [made up] by [society] ❋ Bill (2005)

[liam Payne] is normaler and better than [Cheryl] and [Rita] ❋ Abbie Payne (2019)

Guy 1: you guys ever tasted your own semen Guy 2: yeah Guy 1: [wtf man] [I was kidding] Guy 2: I wanted to try, [it’s normal] guys ❋ RandomNate (2021)

Unfortunately, the majority of [psychologists] and psychiatrists are [among those] suffering from this [disorder]. ❋ Andy (2004)

Normal people [never think] for themselves, they play [follow the leader] their entire lives and [freak out] when confronted with any situation they were not trained to deal with. ❋ Integra_grrl (2004)

'She's so [boring].' 'She seems normal to me...' ❋ Plethora Of Spiff (2009)

no one [or no] thing is [Normal]....[normal] [doesnt exist] ❋ Blah (2003)

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