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Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations. The word nostalgia is learned formation of a Greek compound, consisting of νόστος (nóstos), meaning "homecoming", a Homeric word, and ἄλγος (álgos), meaning "pain" or "ache", and was coined by a 17th-century medical student to describe the anxieties displayed by Swiss mercenaries fighting away from home. Described as a medical condition—a form of melancholy—in the Early Modern period, it became an important trope in Romanticism.Nostalgia is associated with a yearning for the past, its personalities, and events, especially the "good old days" or a "warm childhood".The scientific literature on nostalgia usually refers to nostalgia regarding the personal life and has mainly studied the effects of nostalgia induced during the studies. Smell and touch are strong evokers of nostalgia due to the processing of these stimuli first passing through the amygdala, the emotional seat of the brain. These recollections of one's past are usually important events, people one cares about, and places where one has spent time. Music and weather can also be strong triggers of nostalgia. Nostalgic preferences, the belief that the past was better than the present, have been linked to biases in memory..

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  • Plural form of nostalgia. noun

The word "nostalgias" in example sentences

People are grateful to him for reassuring them that their nostalgias, fantasies and would-be realities are real.. [Archive 2009-01-01]

I even bought a few Groo trade paperbacks last year at the Brooklyn Book Festival for nostalgias sake.. [Funny Book Round-Up]

Despite his experience working in the Liberal camp, and his parents’ Pierre Trudeau nostalgias, Jaffer in the mid-’90s turned to Preston Manning’s Reform party, which still enjoyed a tenuous relationship with new Canadians.. [Rahim Jaffer was ‘The life of the party’ - Canada -]

Teh nostalgias always has teh soft-focus blurry edges.. [Burgers…check… - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?]

Like us they search for fulfillment in a kingdom of truth; their rebellions, their nostalgias, their affinities, their tendencies, like ours, are magnetized by the archetype of the Androgyne.. [Sense & Sensuality]

The same respeces, nostalgias, and love of the oddball characters and Kirby.. [4/30 – Pretentious Purmudgeon says… | Comics Should Be Good! @ Comic Book Resources]

Entonces empezó el viento, tibio, incipiente, lleno de voces del pasado, de murmullos de geranios antiguos, de suspiros de desengaños anteriores a las nostalgias más tenaces.. [Cien Años de Soledad]

Embora resumida, está cheia de pequenas preciosidades que despertam nostalgias por futuros nunca acontecidos, puros gozos de imaginação livre, listas interessantes de obras marcantes, e muito mais.. [...]

The shape of American aspiration—our sense of connoisseurship and the good life, the character of our nostalgias, even the thirst imperatives of a nation of office clerks rather than line workers—has changed radically over the last few decades in ways that have helped wine and hurt beer.. [Wine Now More Popular than Beer | Impact Lab]

Without nostalgias or returns to a romantic past, monasteries were in the vanguard of the liturgical movement and, in line with this, must continue to be places where the liturgy of today is celebrated and lived with the same spirit as always.. [The Richness of Benedictine Liturgy]

I ordered a few comics for nostalgias sake and I received them at work today!. [ecstasia Diary Entry]

In this gehenna of death, in these nostalgias of the past, in these trances of eternal isolation, may we not find some relinquishing of his philosophy?. [Une Vie]

CHOPRA: Christmas can make you sadder, because it brings back memories and nostalgias .... [CNN Transcript Jan 2, 2002]

They are not separated by a common language, as is often said of England and the United States, they are divided by fiercely diverging political and economic practices, but haunted by parallel pasts and nostalgias, and by what at times seems to be a shared culture.. [In the Latino Americano Mirror]

The actual experiences of the human race, as it develops the implications of its current systems, may affect the story; and it is not clear that Christianity may not have to confront a world somewhat similar to the one which the early Church had to face in the Roman Empire — a hostile world, but suffering strange nostalgias and harassed by competing forms of faith.. [CHRISTIANITY IN HISTORY]

Will not the war change he has suffered cause nostalgias, revolts?. [The Mountebank]

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