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    The election in november is an election people will have to decide, the choice they will make.. [Lanny Davis joins VoteBoth]

    Can't Post | Private Reply thanks .... chapala in november is the next time we will see each other ... guess i'll have to sign and then fedex to him (i hope fedex is back in LA business!) for signature.. [Notary]

    ElBruce says: pezmiztix says: the elections in november will reflect what this country thinks of this administration.. [Think Progress » House approves health care reform by vote of 219-212.]

    Xisithrus says: however, i will enjoy watching the slaughter in november. [Think Progress » Sen. Alexander: Using Reconciliation To Pass Health Care Reform Would ‘End The Senate’]

    California might just be the 1st state to legalize pot in november!. [Think Progress » Rep. Nunes calls Hill aides ‘staff thugs,’ compares Pelosi to Saddam Hussein and Robert Mugabe.]

    The only people that are going to be embarrassed in november are you righties when we wipe the floors with you in the general elections!. [Think Progress » GOP congressman: Palin’s ‘reload’ map with crosshairs targeted at House Democrats is ‘inappropriate.’]

    For a mere $300,000 they are (pending the vote in november) going to get a heating/cooling system that can provide 245,000 btu of energy gained or removed.. [Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » Window Repair Jobs]

    March 7th, 2010 at 6: 05 pm pags2 says: pezmiztix says: the 2010 holiday season begins with the slaughter of the progressive ideology in november elections.. [Think Progress » Mitt Romney Claims That President Obama’s Words ‘Support’ 911 Truthers Abroad]

    Good luck with the hunt, I will be a little north of you in november near Salmon.. [My dad and I both drew on a bull elk hunt in November. We only have a few days to hunt because of work and other obligations.]

    Q: what is the most effective camo pattern to where in november, I seem to get busted. [what is the most effective camo pattern to where in november, I seem to get busted]

    I want to edit the novel I wrote in november and have a publisher accept it.. [My 2010 Goals for The Creative Penn and My Writing by Joanna Penn | The Creative Penn]

    Sooo you guys want your lump of coal in november instead …. [Think Progress » Rep. King Justifies Suicide Attack On IRS: Sympathizes With Hatred Of IRS, Hopes For Its Destruction]

    GOP ads in november – ‘We’ll take away your health care!. [Think Progress » Fox ‘News’ cheerleads for Tea Party protesters.]

    I suggest that after the elections in november or maybe before that a dem put forth a bill for them to sign to initiate the repeal they say they desire.. [Think Progress » Ari Fleischer quits PR job for Tiger Woods because his legacy was so bad it harmed Tiger’s rehabilitation.]

    They will fail to lead with majorities Bush never enjoyed, and will try to blame repulicans in november to save their seats.. [Think Progress » Coburn: ‘I love gridlock’ because it means ‘we’re not passing things.’]

    RIDICULOUS! didnt this election happen in november?. [BREAKING: Minnesota's highest court rules for Al Franken]

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