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Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word nuk. Define nuk, nuk synonyms, nuk pronunciation, nuk translation, English dictionary definition of nuk.

Nuk (pronunced: nuck) is a word that can be used to describe an event, person, or inanimate object. Random or intense situations often involving alcohol, marijuana, drunk girls, friends, hazing and general tom-foolery are nuk situations. Referred to as "nukking off", doing something stupid or hilarious could make you a nuk. Popularized by Phi Sigs around West Virginia University, those nuks have left havoc in the wake of their parties. Nukking off in Morgantown is a common occurrence, where beer and jersey guidos are plentiful. Being a nuk is neither good nor bad, because you probably made someone laugh somewhere by describing you as 'that nuk'. Urban Dictionary

As black people say "Nig", white people say "Nuk" which is short for nukka Urban Dictionary

A horny girl who needs sex Urban Dictionary

A term of whitebread affection, usually employed by dumb Texan rednecks. Urban Dictionary

Term of endearment used between lovers as a means to express sentiments associated with "puppy love". Usually followed by giving the other person an eskimo kiss. Urban Dictionary

Term used to shorten the word NUKKA. A close nuk(friend). Like how some would say Nig for Nigga = Nuk Nuk for Nukka. Urban Dictionary

"Nukking it," or often referred to as "pulling a Nukkies." Is when someone fails, no matter how big or small of a fail, any fail will suffice. other tenses - Nuked it, Don't Nuke it, etc. Urban Dictionary

Nothing (New Zealand Term) Urban Dictionary

Nothing or a lack of something. Can be used to convey a lack of people, objects, time, or explanation. Urban Dictionary

Another word for a chick that has a visible "camel toe." When one can see the valley of the vaginal lips through pants. Usually spandex or polyester pants. Urban Dictionary

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The word "nuk" in example sentences

December 18th, 2009 9: 13 pm ET they playing politics with every thing and they deserve to be routed out nuk the GOP ... america well be better off ... ❋ Unknown (2009)

- The patrons of the Egyptian origin of the sacred name appeal to the common Egyptian formula, Nuk pu nuk but though its literal signification is “I am I”, its real meaning is “It is I who” … ❋ Unknown (2009)

So we can develop nuk-u-lar thermal engines without the extremist greenies getting their space suit knickers in a knot! ❋ Unknown (2008)

But take this into account: NBC gave nuk-nuyuk Jay Leno a primetime slot five nights a week, bumping five potential scripted dramas from ever having a chance to see the light of day and the CW will be completely purging itself of comedy by the season's end, looking to nix every last sitcom down to Everybody Hates Chris. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Iz dis wun ov teh nuk-lee-r racing skqirrels, leeza-b? ❋ Unknown (2008)

He kicks and squirms and nunus and by "nunus" I mean he sucks on his soother like Maggie Simpson - making little noises like Maggie Simpson - nuk, nuk, nuk.... nuk, nuk, nuk... ❋ Unknown (2008)

June 26th, 2006 at 5: 09 pm katy says: “The truth of the matter is, if this country wants to get rid of its greenhouse gases, we†™ ve got to have the nuclear power industry be vibrant and viable, ” he said. oil in the right pocket … nuk-u-lar in the other? ❋ Unknown (2006)

Teh kittehs kant rezizt teh mysteryus plaases tu skweez nto… gotta chek eberee liddel nuk n kranny. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The hanging of this noose at Columbia also takes place after the appearance of racist graffiti lashing out at communists and advocating “nuk [ing] Mecca, Medina, Tehran, Baghdad, Jakarta, and all the savages in Africa,” and a whole atmosphere of fascist intimidation and thuggery being whipped up and mobilized in the upcoming “Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week” October 22 – 26th initiated by David Horowitz. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Administration incompetence led to North Korea nuk... ❋ Unknown (2007)

Ata nuk janë vetëm ideologjikisht identik, por edhe gjenetikisht. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Nëse unë nuk kanë një grua, unë do të përmendja të dashurën time, apo ndonjë vajzë Unë jam futur me emrin tuaj interesuar Nëse dikujt që vjen mbi ju, është shumë e lehtë për të kaloj në deklaratë, Unë jam duke u përpjekur për të marrë mirë-përcaktuar kështu që unë mund të goditur më këtë vajzë që punon në të tilla dhe të tilla. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Kështu, një pikëpamje shumë nuanca të fashizmit të bëhet, e ku anti-veprimet e themelimit të promovohen, vrasje nuk është, dhe argumenti bëhet një shkallë. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Me sa duket nuk isha i vetmi person të prekur nga sjellja e tij dhe dikush shkoi për të marrë menaxherit të magazinës. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Momentet e fundit të filmit, kur Marcello dhe mentorin e tij të verbër shkoni për një shëtitje për të parë atë që duket si një revolucion, nuk Marcello fund prishen dhe të zbulojë e vërtetë motivimin e tij themelor. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Thirrje Nga motor helmetat Wermacht risi në stilin e oficer nazist S & M shenja, këto marka tregtare e quajtur nazist nuk janë popullore për ideologji ata një herë të përfaqësuar, por e gjejnë në elegancë dhe seksualitetin e tyre të shkëlqyeshëm: ❋ Unknown (2004)

Këto përfaqësojnë "un Platonit-shkolluar," vetëm duke parë dhe duke spekulluar rreth hedhin hijet në mur, nuk e ditur realitetin e asaj që ata përfaqësojnë. ❋ Unknown (2004)

Egyptian formula, Nuk pu nuk but though its literal signification is "I am I", its real meaning is "It is I who" (cf. Le Page Renouf, "Hibbert Lectures for 1879", p. 244). ❋ 1840-1916 (1913)

Tito: Did Matt just puke on that girl? Sean: Yeah, what a nuk. Remember that nuk bitch who [pissed herself] twice on the couch last night? I was nukkin off last night when i ate an 8th of shrooms, a bomb ass [e pill], and decided to hit the gym. Patrick: I'm [goin' home] with a fat girl tonight. Pete: Bro quit nukkin' I had a hard day at work, where's the bong? I'm about to be that other nuk tonight! ❋ ThatOtherNuk (2009)

"[ye ye] [nuk]" "[WORD UP] [NUK]" "yo, get that nuk off mah coat" ❋ WEBLET (2004)

nuk [king] ❋ The Chosen One 99 (2011)

SHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt, [Nuk]! ❋ Zorak (2004)

"[Nuk Nuk]?" He said while looking into her eyes. "[Nuk nuk]" She responded warmly as she drew him close to give him and [eskimo kiss] as they snuggled with each other by the fireside. ❋ The Prince Of Prosciut' (2009)

Hey nuk nuk, I haven't [seen] you in [awhile] man. ❋ Someoneh (2006)

"Did you see that guy try and push [the pull] door and hit his face?" "Hahaha yeah, he totally [Nuked] [it man]!" or "Bet she nukes it" or "Bro, you're totally Nukking it!! ❋ Pineapple Palm Tree (2011)

"What [are you] [upto] g?" "Nuk [bro]" ❋ OOHikaruOo (2021)

"[This shit] ain't worth [nuk]!" - "I have to leave because of something!" reply with "[Nuk]!" To show your lack of [satisfaction] with their excuse. - "There was nuk at the club!" ❋ Dr Octorok (2015)

[hey] [john], [look at] the nuk nuk on her! ❋ Biggity (2004)

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