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Definitions of "numerous"

  • Amounting to a large number; many. adjective
  • Indefinitely large numerically, many adjective
  • Consisting of a great number of units or individual objects; being many. adjective
  • Consisting of poetic numbers; rhythmical; measured and counted; melodious; musical. adjective
  • Consisting of a great number of individuals: as, a numerous army.
  • A great many; not a few; forming a great number: as, numerous objects attract the attention; attacked by numerous enemies.
  • Consisting of poetic numbers; rhythmical; melodious; musical.
  • In descriptive bot., indefinite in number, usually any number above twenty, as stamens in a flower.
  • amounting to a large indefinite number adjective

The word "numerous" in example sentences

While covering his presidency, I heard him use the word numerous times, and it was often attributed to him by his friends and aides as well.. [The Great Experiment]

Maccarinelli became WBO champion in 2006, successfully defending his title numerous times.. [WalesOnline - Home]

McCain admits he has used the term numerous times.. [Latest Articles]

Senior congressional Republicans and Democrats said Wednesday they would join forces with the president to fix what they call numerous flaws in the law.. [Obama seeks to make No Child Left Behind more flexible]

In a decision dated Friday, another judge, Nathaniel Gorton, ruled against allowing an expert's study, citing what he called numerous flaws in its methodology.. [Quattrone Suit Is Dismissed]

So NORAD now taking the decision, we are told, to put fighter aircraft over what they called numerous U.S. cities.. [CNN Transcript Oct 11, 2006]

Northcott said he looks forward to straightening out what he called numerous misunderstandings.. [All Stories]

The U.N. Committee Against Torture expressed alarm Friday at what it described as "numerous, consistent and substantiated reports" of human rights violations in Syria, including the killing of peaceful demonstrators, the abuse of detainees, arbitrary arrests, extrajudicial executions and disappearances.. [SFGate: Don Asmussen: Bad Reporter]

California-based Northcoast Environmental Center Klamath coordinator Jay Wright says his group could no longer negotiate in good faith on the hydro deal, because of what he called numerous "preconditions" and lengthy time frame.. [OPB News]

On Tuesday, Real appealed the judge's decision, pointing out what it called numerous flaws in the court's reasoning.. [ New Product Reviews]

The emphasis on the word "numerous" is DOJ's own -- which is odd, because DOJ cites exactly zero cases in which the Supreme Court has ever acknowledged any such limitations, "specifically" or otherwise.. [Balkinization]

He has served in numerous other capacities at Marshall in the Engineering Directorate and the Space Shuttle Program.. [NASA Watch: May 2009 Archives]

He was featured prominently in numerous pamphlets distributed to rebels throughout remote mountains and jungles as the quintessential example of how warmly Rwanda welcomed its brethren who chose to return home.. [Global Voices in English » Rwanda: The unresolved FDLR issue]

Who lives in numerous residential communities and works in the giant business centers?. [Global Voices in English » Kazakhstan: Astana, as it is]

Nkunda has been repeatedly implicated in numerous serious war crimes and crimes against humanity since 2002.. [Global Voices in English » D.R. of Congo: Furor Over Kabila’s New York Times Interview]

JODI: You mention in numerous places the power of social media and how 100 Stories for Haiti would not exist without it.. [Greg McQueen on 100 Stories for Haiti « Write Anything]

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