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O G means original gangsta those tru gangstas from way back in the day that jacked ya and left nothing but you boxers and socks  Urban Dictionary

This peculiar word can be used to describe a "hard" playa from the streets who is pimped out and smooth. O G stands for Old Gangsta or Original Gangsta.  Urban Dictionary

The original gangsterz from the hood way back. NOT GAME, 50 CENT OR G-UNIT. OG is refering to the pioneers of gangster rap who were in it since the beginning such as Dr Dre, Ice Cube and the late Eazy-E (RIP)  Urban Dictionary

A hybrid strain of Of potent marijuana. Often called OG Kush, but O G is Sativa dominant.  Urban Dictionary

Olive Garden - an American Institution  Urban Dictionary

Old Girl originated in Chicago/Midwest meaning your moms or mother.  Urban Dictionary

Short for "oh god no." Said by Will (Eric McCormack) on Will and Grace.  Urban Dictionary

Off grid.  Urban Dictionary

A older gang member that has been in his gang for 20years or more who may not b active in gangbangin O G "ORIGANAL GANGSTA"  Urban Dictionary

Means original gangsta. Og's rocked the rap game at its core such og's are Biggie and Pac, Dre and The Game also you could say 50cent and G-unit as well as NWA  Urban Dictionary

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How to use o-g in a sentence? Example sentences with the o-g, a sentence example for o-g, and how to make o-g in sample sentence, how do I use the word o-g in a sentence? How do you spell o-g in a sentence?

According to NASA, the concepts range from a specialized space suit that would use flywheels to stabilize the astronaut, replicating the sensation of gravity while in o-g to a fusion powered propulsion system. ❋ Unknown (2012)

(That last one is easy; since the o-g "kids" were 18-30 when the show began, they are now well beyond the 32 they should be by the calendar.) ❋ Unknown (2008)

[Biggie] and [tupac] were both [OG's] ❋ James White (2004)

"I [keep it real] on [the streets], I'm a real [O.G]." -T.I. ❋ Fuck Nigga (2005)

"I stab it like a true [no good] nigga should,I do it the way a down [OG] nigga would" - [Eazy E]; "still a nigga" ❋ Narvin Singh Sondh Aka Slick Singh (2005)

If your [looking for] [dank] O G, go to [the Valley]. ❋ Tirdbergler (2008)

[Let's go] [to the] o g. ❋ Girly Girl 123 (2010)

i.e. "Can I [come over] to your [crib]? Only if my O G [ain't] home." ❋ S.I.R.E. (2007)

dude1: Do you think her mom is [fantabulous]? dude2: Yes! dude1: What about her [grandma]? Is her grandma [wondermous]? dude2: o g no. ❋ Lizisawesome (2006)

"[I'm done] with all [the drama] right now. I can't be [on social] media anymore. I'm going O/G for a while." ❋ AnonyMouseKittyPie (2020)

YG 1- "cuz [tokkie] was a real [TRIPLE O] G" YG 2-"fukk [ya dat] nigga was tha O G ov O Gz" ❋ D-boi (2007)

Little [homies] know who [the og's] are smoking on the c-gar find you up in [ER] ❋ PAki Chan (2005)

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