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Confused, surprised , weird out look  Urban Dictionary

A Triple Headed Shock Monster, also known as a THSM. A set of emoticons expressing extreme shock.  Urban Dictionary

Emoticon representing an eiffel tower  Urban Dictionary

An emoticon used to indicate the person is blushing, embarassed, etc.  Urban Dictionary

Music it is someone with headphones on listening to music and enjoying it.  Urban Dictionary

Hug emoticon.  Urban Dictionary

ASCII for moobs, or boy tits.  Urban Dictionary

A face, similar to ^//^ and/or >//< . The o//o is a blushing face, however the eyes are open in shock or disbelief. This is not usually used as a positive way of blushing, such as ^//^ would be. o//o is usually used when someone is embarrassed or surprised.  Urban Dictionary

1)Boobies. 2)Got milk?  Urban Dictionary

A face used to show the sad emotion.  Urban Dictionary

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How to use o-o in a sentence? Example sentences with the o-o, a sentence example for o-o, and how to make o-o in sample sentence, how do I use the word o-o in a sentence? How do you spell o-o in a sentence?

I don't think separate processes would work, I mean, what if it freezes, could you pluck off the right tab with the task manager? o-o djaymes ❋ Unknown (2009)

There were tapes and mats of the rarest and oldest; capes and leis and helmets and cloaks, priceless all, except the too-ancient ones, of the feathers of the mamo, and of the iwi and the akakano and the o-o. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Pada pusingan Suku-akhir kemaraan skuad Sepanyol disekat oleh Belgium setelah seri o-o hingga ke masa tambahan dan tewas 5-4 melalui tendangan penalti, memperlihatkan Sepanyol terkeluar dari kempen Piala Dunia 86, Mexico sebagai pasukan paling banyak menjaringkan goal dikejohanan kali ini. ❋ Azmie Aka Switch Image (2007)

For the record, it's 60 rental to 38 o-o, which is why so many recent developments are in Chapter 11. ❋ Unknown (2009)

July 28, 2008 at 7:49 am o-o I zink you muss refraym dis in a possitive staytment… dees negatibs r not gud for yor selll…slefsteem….u feeling gud bout yerselp ❋ Unknown (2008)

June 14, 2008 at 2:17 pm i tnk he shud b rawry.. othr one cans haf cheezburger for him o-o or not? ❋ Unknown (2008)

Seated on the ground they chant a few plaintive words, and end each verse with the prolonged sound of a-a, or o-o, or ea-ea-ea — a. Whatever beer is in the house of the deceased, is poured out on the ground with the meal, and all cooking and water pots are broken, as being of no further use. ❋ Unknown (2004)

The second variation arising from the position of Diagram 62 is (5) o-o, Ktxe4. ❋ Edward Lasker (1933)

Kt-c6; (12) B-e3, o-o; White can safely advance the Queen's Pawn and then launch the attack referred to above. ❋ Edward Lasker (1933)

After (5) o-o White threatens to win the Pawn e5 by (6) Bxc6 and ❋ Edward Lasker (1933)

Pawn e5 by (7) B-d5, o-o; (8) Bxc6, Pxc6; (9) Ktxe5 on account of ❋ Edward Lasker (1933)

When advancing the Pawn two squares White has to avoid the following trap: (5) o-o, B-e7; (6) P-d4, P-b5; (7) B-b3, Pxd4 ❋ Edward Lasker (1933)

Queen's Bishop, but o-o is very likely better as it reserves the option of advancing the Queen's Pawn either one or two squares. ❋ Edward Lasker (1933)

Black will answer B-e6; (7) o-o, Q-d7; and now White would only hurt his own game by exchanging on f6 as the open g-file is bound to aid Black, who will castle on the Queen's side, in an attack on the King's side. ❋ Edward Lasker (1933)

White could have forced the mate in seven instead of eight moves by playing (6) K-f1, or (6) o-o, for there was no protection against (7) Kt-h2. ❋ Edward Lasker (1933)

It is true that this maneuver involves two Pawn moves, which mean a loss of time, instead of only one, as for instance when playing (6) B-d3, (7) o-o, (8) P-b3, (9) B-b2. ❋ Edward Lasker (1933)

Considering that all these threats are based on the fact that the Knight c3 is pinned as long as White has not yet castled it lies near for White to try (8) o-o. ❋ Edward Lasker (1933)

person1: [i saw] [a dinosaur] person2: o-o [wtf] ❋ Allisonillusion (2010)

[John]: I [killed] a man again! [Abe]: :o :o :o John: Yeah... what? ❋ DaveyJones (2008)

Hey Dan, [you know what we should do] to [Lateesha] later? [Dunno]. o/o\o ❋ The Towererer (2011)

person 1: [zomg], [do you] really like him?! person 2: [um].. o////o ❋ Dfskdshjdsahdsa (2006)

o(-. -)o: [don't bother] [me i] [like this] song. ❋ Myfirstdeadpanda (2008)

[Hug]? O=(^_^)=O ❋ Skelwor (2009)

Fag407- Man, what a n00b! You- Go suck [your boyfriend's] (o)(o)<-Os, you little toad1 Fag407- WAAAAAAAAHHH! Mom, [a person on the Internet] called me [gay1] ❋ RatchetBoo (2003)

Mom: I threw you a [surprise birthday party], and [invited] all your friends, but they only had bright pink [balloons] Me: o//o ❋ Sharp131313 (2013)

Average (o)(o) Cold breasts (^)(^) Nippels [De] [Grande](O)(O) [Breast Implants] (@)(@) ❋ Your_Mom_Likes_My_Tattoo_Of_Elvis (2003)

From [Janet]: o(╥﹏╥)o From Chad: [Rough day]? From Janet: [mhm] ❋ Googlyeyes77 (2018)

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