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A job, or occupation, is a person's role in society. More specifically, a job is an activity, often regular and often performed in exchange for payment ("for a living"). Many people have multiple jobs (e.g., parent, homemaker, and employee). A person can begin a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, starting a business, or becoming a parent. The duration of a job may range from temporary (e.g., hourly odd jobs) to a lifetime (e.g., judges). An activity that requires a person's mental or physical effort is work (as in "a day's work"). If a person is trained for a certain type of job, they may have a profession. Typically, a job would be a subset of someone's career. The two may differ in that one usually retires from their career, versus resignation or termination from a job..

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Definitions of "occupations"

  • Plural form of occupation. noun

The word "occupations" in example sentences

French Government, with whom a fondness for "occupations" is traditional.. [The Joint Expedition to Mexico]

He says: I have been astonished at the multitude of those who have unfortunately engaged in occupations which practically force them to become loafers for at least a third of the year.. [THE TRAMP]

Of all persons in occupations, seventy per cent come from the proletariat; and the proletariat owns four per cent of the total wealth.. [Chapter 9: The Mathematics of a Dream]

Twenty-nine per cent of those in occupations are from the middle class, and they own twenty-five per cent of the total wealth.. [Chapter 9: The Mathematics of a Dream]

Of the total number of persons engaged in occupations in the United States, only nine-tenths of one per cent are from the Plutocracy, yet the. [Chapter 9: The Mathematics of a Dream]

The proletariat with its twenty millions engaged in occupations?. [Chapter 9: The Mathematics of a Dream]

Some administration officials see them as overly costly missions that threaten to tie down the U.S. military in long-term occupations that do little to improve American security.. [Changed by Iraq, Military Asks What Will Stick]

They specifically mention politicians and labour-management negotiators: "The findings ... suggest that certain occupations may pose repeated exposures to stress of a kind that can threaten cardiovascular health for persons high in power motivation.". [Improbable research: furrowed eyebrows for the power-hungry]

Which puts women at a distinct advantage in occupations where these behaviors are required to be successful.. [Of Cooking & Gender | Edwardian Promenade]

• Psychopaths are likely to be attracted to (and may be overrepresented in) certain occupations, such as politics, entertainment, and business.. [Kim Cranston: Which of Our Leaders Are Psychopaths? A Voter and Shareholder Guide]

People were generally free to engage in occupations and professions without a license or permit.. [Lance Mannion:]

"People were generally free to engage in occupations and professions without a license or permit.". [Deadwood as the model of a Conservatives Utopia]

In other words, instead of “shock and awe,” “regime change,” and long-term occupations, he now imagines “counterterror” as well as air force and naval operations against “terrorists, insurgents, militia groups, rogue states, or emerging powers” that would be so decisive and effective as to “to prevent festering problems from growing into full-blown crises which require costly -- and controversial -- large-scale American military intervention.”. [Tom Engelhardt: Old Secretaries of Defense Never Die, They Just Write Bestselling Memoirs]

So someone who believes that West African sprinters, East African runners, Polynesian fishermen or Aborigine hunters have natural genetic advantages at those occupations is a racist?. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Judging a Person Based on a Single Forwarded Personal E-Mail]

Speaking at a Government Executive Leadership Briefing, Orszag addressed recent media reports showing that for certain occupations, average salaries are higher in the federal government than in the private sector.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » The Federal Workforce and Our Economic Future]

Certain occupations such as Congressmen (hmmm …) were expempt from joining.. [Think Progress » Why George Washington would disagree with the right wing about health care’s constitutionality.]

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