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Oenology (enology; ee-NOL-o-jee) is the science and study of wine and winemaking; distinct from viticulture, the agricultural endeavours of vine-growing and of grape-harvesting. The English word oenology derives from the word oinos, "wine" (οἶνος) and the suffix –logia "study of" (-λογία) from the Ancient Greek language. An oenologist is an expert in the fields comprehended by the "Viticulture and Oenology" designation for oenology-training programmes and research centres that include schooling, training, and education in the outdoor and indoors aspects of wine and the making of wine..

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Definitions of "oenology"

  • Variant of enology. noun
  • The scientific study of wines and winemaking. noun
  • the art of wine making noun

The word "oenology" in example sentences

A 15-year veteran of the California wine industry and a Ph.D. -holding geneticist specializing in oenology, Nancy Irelan did not invest firstin her vineyard based on a whim.. [LENNDEVOURS:]

It only took two vintages (one being the extremely difficult 1984s) for the Soci and the winemaker to part ways, and they hired a very young new winemaker right out of oenology school who was willing to make wines in the traditional manner that the Produttori has always championed.. [Natural wines, premox, chenin blanc, 07 Port and Rhone – John Gilman | Dr Vino's wine blog]

In the faculty of oenology at Bordeaux's Institute of Vineyard and Wine Sciences the vintage report showed that the growing season met almost perfectly all the conditions for a great Bordeaux vintage.. [Sunshine and Vine]

Mr. Baettig joined Errázuriz in 2003 after training at the University of Chile and obtaining a master's degree from the faculty of oenology at the University of Bordeaux.. [Cultivating Pinot Noir]

Its wines are made by Ted Lemon, who studied oenology at the Université de Bourgogne and worked at several Burgundian estates, including Domaines Dujac, de Villaine and Bruno Clair.. [California Dreamin']

In many ways, they were pioneer days, when the old order was having its cage rattled from across the Atlantic and the University of California at Davis, around 70 miles northeast of San Francisco, began to forge an international reputation for viticulture and oenology.. [California Dreamin']

For a California guy who'd recently graduated from Santa Cruz with a degree in American literature, there wouldn't seem to be anything preordained about this choice, which entailed returning to school to catch up on chemistry and other courses he'd disdained as an undergraduate before enrolling in the oenology department at UC Davis, the West Point of the California wine industry.. [Wines That Favor Balance Over Power]

After studying oenology at the Université de Bourgogne in Dijon, he persuaded his father to overhaul the fermentation system at the family's vineyards, introducing stainless steel and barrel maturation.. [A Visionary Vintner]

Through her contacts, Ms. Wasserman found David Croix, a 23-year-old winemaker fresh out of oenology school, who has since become one of the most respected winemakers in the region, though his hiring must have been something of an act of faith.. [In the Domain of the Earth Mother of Burgundy]

He's learned oenology with painstaking deliberation.. [The Rocker Makes Wine]

The spiritual leader of this movement is a mad scientist named Anselme Selosse, who studied oenology in Burgundy, where the concept of terroir is a religion.. [Rose-Hued Memories Of a Summer Night]

Both offer peerless distinction in the oenology world, assuming you pass the exam — the MS exam is by invitation only.. [So You Want to Be a …?]

Brazilians are mobbing wine — appreciation courses, eager to flaunt their command of oenology or even become sommeliers — the hottest new profession since fashion modeling.. [Bordeaux vs. Bali: The Wine Wars]

Employees at the center would collaborate with more than 20 researchers at Cornell University, conducting research in grape breeding, cultivation, crop protection and oenology wine science.. [$2M Rangel Center At City College «]

The Bill provides that the board will be composed of members with skills, knowledge or expertise in viticulture, oenology, distilling and the regulatory environment of the liquor industry.. [Speech by Rubben Mohlaloga, Chairperson of the Agriculture & Land Affairs PC, during the debate on the consideration of the NCOP amendments on the Liquor Products Amendment Bill]

Quite simply, Burgundy is a cult of oenology and collectors are always hunting for the best.. [Investing in Liquid Assets]

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