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I'm astounded by people who want to 'know' the universe when it's hard enough to find your way around Chinatown. [Woody Allen]

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How to use of-course in a sentence? Example sentences with the of-course, a sentence example for of-course, and how to make of-course in sample sentence, how do I use the word of-course in a sentence? How do you spell of-course in a sentence? spelling of of-course.

George W. Bush's invoking the Vietnam withdrawal and post-World War II American occupation of Japan to support the continued occupation of Iraq is of-course laughable on its academic merits. Ray Nitschke and Bush's Iraq-Vietnam Speech

Bush is of-course most responsible for this obscenity. Jose Padilla and America's Descent into Fascism

Lieberman having to whisper corrections to him reminds me of Brezhnev - post-stroke, of-course. McCain Misspeaks on Iran, Al Qaeda - The Caucus Blog - NYTimes.com

Bush of-course went on about how Iraq is "the decisive ideological struggle of our time." America to Bush: No Way!

Mike Gravel, of-course, is the former Senator from Alaska who famously read into the congressional record the Pentagon Papers, that laid out the lies before and during the Vietnam War that ultimately cost some three million lives, and wreaks havoc even today on untold millions more, including 100,000s of Vietnam-era veterans whom the Veterans Administration is trying to shaft on VA beneits. TNR Embarrasses Itself Again on Mike Gravel

There is now doubt that the notion of self determination and the ability to converse directly with the world than through the filter of Westminster is an idea that will excite the young more so than the old, generally of-course. Full detail of Daily Mail/Al-Megrahi Poll

You have useful post and of-course reasonable reason for win. Congratulations – YOU Have Won An Award! | Write to Done

Unless of-course, you are the last remaining smart person, and only you know the truth. reply knuspermuesli Confirmed: Adobe To Cut 9 Percent Of Workforce

This young life was innocent of anything which suggested routine; order for him was a happen-so or an of-course result of his mother's or John's efforts; the details necessary for neatness were never allowed to ruffle his ease nor to interfere with his impulses. Our Nervous Friends — Illustrating the Mastery of Nervousness

When she mentioned this easy breezy Sandesh to me, I felt, this is one thing I must see her make, taste it and of-course share it with my beloved readers. Summer food series # 4 - Quick Mango Sandesh with my friend Preeti

Drama I want to win: LOST (of-course) if not, however, The Wire … and no, not just because it also stars Lance Reddick aka Matthew Abbadon. The Tail Section » ‘Lost’ Makes the Emmy Award Short List

As for black glamour models, well of-course there are quite a few black fashion models, with Kate Moss representing the Chav element, but I assume by glamour models you are talking about the Jordans and Jodie Marshes of this world. Man U And Non U

God! (in the style of Napoleon Dynamite of-course). The Tail Section » Dominic Monaghan Cast in ‘Fortuna’

Half a dozen wealthy and influential men and women are associated with her, of-course, but she is head and shoulders of the whole thing, and never hesitates to give herself to each and every one of the girls. Pollyanna Grows Up

The difference of-course being that those who want to use them have to pay twice through taxes and directly. Coyote Blog » Blog Archive » My Answer on Private Health Insurance

"There is now doubt that the notion of self determination and the ability to converse directly with the world than through the filter of Westminster is an idea that will excite the young more so than the old, generally of-course." Full detail of Daily Mail/Al-Megrahi Poll

But of-course, it is the gore and the anticipation of who will be crowned "deadliest" that keeps us watching. More Odds, More Ends

Arabic of-course is a lot more complicated then english so this definition may not be the best – however, it is considered a true "hadith". 2012 Are you ready? - Arts & Culture - Macleans.ca

CNN should come to towson area emergency rooms and other places in my state and give a fact report on issues with truths and trusts, so tax paying citizens see why the cost of health-care going up. the fact that we have 30 million illegals, under new health-care plan were these people going get their free care? ... from same place that they do now ... our government plan of-course. Sebelius: There will be competition with private insurers

When Miss Sherwood passed the editor the apple-butter, the casual, matter - of-course way she did it entranced him in a strange, exquisite wonderment. The Gentleman from Indiana

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