Off Line

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Definitions and meanings of "Off Line"

What do we mean by off line?

Of a system, currently not connected (generally electrically) to a larger network. For example, a power plant which is not connected to the grid, or a computer which is not connected to the Internet or to any other communications service.

(by extension) Happening in the physical world (the real world) as opposed to on the internet.

Business Buzzword term most commonly used during a meeting when one person would like to discuss something one-on-one after the meeting. Urban Dictionary

Something you say to blow off a dude trying to pick you up at a bar. A portmanteau of pick-up and blow-off. Urban Dictionary

This term seems to come up when an agenda item gets derailed by conversation that’s off topic. Usually a senior person will say to the off-topic speaker, “Let’s take this offline. We need to move on to the next item on the agenda.” Take it offline is a polite dismissal. May be used to let the room know that leadership is not willing to talk about the subject at hand. Urban Dictionary

It starts out sounding like a pick up line, but ends ironically; used to get rid of unwanted attention. Urban Dictionary

Stop texting/calling me Urban Dictionary

A lil nigga that needa hop off ya line if he aint worth the time Urban Dictionary

Same thing as when someon blings yo line Except u don’t want them to Urban Dictionary

The pre 2000 way of saying "offline". it is common for Older people to still use the spelling Urban Dictionary

Someone who just did coke Urban Dictionary

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The word "off-line" in example sentences

"WindowSeat" works off-line, so you can avoid being tackled by a flight attendant. ❋ Sara Clemence (2011)

He has a weekly column on the BBC WebWise site, and contributes both on and off-line to The Guardian, The Register and The New Statesman, among others. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Some chemical producers that had shut plants temporarily during the crisis were off-line when demand snapped back, and couldn't respond to the rapid rebound in orders. ❋ Harriet Torry (2011)

In Lusby, Md., Constellation Energy Nuclear Group said one of two nuclear reactors at Calvert Cliffs went off-line automatically because of winds from Hurricane Irene. ❋ Unknown (2011)

The Guggenheim Museum just released its list of the twenty-five best videos on YouTube, selected from 23,000 entries, and now the celebrated objects off-line and ... ❋ Alexandra Juhasz (2010)

These tests are aimed at ensuring the safety of the 19 reactors currently off-line due to maintenance. ❋ Mitsuru Obe (2011)

However, she did make it clear that not all boundaries would be dissolved, and that without vigilance, there was the possibility of reproducing the same off-line hierarchies. ❋ Marcia G. Yerman (2011)

The Guggenheim Museum just released its list of the twenty-five best videos on YouTube, selected from 23,000 entries, and now the celebrated objects off-line and on, of YouTube Play, a screening site on YouTube and at the Museum. ❋ Alexandra Juhasz (2010)

The four patents cover topics such as monitoring remaining memory, updating contact lists and synchronizing on- and off-line use. ❋ Unknown (2011)

While effectively bringing the masses off-line and into the streets, they fall short in offering long-term solutions and champions who will continue to promote sustainable change and ongoing civic engagement. ❋ Fron Nahzi (2012)

Another is to minimize electricity use given the decline in available power generation due to the Daiichi facility going off-line as well as the recent suspension of operation of the nuclear plant at Hamaoka. ❋ David Wagner (2011)

Paula: I can leverage this report to give you a [ballpark] [guestimate] Steve: We'll take this off-line Paula. Anyone have any more [synergy]? John: I thought I had but then I realised it was a paradigm. Any use? ❋ Thepreacher (2006)

OMFG! This [total loser] was flirting with me and I just wanted him to shut the fuck up and I said "Sorry, I like boys with tattoos" then he shows me his back and he has a huge like artwork thing on the back! Worst pick-off line ever! I had a great pick-off line the other day. I was like "sorry, dude. I'd love to talk to you more, but I have some over-ripe fruit at home and I'm [itching] to [bake it] into a pie." ❋ ParchÞeSkald (2014)

“This has been a great [discussion], but let’s [take it off-line] and [move on].” ❋ FrankyJones (2016)

Girl 1: "Are you from [Jamaica]? Cause Jamakin [me bored]." Girl 2: "That's cold, you just used [a drop] off line on him!" ❋ Jpoops (2010)

[Thirsty] dude: Hey [bae] Girl: [Get off my line] ❋ Creatormane (2014)

he [called] me a [lil bitch] so i [told] him to hop off my line ❋ Cwubbles (2016)

Example: Marco: yo,yo,yo([x8]) [Rickey]: [bro fuck] off my line dam ❋ Slang Gang Bitch 😈👅 (2018)

The [Modem] was off-line ❋ Yakuzafan2005 (2020)

I [walked] into my [apartment], and my [roommate] Jimmy was fresh off the line. ❋ Yuh, Ya Dig (2018)

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