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Definitions of "offensive"

  • Disagreeable to the senses: an offensive odor. adjective
  • Causing anger, displeasure, resentment, or affront: an offensive gesture. adjective
  • Making an attack: The offensive troops gained ground quickly. adjective
  • Of, relating to, or designed for attack: offensive weapons. adjective
  • Sports Of or relating to a team having possession of a ball or puck: the offensive line. adjective
  • An attitude or position of attack: go on the offensive in chess. noun
  • An attack or assault: led a massive military offensive. noun
  • Causing offense; arousing a visceral reaction of disgust, anger, or hatred. adjective
  • Relating to an offense or attack, as opposed to defensive. adjective
  • Having to do with play directed at scoring. adjective
  • An attack. noun
  • The posture of attacking or being able to attack. noun
  • Giving offense; causing displeasure or resentment; displeasing; annoying. adjective
  • Giving pain or unpleasant sensations; disagreeable; revolting; noxious adjective
  • Making the first attack; assailant; aggressive; hence, used in attacking; -- opposed to defensive adjective
  • The state or posture of one who offends or makes attack; aggressive attitude; the act of the attacking party; -- opposed to defensive. noun
  • Serving to offend, assail, or attack; used in attack: opposed to defensive: as, offensive weapons.
  • Consisting in or proceeding by attack; assailant; invading; aggressive: opposed to defensive.
  • Serving to injure; injurious.

The word "offensive" in example sentences

"The media have chosen to use the term offensive," he said.. [Derrick Crowe: Secretary Gates and Friends Backpedaling on Kandahar]

As I say in my long list of comments, not only is the term offensive, it is terribly imprecise and journalistically worthless.. [Introducing "Think Twice" Word Detection System To OpEdNews]

State senator Frederica Wilson from Miami says she finds the term offensive and she says, "An alien to me is someone from outer space.". [CNN Transcript Feb 28, 2007]

Glenn Greenwald, for example, takes on Ann Althouse who claims to find the term offensive as well as Glenn Reynolds who calls it "a variety of bigotry.". [Hullabaloo]

"We cannot say the term offensive for Kandahar," said the Afghan National Army officer in charge here, Gen. Sher Mohammad Zazai.. [NYT > Home Page]

Obviously, Jeff Roorda doesn't find the term offensive at all.. [Doctor Bulldog & Ronin]

Now that I know you find the term offensive, I will refrain from using it.. [Doctor Bulldog & Ronin]

Notice how he says, "Now that I know YOU find the term offensive, I will refrain from using it.". [Doctor Bulldog & Ronin]

Since then, reports of McCain's language have been circulating on Internet chat sites and e-mails among Asian Americans, many of whom find the the term offensive and inappropriate for an elected official.. [Seeing the Forest]

They claim to find the term offensive and disparaging - and say it should not, therefore, be entitled to any form of commercial protection under US law.. [The Independent - Frontpage RSS Feed]

But Hirale's prominent role in the offensive is also raising concerns that clan fighting could re-ignite in the Jubaland region of southern Somalia.. [Somali Government Forces Capture Strategic Town]

WASHINGTON — Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is criticizing rival Rick Perry for what he calls "offensive" language in the name of a Texas hunting camp his family once leased.. [Mitt Romney: Rick Perry Hunting Camp Name 'Offensive']

It had given a new order to dismantle the arms which you described as offensive, and to crate and return them to the Soviet Union, and the Soviet premier accepted with respect and trust Kennedys assurances against an invasion of Cuba.. [In the Shadow of the Oval Office]

Inside this term offensive, now to include a bipartisan Super Bowl party, President Barack Obama is quite capable of throwing sharp elbows, recently telling a group of Republicans, "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done.". [CNN Transcript Jan 30, 2009]

No one I interviewed seemed to find the phrase offensive, although more than one woman admitted that as her thirtieth birthday approached she was anxious to join “the winning team.”. [Kickboxing Geishas]

Coming up, they organized a girl-cott of a big retailer over what they called offensive and demeaning T-shirts.. [CNN Transcript Dec 5, 2005]

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@PERALTIAGOSS: brooklyn nine-nine and one day at a time are proof that you don't need offensive jokes to make a good comedy


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@missouri_in: Happy Birthday to Sooner Legend @DeMarcoMurray; out of Las Vegas,Nevada: 7 year career, 3X Pro Bowl,1st Team All Pro 2014,…


@shineewayv I‘m not babying her. I just dont like that yall wanna be all angry n shit & then expect people to under…


@dhruv_rathee But the government will still manage to squirm through by being counter offensive towards the opposition

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  • Character9
  • Hyphenation of fen sive


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