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What does the word offering mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word offering in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with offering and anagrams of offering.

Definitions of "offering"

  • The act of making an offer. noun
  • Something, such as stock, that is offered. noun
  • A presentation made to a deity as an act of religious worship or sacrifice; an oblation. noun
  • A contribution or gift, especially one made at a religious service. noun
  • Present participle of offer. verb
  • An act of offering. noun
  • That which has been offered; a sacrifice. noun
  • An oblation or presentation made as a religious act. noun
  • A contribution given at a religious service. noun
  • The act of an offerer; a proffering. noun
  • That which is offered, esp. in divine service; that which is presented as an expiation or atonement for sin, or as a free gift; a sacrifice; an oblation. noun
  • A sum of money offered, as in church service. noun
  • The act of one who offers: as, there were few offerings in railroad shares to-day; heavy offerings in December wheat. noun
  • That which is offered; a thing offered or given; a gift. noun
  • the verbal act of offering noun
  • the act of contributing to the funds of a church or charity noun
  • money contributed to a religious organization noun
  • something offered (as a proposal or bid) noun

The word "offering" in example sentences

If you permit a truant to peep into your literary seminary, he will venture to present you with the inclosed hastily written lines, as a peace offering; but shall not be irritated beyond measure, should you choose to convert it into a _burnt offering_, as a just punishment for time misspent.. [Translations of German Poetry in American Magazines 1741-1810]

But this is a general ratcheting up of tensions with Cuba, a souring of relations, which began quite auspiciously under President Obama, who began his term offering really an olive branch to the Cuban government.. [CNN Transcript Dec 22, 2009]

But as thou doest not well (that is, art a sinner), a sin offering is necessary, by bringing which thou wouldest have met with acceptance and retained the honors of thy birthright.. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

It contains technical theological terms -- such as Jesus being "consubstantial" with the Father, replacing the current phrase "one in being," and "oblation," replacing the term "offering.". [ News]

When Qatalyst launched, the name offering praise on the press release was Google's chairman Eric Schmidt.. [ - Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph]

But the offering is also the clearest example of what Brazilians are calling the "new Brazil", a booming, investment-friendly South American nation that they believe is steaming towards a future of prosperity and global clout.. [Lula hails Brazil's oil-fuelled '30-year boom']

Late, but with no less interest in the project, my offering is here: The Invisible Picket Fence by. [Write on Wednesday-Why In the World Do You Come to the Page?]

A lot of their offering is available in multiple formats without any DRM whatsoever.. [Reflective Surface - Archives: 2004 August]

October 4th, making directly for Europe, with news of his discovery of this fine river and its adjacent country, which he described as offering every inducement for settlers or traders that could be desired.. [The Great Events by Famous Historians, Volume 11]

It was a disappointment when a label offering the artist's name along with titles for the works was later pasted on the glass.. [New Haven Independent]

For me the concept of this kind of offering is more interesting than the actual product - it's just a bunch of signs with the .... [332 is so boring]

Aaron shall bring the bullock of the sin offering which is for himself, &c.. [Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible]

The service will be offered as a white-label offering, meaning registrars can brand the solution as their own.. [Neustar Announces Registry Service Offering for Registrars - Yahoo! Finance]

The Democrat-Republican pendulum can swing back toward the right if the Republicans begin offering effective electable legislation and candidates.. [GA congressman describes hate mail, Nazi graffiti after protests]

The Website at the End of the Universe is once again offering a free downloadable calendar with pulp cover favorites.. [January 2009]

Generally I like a flat saddle and this Bontrager offering is not flat.. [Saddle Test: The Bontrager Affinity RXL 142]

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TurkishOffering English to Turkish Translate
(i.) teklif; sunulan şey; kilisede toplanan para.(i.) teklif; sunulan şey; kilisede toplanan para.

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  • Pronunciations(ôˈfər-ĭng, ŏfˈər-)
  • Character8
  • Hyphenation of fer ing


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