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Hyphenation of fi cial ly
Pronunciations /əˈfɪʃəli/

Definitions and meanings of "Officially"

What do we mean by officially?

In an official manner; according to official rules or regulations.

Thoroughly, completely.

1. publicly or formally 2. obviously, apparently or clearly Urban Dictionary

When your friend says your official official but no official official it means that she dosen't know and is having fun with your confused expression. Urban Dictionary

To be officially official with said official action/task. Urban Dictionary

Something REAL or great or or respected Urban Dictionary

Something tight Urban Dictionary

1.To make any document official by having it notarized or filed with the proper government office. 2. To make legitimate. Urban Dictionary

A faggot rapper pussy snitch bitch Urban Dictionary

Officialization – (v) {uh-fish-uhl-I-zey-shuhn} the act of appointing or authorizing an official document, office or position of duty, or organization. Urban Dictionary

To be official, doing something that's official, Just straight up official. Urban Dictionary

- To perform the duties and functions of an office or a position of authority. - To serve as an officiant. - Sports. To serve as a referee or umpire. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Officially

The word "officially" in example sentences

The former Kepco chief left the company on Aug. 29, three days after his term officially ended, according to company spokeswoman Kim Hye Lim.

In 1938 Slaughter made the talent portion of the competition mandatory; in 1941 she got the name officially changed to "The Miss America Pageant;" and in 1945 she gave out the first scholarship to the winner. ❋ Hilary Levey Friedman (2011)

Mohammad so is the title officially "90210" now? theTVaddict ❋ Unknown (2008)

“Mother of God,” “Theotokos,” is the title officially attributed to Mary in the fifth century, exactly by the Council of Ephesus in 431, but affirmed in the devotion of the Christian people already since the third century, in the context of the discussions that arose in that period over the person of Christ. ❋ Papabear (2008)

Stuart Immonen mentioned on a website, when asked about the change, explained that Marvel did not secure a clear-cut trademark, so while they MIGHT be all right as they were, they felt it was just better off to change the title officially to Nextwave, Agents of H.A.T.E. ❋ Unknown (2008)

She wondered if anyone would ever call her Alex again, or if she should just have her name officially changed to Your Honor. ❋ Jodi Picoult (2007)

The term officially last year round beginning in October. ❋ Unknown (2007)

When his term officially ends next January, Miller will have 37 years in law enforcement. ❋ Unknown (2010)

We'd have to go through a special election to fill out the rest of her term, and then hold another one in 2012, when her term officially ends. ❋ Wmckenzie (2010)

1. Sony officially cuts price of PS3 2. "I'm officially [missing you]" - "Officially [Missing You]" by [Tamia] ❋ Lirquen (2009)

Boy: So [are we] [official]? Girl: we're [official official] but not official official. You get what I mean? Boy: ... ❋ Thatbixtch011 (2020)

[Tom] was [finally] officially official with finishing his class [project] ❋ Beanster (2016)

YO lock at them aiiiirrr forces" yeah [them shits] official. [ight] dawg!!! im about to [cawp]/cop me a pair ❋ Big Emmanuel From NY (2004)

That [party] [might be] official ❋ Anonymous (2003)

[Take] your [paperwork] and [get it] officialized. ❋ Liber8r (2006)

"[this nigga] is worse than officiality" Man 1 Man B commits proceeds [to chop] of his testicles, kill his grandmother, and [jump off a cliff]. ❋ JAYBOBTIGER (2011)

The officialization [process] for any club on [campus] is a very [tedious] one. ❋ JimmyKudo (2006)

[The ram] shows his officialness everyday by [shitting] on his [customers]. ❋ B.D. Ram (2010)

[A man] [got] [sick] because of a-fish-he-ate. ❋ H.T.J (2005)

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