Definitions and meanings of "Only"

What do we mean by only?

Alone in kind or class; sole. adjective

Having no siblings. adjective

Most suitable of all; superior or excellent. adjective

Without anyone or anything else; alone. adverb

At the very least. adverb

And nothing else or more; merely; just. adverb

Exclusively; solely. adverb

In the last analysis or final outcome; inevitably. adverb

With the negative or unfortunate result. adverb

As recently as. adverb

In the immediate past. adverb

Were it not that; except that. conjunction

With the restriction that; but. conjunction

However; and yet. conjunction

Single as regards number, or as regards class or kind; one and no more or other; single; sole: as, he was the only person present; the only answer possible; an only son; my only friend; the only assignable reason.

An only child.

Biggest, coolest, most important, worst, any extremety.  Urban Dictionary

When something is so intensely something, it is literally THE ONLY thing of it's kind in specific genre. Can be good, bad or indifferent.  Urban Dictionary

A retort that means, "What you've just said is plainly not true, although I certainly wish it were."  Urban Dictionary

A term used by mathematicians and logicians to indicate that something happens under very specific conditions. Often seen in proofs and theories.  Urban Dictionary

It can be used to mean i wish this would happen. or it can also be used as a phrase rto mean maybe if this happens then....  Urban Dictionary

Definition of onliness plural -es : the quality or state of being the only one working of an indicated or implied kind or category  Urban Dictionary

One person, alone, who enjoys one other persons talents enough to want to form a friendship, or relationship, with them. When plural, may be used as groupie, for supporting a group, or supporting AS a group.  Urban Dictionary

A less assertive phrase to substitute for "as if", which was commonly used during the Valley Girl phase most frequently in the western United States. (sarcasm.)  Urban Dictionary

Only the brave or Otb aka the best song on walls.  Urban Dictionary

One of the best songs by singer-songwriter Louis Tomlinson on his debut album "Walls" that the lgbtq+ part of his fandom has claimed because of its lyrics.  Urban Dictionary

The word "only" in example sentences

How to use only in a sentence? Example sentences with the only, a sentence example for only, and how to make only in sample sentence, how do I use the word only in a sentence? How do you spell only in a sentence?

Martha only barely concealed her disgust when she said “this is the _only_ cookbook of mine that you have?” ❋ Unknown (2010)

And the proposition that not only every planet is bright apparently extends a categorical proposition, via the elements indicated with ˜not™ and ˜only™. ❋ Pietroski, Paul (2009)

An e-mail sent to Hilderbran from DPS states that “only computer forensics officials must be licensed under the Private Security Act” and that those who only retrieve information from computer databases and pass it on to another person are not subject to the new law. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The error you made is that only five percent of those have race as the *only* requirement. ❋ Ann Althouse (2007)

The only problem I have now is that I have a bit, and *only* a bit and not a useful enough amount, of an auditory chameleonic trait, and so listening to ten hours of Lenny Henry now means I catch myself today occasionally slipping into a faux-Caribbean accent. ❋ Badger (2006)

The DOE would provide funds, starting at $10M only for companies affiliated to large automakers and * only* for hybrid vehicles. ❋ Michael Arrington (2005)

There is occasional motion picture footage (a couple uninteresting complete shots of some airport arrival or departure which would be shown for only two seconds in a judiciously edited documentary.), and the * only* music one hears is about 30 seconds of "Around and Around" in front of that froofy curtain (is this PD stuff YET?). ❋ Unknown (1994)

But only now was he able to generate enough pressure to get his order implemented but only~ up to a point. ❋ CHANG, JUNG (1991)

In this instance, on the first occasion the continuous observation of the same "field" for five days failed to disclose to us any other method of increase but this multiple-fission, and it was only the intense suggestiveness of past experience that kept us still alert and prevented us from inferring that it was the _only_ method. ❋ Various (N/A)

This circumstance I am persuaded needs only to be mentioned to your Excellency to obtain that redress which is in your power _only_ to afford, and which humanity so strongly prompts. ❋ Danske Dandridge (N/A)

Not only are the priests of Rome deprived by the devil of the _only_ remedy which God has given to help them to stand up, but they have, in the confessional, the greatest facility which can possibly be imagined for satisfying all the bad propensities of fallen human nature. ❋ Father Chiniquy (N/A)

No such inclination came upon me when my only beverage was water, or water plus a cup of coffee for breakfast _only_ (no afternoon tea). ❋ Alfred Arthur Reade (N/A)

_Not only dogs_ (not _dogs not only_) bark but wolves also. ❋ Brainerd Kellogg (N/A)

The difficulty here asserted applies, however, only to pure Darwinism, which makes use _only_ of indirect modifications through the survival of the fittest. ❋ St. George Mivart (N/A)

The modern transcendentalist does only what the surface man does -- he looks to see and brings one hundred percent of his vision to bear upon his desire, while the surface man has less than ten percent of himself in action and that _only_ on one plane. ❋ Julia Seton (N/A)

This warfare, this danger of backsliding, ends only with the life, when, and when _only_, he will be perfect, for he shall be like his Saviour. ❋ Unknown (N/A)

I will only say, that through it all -- when put at slave work -- when bound to the whipping stake -- when she stood on the auction block for two long hours -- she was sustained _only_ by trust in _you_. ❋ Various (N/A)

The discerning will read, in his Plato or Shakespeare, only that least part, —only the authentic utterances of the oracle; all the rest he rejects, were it never so many times Plato’s and Shakespeare’s. ❋ Unknown (1909)

And, "added Kerns softly," no New Yorker in his right mind can go galloping through these five boroughs very long before he's roped, tied, and marked by the 'only girl in the world' -- the _only_ girl -- if you don't care to turn around and look at another million girls precisely like her. ❋ Unknown (1899)

"we were [making brownies] and we made [the only] [mess]." ❋ Ghettodawg2 (2007)

I have [THE ONLY] [headache]. I have to take THE ONLY [piss]. She has THE ONLY eyes, dude. ❋ Faith Alana Alastair (2009)

"I'm [never going] to call or [e-mail] you again." "If only!" "Aren't you worried about the Republicans? Once they get into office, they'll [reduce] the size of government." "If only!" ❋ Doctor Whom (2005)

1) The sum a [geometric] sequence is given by a/(1-r) if and only if |r| < 1. 2) In a bar: dumped guy: "My girlfriend left me because I told her I loved her!" other guy: "What a bitch!" dumped guy: "No, it's all [my fault], she's a [mathematician], and I should have said 'I love you and only you'". ❋ Berkanator (2005)

person1: [if only] i were [queen] of the world. person2: if only i was older than maybe he'd [like me]. ❋ Purpleanjyl (2005)

I looked around and said damn [I am the] [oldest] and onliness [working out] here.... ❋ Onliness (2017)

W:I think you are my [groupie]. J: [I am not] a group, and neither are you. W: Well, no. [So what] are you then? J: I'm an only. ❋ JDiebold (2007)

Guy: [You know you want to] [hook up with] me! Girl: {{prsh} If only! Keep [troopin]`. ❋ C_nonomous (2005)

Person 1 : I'm [starting] to like [Louis Tomlinson's] songs Person 2 : Listen to Only the brave you'll [love it] ❋ BURNTROM4NCES (2020)

"what's your favorite song on [walls] that you stream all the time?" "[defiantly] [only the brave]!" ❋ Clario (2020)

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