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Hyphenation o pen ing
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Definitions and meanings of "Opening"

What do we mean by opening?

The act or an instance of becoming open or being made to open. noun

A gap, breach, or aperture. noun

A clearing in the woods. noun

The first part or stage, as of a book. noun

The first performance. noun

A formal commencement of operation. noun

A specific pattern or series of beginning moves in certain games, especially chess. noun

An opportunity affording a chance of success. synonym: opportunity. noun

An unfilled job or position; a vacancy. noun

The act of making open, in any sense of the verb open. noun

A beginning; an initial stage; commencement: as, the opening of a poem; also, dawn; first appearance. noun

A breach or gap; a hole or perforation; an aperture; specifically, in architecture, an unfilled part in a wall left for the purpose of admitting light, air, etc. noun

An open or clear space affording approach, entrance, or passage; an entrance. noun

A clear, unobstructed, or unoccupied space or place; specifically, in the United States, a tract over which there is a deficiency of forest, trees being not entirely wanting, but thinly scattered over the surface as compared with their abundance in an adjacent region. noun

A widening out of a crevice, in consequence of a softening or decomposition of the adjacent rock, which may still remain partly or wholly in its original position, or may have been entirely removed, so as to leave a vacant space of considerable width. noun

An unoccupied place, position, course of action, business, etc., which may be entered, or the opportunity of entering it; a vacancy; an opportunity; a chance. noun

In law, the statement of the case made by counsel to the court or jury preliminary to adducing evidence: as, the opening for the plaintiff; the opening for the defendant. noun

To make something accessible or allow for passage by moving from a shut position.

To make (an open space, etc.) by clearing away an obstacle or obstacles, in order to allow for passage, access, or visibility.

To bring up, broach.

To enter upon, begin.

To spread; to expand into an open or loose position.

To make accessible to customers or clients.

To start (a campaign).

To become open.

To begin conducting business.

To begin a side's innings as one of the first two batsmen.

To bet before any other player has in a particular betting round in a game of poker.

To reveal one's hand.

(of a file, document, etc.) To load into memory for viewing or editing.

To disclose; to reveal; to interpret; to explain.

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The word "opening" in example sentences

Englert says the Palace's delay in opening is completely unrelated. ❋ David Malitz (2010)

Once illness came on and the term opening, found no money on hand with which to commence; but nothing daunted, a job of work was sought; a garden was found in which he worked hard two and a half hours before and after school at ten cents an hour. ❋ Unknown (1887)

"Retailers are focusing more on what we term opening - to mid-price points as shoppers of every description are gravitating to the big box outlets," Schwartz told the conference. ❋ Unknown (2009)

I used to inspect homes in a previous career and it never bothered me except for the ones where the opening is a trap door and all grandma would have to do is kick it down and slide the fridge over it and you would be trapped. ❋ Tyler (2009)

In rare cases, the opening is at the back of the firebox, however this is not as efficient as the former for removing the smoke from the firebox and preventing the smoke from entering the room. ❋ Unknown (2008)

'Ladies and gentlemen,' US District Judge Alva Keyes intoned as he eyed the jury, 'we begin the trial with what we call opening statements by the attorneys. ❋ Connelly, Michael, 1956- (1994)

In many ways the Lorca case symbolises Spain's attempts to deal with its painful past, with many, especially conservative groups, opposed to what they call opening up old wounds.

An Oracle Corp. attorney painted SAP AG as a scheming rival that intentionally took its intellectual property in opening arguments Tuesday in their closely watched copyright-infringement trial. ❋ Cari Tuna (2010)

Aiding Coal India's opening is the fact that it controls 82% of India's coal production. ❋ John Satish Kumar (2010)

A little drainage and redness at the opening is normal. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But I do claim, pretty emphatically, that the second opening is one to which most of us would pay attention. ❋ Tim O (2009)

This battery can be charged, though a cycle opening is not great in a charge-discharge cycle over a arrangement of lithium dendrites, causing inner short-circuit a BATCL50L battery, under normal circumstances a battery Management is prohibited. ❋ Admin (2009)

An opening is made in the skin and then in the uterus, similar to a C-section. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Ones sexual opening is something which is often suspicion about, yet frequency oral about. ❋ Admin (2009)

Speaking of Macbeth, a clever prolongation of this ruinous masterpiece is still in opening for a subsequent integrate of weeks during 21st Street as good as Sansom, upon a second floor of a Lutheran Church bishopric hall there. ❋ Admin (2009)

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