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What do we mean by openness?

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1. someone who is easy (to fuck) 2. someone who is in love and willing to do shit for their lover (financially, sexually, in every way possible) Urban Dictionary

A gaping vagina in the state of arousal, ready for coitus; also known as a "girl boner." without an opener, lubricant is required for proper intercourse. coined in santa barbara, circa 1981. Urban Dictionary

Bizarre slang for a girl's private parts. Urban Dictionary

Someone who says a lot about themselves even without being asked. A person who is open can be very expressive and honest about everything. Urban Dictionary

When you are left on this it means the person you are texting or snapchatting wants to either end your life or is asking you on a date. Take a wild guess. Urban Dictionary

Meaning Excited or Entertained. Used by mostly intercity youth. Particularly in the projects of East New York. Urban Dictionary

A person who is up to trying new things or experiences. Urban Dictionary

The ability to open something that can be opened. Urban Dictionary

Is when someone visits and anything goes. This can mean, open to drink, open for sex, open for fun. Urban Dictionary

An innocent phrase to pick up a girl Urban Dictionary

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The word "openness" in example sentences

For Grade, what he calls the "openness" of the film sector is what makes it worth supporting. ❋ Unknown (2011)

KM: The "openness" which you acknowledge yourself, comes neither from changing Hamas 'position nor from acquiescing to external pressures -- this openness is part of Hamas' strategy: ❋ Sharmine Narwani (2010)

Prof Ince uses an example from the stolen emails to argue that there are serious concerns about software quality and openness in climate science, and goes on to suggest that this perceived alleged lack of openness is unscientific. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Google's concept of openness is "easier to understand by opposition," Schmidt explained. ❋ The Huffington Post News Team (2010)

Nate Silver also called out Strategic Vision for not being candid as to their polling methods (openness is pretty standard in this field) and American Association for Public Opinion Research has also called them out on this. ❋ Frankwu (2009)

I have been arguing that such openness is in fact sound, and that closing off this possibility in our minds (and in our conversations) cannot be sound, especially given how much scientists have yet to learn about the genetic basis of intelligence. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Today, the point of pressure on this multicultural openness is coming from the Latino community. ❋ Unknown (2010)

For me, openness is about freedom of choice and unfettered access to compete in an open marketplace. ❋ Unknown (2009)

One-sided openness is just contributing to someone else's deceptions. orlo van_line ❋ Unknown (2009)

It's hard to imagine what more openness is even possible for the "information used to set policy". ❋ Unknown (2009)

Also, openness is a problem because they are busy competing for publications and funding. ❋ Unknown (2009)

1. I'm definitely gonna smash, that bitch is open like [7-eleven] 2. He got me open girl, I'm [folding] his clothes, cooking for him, running his [bath water], buying him shit... ❋ That Dozen (2005)

I was ready to [tap] [Natassia], but I could see she didn't have an opener - so I had to do an extra ten minutes of [fingerblasting]. ❋ Teevizzle (2010)

"HEY GIRL!" "[Uhhh]... What?" "I give ya [twenty] if ya [show me] yah opening?" ❋ Alex Quantashassle (2005)

"Hey, you wanna go out sometime?" "Yeah sure! I'm super allergic to [pollen] though so we should probably [stay inside]. Is that ok?" "Umm... [yeah, sure]?" "I'm also super honest, so I'm sorry if I annoy you!" "You're being way too open! I never even asked if you were being honest to me or not!" ❋ Darkforge317 (2016)

Ex: [Jesse] [got left] on opened last night, [good luck] to that kid. ❋ Jdaway (2017)

"I was [watching] that new [Jackie Chan movie] last night, [shit] had me open!" ❋ Joey Kola (2006)

[The new] girl seems to be very [open] in the school [activities]. ❋ Sr.C (2006)

[Tha] back of the [Patrick] [doll] is openable. ❋ Elizabeth Mazorra (2006)

I am [open] [to do] what you [want]. ❋ Webster (2003)

-How do you get laid with the ladies? -I use [direct opener]: "[Mam], would you like to fuck?" -But you can [get slapped] in the face! -Well, some slap, but some fuck ❋ Dildo777 (2018)

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