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Definitions of "operation"

  • The act or process of operating or functioning. noun
  • The state of being operative or functional. noun
  • A process or series of acts involved in a particular form of work. noun
  • An instance or method of efficient, productive activity. noun
  • An unethical or illegal business. noun
  • A surgical procedure for remedying an injury, ailment, defect, or dysfunction. noun
  • A process or action, such as addition, substitution, transposition, or differentiation, performed in a specified sequence and in accordance with specific rules. noun
  • A logical operation. noun
  • An action resulting from a single instruction. noun
  • noun
  • A military or naval action, campaign, or mission. noun
  • The headquarters or center from which a military action, flights into and out of an airfield, or other activities are controlled. noun
  • The division of an organization that carries out the major planning and operating functions. noun
  • Action; working; agency; exertion of power or influence; specifically, in psychology, the exertion of any mental power, especially an active power. noun
  • A specific act or activity. noun
  • The course of action or series of acts by which some result is accomplished; process. noun
  • In mathematics, the substitution of one quantity for another, or the act of passing from one to the other, the second quantity being definitely related to the first, either in value or in form. An operation must not be confounded with the process by which the operation is effected. Thus, there is but one operation of extracting the cube root of a number, but there are several different processes. noun
  • In war, the act of carrying out preconcerted measures by regular movements: as, military or naval operations. noun
  • The state of being at work; active exercise of some specific function or office; systematic action: as, the machine is in operation. noun

The word "operation" in example sentences

When mastoid suppuration is associated with chronic middle-ear disease, it is usually necessary to perform the complete radical operation -- _Stacke-Schwartze operation_.. [Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities—Head—Neck. Sixth Edition.]

The “how” “why” of the laws which are ostensibly in operation is likewise never explored.. [Le Milieu, Le Moment, La Race: Literary Naturalism in Jack London's White Fang]

I†™ d read about it, but to actually see it in operation is amazing.. [Think Progress » BREAKING: Bush’s Ratings Drop After Speech]

What makes fusion safe in operation is also what makes it difficult to achieve.. [The Way to Cleaner Energy for our Planet]

MeV can be stored has been in operation from the mid eighties.. [Accelerators and Nobel Laureates]

The original 1985 text and photos of inns, most of which are still in operation, is augmented by an addendum by the author with additional entries.. [Toby Smith]

Our electrically driven blooming mill, recently completed and now in operation, is the last word in equipment of its kind, has a rolling capacity sufficient to process our entire ingot production, and enables us to boast of an installation second to none on this continent.. [The Sun Rises in the East]

(The name of the operation is Pashto for "pickaxe-handle".). [WN.com - Articles related to Afghan ex-spy boss calls peace strategy dangerous]

"We are not using the term operation or major operations because that often brings to mind in people's psyche the idea of a D-Day and an H-Hour and an attack," McChrystal said.. [Spero News]

The series centers on the title operation, a top-secret group that wipes the personalities of its operatives, called "actives," then implants them with new ones to execute missions for paying clients, only to be wiped blank anew when a mission is completed.. [SCI FI Wire]

On the foot itself the operation is alternate movement and rest, which becomes more and more continuous motion as points on the body more and more distant from the foot are reached.. [Archive 2009-08-01]

On the foot itself the operation is alternate movement and rest, which becomes more and more continuous motion as points on the body more and more distant from the foot are reached.. [How a snail moves - Part 2]

This operation is the same as logical shift right, except the MSB remains the same.. [Babbage-Boole Digital Arithmetical and Logical Mill: Part 1 « The Half-Baked Maker]

But one aspect of the operation is as curious as it is clear.. [‘our’ central banks versus ‘theirs’]

But one aspect of the operation is as curious as it is clear.. [20 « September « 2008 « Niqnaq]

In addition undersea operation is also not easy to handle with.. [Boing Boing]

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Organic Traffics

@t_d_h_nair: How RSS and its affiliates illegally traffic young tribal girls and teach them “sanskaar” and various govt agencies in BJP…


@Callystor: Pendant que #Macron se livre à une ruineuse opération d'autopromotion au #G7Biarritz, les #GiletsJaunes restent admirablemen…


@adgpi: 24 August 2000 Major Manoj M Deshpande of 8 Jammu & Kashmir Light Infantry led an operation at the Line of Control in Doda-Poo…


There is ample reason to suggest that the thrust on #KhanSheikhoun was a response to #Turkey’s plan to set up a joi…


Foster carers are essential to BFF's operation. Without them, we just can not function. Please consider signing up…

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