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Definitions and meanings of "Optimized"

What do we mean by optimized?

(originally intransitive) To act optimistically or as an optimist.

To make (something) optimal.

To make (something) more efficient, such as a computer program.

To become optimal.

To make the best, or for the most effective results -this app is optimized for iPhone.... - Urban Dictionary

Optimism is the hope for a better tomorrow. It is to believe that one day the bad will go and there will be lots of room for the good. With optimism, you can learn to smile and be happy because your inner soul keeps reminding you that tomorrow will be better. Urban Dictionary

Something that British people have seen as incomprehensible. Urban Dictionary

Optimism is trust that things will get better no matter how bad they seem, looking for the best aspects of any situation, and the belief that good will inevitably triumph over evil. Urban Dictionary

The view that Optimus Prime is the ultimate deity, father figure, and driving force of the universe. Urban Dictionary

Optimism is an outlook on life such that one maintains a view of the world as a positive place, or one's personal situation as a positive one. Urban Dictionary

Deleting random crap so something goes faster. Urban Dictionary

A college student looking in their wallet expecting to see money. Urban Dictionary

Used when to describe something you are referring to without actually letting the adjective you want to use be known. Means simply, a good thing or a bad thing. Used in many ways. It takes skill. Urban Dictionary

An excuse for epic failing Urban Dictionary

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The word "optimized" in example sentences

In order to effectively come to the model which I call optimized in the company capital structures and optimizing intercompany capital structures, has to do with making sure that wherever there are losses that you cannot offset in Texas, that you at least fund those companies as much as you can with equity.

These same studies have also pointed out that optimizing aerodynamic drag does not necessarily result in optimized metabolic cost and respiratory capacity. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Where this tool needs to be optimized is playing to the strong suit of the folks who would want to use this – people who are trying to manage many RSS feeds and want to quickly and easily read their new news. ❋ Unknown (2004)

As part of a longer term optimized power solution for Pueblo Viejo, a plan is being advanced to build a dual fueled power plant at an estimated incremental capital cost of about $0.3 billion (100% basis) or $0.12 billion (Goldcorp's 40% share).

After you determine what the solution would be to their needs you would then build a keyword optimized website or blog. ❋ Unknown (2008)

I only ask because if keyword optimized articles go away, maybe clients would have to pay writers more in order to get articles that are written well, with authority. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Whether keyword optimized articles are effective in terms of SEO is actually a question for an SEO expert, which I am not. ❋ Unknown (2009)

Try to find a business name optimized for search engines ❋ Unknown (2007)

It†™ s also extremely helpful to use those keywords as anchor text to link back to strategic landing pages on your Website, ensure that those pages are also keyword optimized as well. ❋ Brian Solis (2005)

This sort of thing should make even conservatives blink, but, in line with their notion that the status quo is always optimized, that is, that people rightly belong wherever they are in a stratified society, there is an obvious seductiveness about it. ❋ Unknown (2005)

So please pm me if you are only dedicated in your job and can write reviews per episode. your job: review of the anime episodes must be keyword optimized must know seo promote the site ❋ Eljon02 (2010)

Researchers in Taiwan used a type of brain scan known as optimized voxel-based morphometry to analyze the anatomy of the brains of 32 young women who reported experiencing moderate to severe menstrual cramps on a regular basis for several years, and 32 young women who did not experience much menstrual pain. ❋ Unknown (2010)

This is why some bonehead who knows nothing about the internet but is obsessed with fly fishing is going to outrank your zillion-dollar, keyword optimized up the wazoo web fly fishing extravaganza. ❋ Lori Culwell (2010)

The articles must be 300 to 400 words in length and keyword optimized ❋ Unknown (2010)

Now you have your keywords, you've made sure they're on your landing or squeeze page, and you've made sure your landing page is optimized - in other words, it pre-sells the product. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Optimizing for these different types of media involves understanding what digital assets can be created, keyword optimized and published online for search. ❋ Lee Odden (2010)

What is obvious from playing with so many bad distros of late is that Spring is clearly well optimized, which is why it runs so well with ext4, whereas Kubuntu appears to be bootstrapped hodge-podge mish mash. ❋ Unknown (2009)

*this [app] is optimized for the [iPhone]... ❋ Redfoxx33 (2015)

Optimism is essential to achievement and it is also [the foundation] of courage. ~ [Nicholas] [Butler] ❋ Ms.anonymous (2015)

I [looked up] the word “Optimism” in [the Oxford] [English Dictionary] and the definition simply said “No.” ❋ AceZeuster (2019)

An [optimist] looks at a rose and ignores the thorns. A [pessimist] focuses on the thorns, oblivious of [the rose]. ❋ Deej (2004)

Jane: [Thank] God for [Optimus]. John: Don't you mean, "[thank] Optimus for God?" One example of Optimism as [a religion]. ❋ Alderryeguy (2010)

Optimism - An English Test [Cricketer] [applying] [sunscreen] when he is about to go into bat. ❋ PHOENlX (2009)

Ima optimize my map - damn r_speeds mean [sucky sucky] FPS in the ol' [HL] engine. [Fo shizzle]. ❋ Toolplusplus (2005)

College kid 1: *[checks] [wallet]* Darn. [No money]. So much for optimism. ❋ Scoop, Muck, And Dizzy. (2011)

"Dude, did you see that chicks hair? NOT [OPTIMAL]." or "OMG, did you see that hot guy just [walk by]? OPTIMAL." 1) someone just stepped in [dog shit]. NOT OPTIMAL 2) i just found the perfect dress. OPTIMAL ❋ Nadaaaaa (2008)

(optimism) you get into a horrible [car crash], but [atleast] you have [insurance]!!!! ❋ Morocco Monroe (2010)

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