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Definitions of "oral"

  • Spoken rather than written. See Usage Note at verbal. adjective
  • Of or relating to the mouth: oral surgery. adjective
  • Used in or taken through the mouth: an oral thermometer; an oral vaccine. adjective
  • Consisting of or using speech: oral instruction. adjective
  • Linguistics Articulated through the mouth only, with the nasal passages closed. adjective
  • Psychology Of or relating to the first stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory, from birth to about 18 months, during which the mouth is the chief focus of exploration and pleasure. The oral stage is followed by the anal stage. adjective
  • An academic examination in which questions and answers are spoken rather than written. Often used in the plural. noun
  • Relating to the mouth; mouthly. adjective
  • Spoken rather than written. adjective
  • A spoken test or examination, particularly in a language class. noun
  • A physical examination of the mouth. noun
  • oral sex. noun
  • Uttered by the mouth, or in words; spoken, not written; verbal adjective
  • Of or pertaining to the mouth; surrounding or lining the mouth. adjective
  • Of or pertaining to the mouth or ingestive opening: as, the oral orifice; oral surgery; oral gestation.
  • Uttered by the mouth or in words; spoken, not written: as, oral traditions; oral testimony; oral law.
  • Using or concerned with speech only, and not writing; communicating instruction, etc., by word of mouth; viva voce.
  • In zoology, situated on the same part or side of the body as the mouth: opposed to aboral or anal.
  • In crinoids, same as oral valve (which see, under oral). noun

The word "oral" in example sentences

The oral reproduction of the stories by the children is the best possible _oral language_ drill, while their partial written review is the basis of much of the regular _composition_ work.. [The Elements of General Method Based on the Principles of Herbart]

And those lucky people who haven’t had oral yet still haven’t had oral… haha.. [j-gan Diary Entry]

Use condoms or avoid sex, including what we call oral sex because society does not like to use the terms fellatio and cunnilingus.. [How did anti-SSM folks frame their case?]

However, be there this distinction betwixt them, or some other, or indeed none at all, yet I presume they were both doctors of traditions, and expounders of that which they called the oral law, in opposition to the scribes, whether amongst the Jews or the Sadducees, who employed themselves in the textual exposition of the law.. [From the Talmud and Hebraica]

But he was best known for his books which he called oral histories.. [Radio New Zealand News Headlines]

PER-I-OD. teaching kids, during a sex ed class that some people engage in oral, anal and penile vaginal sex, and the various relative risks of each behavior is NOT making a moral value judgment.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Sex Education, Dirty Words, and the Due Process Clause]

As to the part about me being a woman having anything to do with this — that probably goes back to the time around the Clinton era when we started seeing reports of middle schoolers engaging in oral sex.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Sex Education, Dirty Words, and the Due Process Clause]

For the first ten years of my married life, my wife and I committed a felony whenever we engaged in oral sex.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » “Four Days That Shook DADT”]

I would love to see him defend the torture memos in oral argument ... sadist that I am.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Lawyers, Treason, and Deception: A Response to Andrew McCarthy]

She is not an impressive SCOTUS nominee based on her performance as solicitor general (brief and, at least in oral arguments, remarkably ineffectual).. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Elena Kagan as Scholar]

More “straight” people indulge in oral and anal sex than the gays.. [Think Progress » Cuccinelli: Homosexual ‘acts’ are a ‘detriment to our culture.’]

But then again, I am probably your worst nightmare because I use acronyms in oral communication (IMO, IDK, BFFs), abbreviations (whatevs, obvs, espesh), and regularly say "bomb" to mean cool (and no, not with the definite article.). [Drag me to Diablo]

A 471-count indictment handed down Monday says he fondled children and forced them to engage in oral sex and intercourse.. [Delaware pediatrician's alleged victims may surpass 103]

However, according to the 2010 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (from Indiana University's Center for Sexual Health Promotion), compared with a 1992 survey, more men and women have engaged in oral sex and a significantly greater proportion have engaged in anal sex.. [Stanton Peele: Sex and the Single Woman]

Once in oral argument, I made a joke about the 7th Circuit — to Judge Reinhardt, who appreciated it, and ruled in my favor.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Effective Lawyering?]

As an adult I remained fascinated with WWII and in oral history and I listened through the years to many more vets talk about their experiences.. [Wish I hadn't thought of this (Jack Bog's Blog)]

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s .ağızdan söylenen, sözlü; ağıza ait; ağızdan alınan; zool. ağzın bulunduğu tarafı gösterenı orally z. ağızdan, sözlü olarak. orals i. sözlü imtihanlar.s .ağızdan söylenen, sözlü; ağıza ait; ağızdan alınan; zool. ağzın bulunduğu tarafı gösterenı orally z. ağızdan, sözlü olarak. orals i. sözlü imtihanlar.

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  • Pronunciations(ôrˈəl, ōrˈ-)
  • Character4
  • Hyphenation o ral


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