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Definitions of "orbs"

  • Plural form of orb. noun

The word "orbs" in example sentences

II. i.9 (22,4) [To dew her orbs upon the green] For _orbs_ Dr. Gray is inclined to substitute _herbs_.. [Notes to Shakespeare — Volume 01: Comedies]

Dearer to me than those orbs is naught, O thou witching-eyed fairy! '. [Psalms of the Sisters]

There was discussion of so-called 'orbs' - balls of light captured on many of today's digital cameras.. [Whitehaven News headlines]

Morrison said, explaining that the photographs revealed several "orbs" - floating bubbles of light - in the hallway, attic and downstairs apartment.. [The Mining Journal]

For what is the moon, that it haunts us, this impudent companion immigrated from the system’s less fortunate margins, the realm of dust collected in orbs?. [Half Moon, Small Cloud]

Reynolds, which owns the Grizzly and Kodiak snuff brands, also markets spit-free tobacco pouches called snus and oval-shaped lozenges called orbs.. [Cigarette Sales May Be Off, But Lorillard Still Rolls On]

RANDI: Well, the orbs is a recent development, particularly with digital cameras.. [CNN Transcript May 31, 2004]

The twisted shape has by this time disappeared; and the channel of the thread reveals a chaplet of translucent orbs, that is to say, a series of extremely fine drops.. [The Life of the Spider]

The color of the orbs was the most brilliant of black, and far over them hung jetty lashes of great length.. [Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque. In Two Volumes. Vol. I]

The hue of the orbs was the most brilliant of black, and, far over them, hung jetty lashes of great length.. [Ligeia]

The heavens werel supposed to consist of concentric hollow spheres called orbs, and the sun, moon, stars, and planets moved in their respective orbs, the planet Venus in the fifth.. [Palamon and Arcite]

Footsteps in the corridor, knocking on the wall, and floating white blobs known as orbs have left the couple spooked but curious.. []

Mr. Basso, who ordered one for his Hamptons home, explained that the orbs were a clever alternative to hooks, which can damage fabric if coats are left hanging too long.. [NYT > Home Page]

Technically, you can get as many sword orbs as you want this way, but the game doesn't much like it when you use that method to level it up more than once and has a habit of corrupting every save on the cart.. [GameSetWatch]

Camel nicotine "orbs" look like candyAdvertised in mainstream magazines, Camel nicotine pellets are promoted as an alternative to cigarettes to use in places where smoking is banned.. [Choking and poisoning hazards for children]

Add candy-like nicotine "orbs" to the list of hazardous products that look enticing to little ones.. [Candy-like nicotine "orbs" could poison your child]

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