Definitions and meanings of "Order"

What do we mean by order?

A condition of logical or comprehensible arrangement among the separate elements of a group. noun

A condition of methodical or prescribed arrangement among component parts such that proper functioning or appearance is achieved. noun

Condition or state in general. noun

The established system of social organization. noun

A condition in which freedom from disorder or disruption is maintained through respect for established authority. noun

A sequence or arrangement of successive things. noun

The prescribed form or customary procedure, as in a meeting or court of law. noun

An authoritative indication to be obeyed; a command or direction. noun

A command given by a superior military officer requiring obedience, as in the execution of a task. noun

Formal written instructions to report for military duty at a specified time and place. noun

A commission or instruction to buy, sell, or supply something. noun

That which is supplied, bought, or sold. noun

A request made by a customer at a restaurant for a portion of food. noun

The food requested. noun

A directive or command of a court. noun

Arrangement, disposition, or sequence.

A position in an arrangement, disposition, or sequence.

The state of being well arranged.

Conformity with law or decorum; freedom from disturbance; general tranquillity; public quiet.

A command.

A request for some product or service; a commission to purchase, sell, or supply goods.

A group of religious adherents, especially monks or nuns, set apart within their religion by adherence to a particular rule or set of principles.

An association of knights.

Any group of people with common interests.

A decoration, awarded by a government, a dynastic house, or a religious body to an individual, usually for distinguished service to a nation or to humanity.

A rank in the classification of organisms, below class and above family; a taxon at that rank.

A number of things or persons arranged in a fixed or suitable place, or relative position; a rank; a row; a grade; especially, a rank or class in society; a distinct character, kind, or sort.

(chiefly plural) An ecclesiastical grade or rank, as of deacon, priest, or bishop; the office of the Christian ministry.

The disposition of a column and its component parts, and of the entablature resting upon it, in classical architecture; hence (since the column and entablature are the characteristic features of classical architecture) a style or manner of architectural design.

The sequence in which a side’s batsmen bat; the batting order.

A power of polynomial function in an electronic circuit’s block, such as a filter, an amplifier, etc.

The overall power of the rate law of a chemical reaction, expressed as a polynomial function of concentrations of reactants and products.

The cardinality, or number of elements in a set, group, or other structure regardable as a set.

(of an element of a group) For given group G and element g ∈ G, the smallest positive natural number n, if it exists, such that (using multiplicative notation), gn = e, where e is the identity element of G; if no such number exists, the element is said to be of infinite order (or sometimes zero order).

The number of vertices in a graph.

A partially ordered set.

The relation on a partially ordered set that determines that it is, in fact, a partially ordered set.

The sum of the exponents on the variables in a monomial, or the highest such among all monomials in a polynomial.

A written direction to furnish someone with money or property; compare money order, postal order.

To violently beat your elbow on a surface and call order on your friends to settle down  Urban Dictionary

Shall be done in a particular manner, or according to a method or plan  Urban Dictionary

1. The polar opposite of Chaos. 2. A state of reality in which one's reality is under control. ie. Peace. 3. A command.  Urban Dictionary

A fictional(?) racist group from the Turner Diaries. The Order is part Neo-Nazi part KKK. The main Charater joins the Order to fullfill his destiny and die for the 14 words.  Urban Dictionary

Autistic Physics teacher who takes anger out with physical violence on walls and tables  Urban Dictionary

Arranging a prostitute to come to your place  Urban Dictionary

Order is Jesus. Order is Twins with car and is one of Stars 8 children. She writes fanfics about sad men doing sad things like demon go possess. Order is a 5ievel apologist. Order is our beloved all hail.  Urban Dictionary

One of life’s first-and-foremost “double-edged swords” --- something that can “cut both ways” as far as definition and desirability is concerned. While it can refer to a welcomed stack of purchase-agreements that will bring wealth and prosperity to its recipient, it can also mean stern/irritable directives to do/not do something that its recipient hates/wants to do.  Urban Dictionary

Autistic physics teacher  Urban Dictionary

A request that is often difficult to meet and/or fulfill.  Urban Dictionary

The word "order" in example sentences

How to use order in a sentence? Example sentences with the order, a sentence example for order, and how to make order in sample sentence, how do I use the word order in a sentence? How do you spell order in a sentence?

~ Hidden order found in a quantum spin liquid -- An international team, including scientists from the London Centre for Nanotechnology, has detected a hidden magnetic “quantum order” that extends over chains of 100 atoms in a ceramic without classical magnetism.   ❋ William Harryman (2007)

As Ablatives of Cause are to be reckoned also such Ablatives as jussū, by order of, injussū, _without the order_, rogātū, etc.   ❋ Charles E. Bennett (N/A)

The chief reasons for it are undoubtedly that (i.) the order of facts in Mark is the _normal order_ of the whole narrative of the Synoptists, and (ii.) in the main, the language of Mark explains the verbal agreements between Matt. and Luke.   ❋ Leighton Pullan (1902)

Lieutenant Parker to come out, in order that he might make room for two smaller men, and he _obeyed the order_.   ❋ Willis J. Abbot (1898)

"Outside the gate" of the old order, the disciple finds himself at once not an isolated unit but included in _a new order_.   ❋ Unknown (1880)

The order of castes, the _order of rank_, simply formulates the supreme law of life itself; the separation of the three types is necessary to the maintenance of society, and to the evolution of higher types, and the highest types -- the _inequality_ of rights is essential to the existence of any rights at all.   ❋ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1872)

From that moment, one found one's self in revolt _against_ the established order, and began to understand Jesus as _in revolt against the established order_.   ❋ Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche (1872)

Harrison had placed himself with his staff, colonel Wood approached him with intelligence, that having reconnoitered the enemy, he had ascertained the singular fact, that the British lines, instead of the usual close order, were drawn up at _open order_.   ❋ Benjamin Drake (1817)

As to individuals, other methods were employed with them, in order so thoroughly to disunite every party, and even every family, that _no concert_, _order_, _or effect_, _might appear in any future opposition_.   ❋ Edmund Burke (1763)

I track the order to find a blank business card against the order# (no information added) and the email address used was not mine.  

Negotiated, definitive work orders  \ "Work order\" means an order issued for a definite scope of - work to be performed pursuant to a job order contract.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

If you consider substituting items on delivery on the delivery note you might want to reference the specific order line not the order# / item combination.   ❋ Unknown (2009)

˜code for™ these downstream causal consequences for the same reason that President Nixon's order to cover up the Watergate scandal was not an ˜order™ to get him impeached by Congress.   ❋ Griffiths, Paul (2009)

All possible cases to be memorised can be reduced to (1) ISOLATED FACTS, where each fact is correlated to some fact in its surroundings through which you must think as the _Best Known_, in order to recall it -- many instances will be given in this lesson: -- or, (2) SERIAL FACTS, which must be remembered in the _exact order_ in which they were presented to the mind -- illustrated by many examples in this Lesson.   ❋ Unknown (N/A)

* financial crisis comparable to terrorism, alistair darling tells labour party conference* financial weapons of mass destruction* china paper urges new currency order after 'financial tsunami'* paulson's former firm to be among largest beneficiaries of bailout* bailout: it's all part of the new intl economic order* america vs the financial elite* buffett deal at goldman seen as a sign of confidence * buffett calls crisis an' economic pearl harbor'*   ❋ Unknown (2008)

"Most decidedly I believe that the present order of Nature is insufficient to prove the existence of an intelligent Creator," he adds that "_no imaginable order_, that no contrivance, however mechanical, precise, or clear, would be sufficient to prove it." [   ❋ James Buchanan (1837)

The best way to keep a place (room, closet, or whole dwelling) in order is to have a "home" for everything, whether it's a pair of scissors, a book, a file, or a frying pan.   ❋ Unknown (2010)

It is essential, therefore, that the title company prepare an estimated title bill as soon as the title order is placed, so that the buyer has sufficient time to adjust his or her expectations of the funds needed for closing.   ❋ Ron Gitter (2011)

Next in order is eau de parfum, eau de toilette, then cologne.   ❋ Washingtonpost.com (2010)

Order in the god dam court ❋ SpinyVenus (2019)

I have wash, get ready for work and drop of the kids; in that order ❋ ElevatedOne (2017)

1. Order negates Chaos. Chaos negates Order. Without one, you cannot have the other. 2. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. 3. See command. ❋ Psydon (2005)

"The Order handed out our assignments. I have to join with Section 8 to get explosives." ❋ Legaykidd (2008)

Student: Sir have you marked my homework? Orders teacher: 'stops kicking wall' No I FUCKING HAVEN'T 'head butts desk' ' and kick walls again' ❋ Edploof2 (2019)

I don't feel like going out tonight, I'm just going to call the escort service and order in. ❋ Captainspalding (2010)

Order my beloved ❋ Mei Is A Duck (2021)

Travelling company salesman: Boy, did I get two big orders today! Boss: Great! What were they? Salesman: Well, the first one was, “keep out” and the second one was, “stay out”. ❋ QuacksO (2011)

Pupil: sir have u marked my homework ? Orders: 'stops kicking wall, turns around and head buts desk' No, I FUCKING haven't! 'goes back to kicking wall' ❋ KSCXIUD (2019)

When asked by Betsy for credit on yet another purchase, David replied "Bitch, you done owe me fifty bucks and another blow job. What you're asking fo sho is a tall order". ❋ Nikki Stixx (2019)

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