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A muscular black man in a white shirt and white pants with a black bow tie. Urban Dictionary

When comparing objects: An ambiguously large range of values spanning several orders of magnitude (e.g. powers of ten) between two objects. An "orderly" range has no upper-limits, yet starts with a difference large enough to change the number of direct interactions and interference. Urban Dictionary

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The word "orderliness" in example sentences

I thought it was amazing,'' Mr. Tada said, referring to the orderliness of the departure. ❋ Phred Dvorak (2011)

"Without the Fed acting as lender of last resort, today could have been much worse," Mickey Levy, chief economist at Bank of America, tells The Wall Street Journal, which calls the orderliness of U.S. stock trading yesterday the passage of an important test for the Federal Reserve and its unprecedented steps to keep markets calm in recent days. ❋ Unknown (2008)

"Conservatives tend to be higher in a personality trait called orderliness and lower in openness. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Mama Engine is in the middle of her "Great Work" and refashioning Whitechapel into a gritty and grotesque landscape, while Grandfather Clock keeps a kind of orderliness through his own minions and his all-seeing presence. ❋ Unknown (2010)

Believe me it is possible to live as cheaply in expensive Vienna as anywhere else; it all depends on the housekeeping and the orderliness which is never to be found in a young man especially if he be in love. ❋ Kerst, Friedrich (1905)

After commenting on the calm orderliness of the shop – in which every book on every shelf was jacketed in a protective mylar cover, and lovely big windows let in the light – I asked Ms Grayson a question I find myself putting to most booksellers I meet these days. ❋ Unknown (2009)

It's really no easier to find them, and yet the appearance of greater orderliness is satisfying. ❋ Gretchen Rubin (2011)

Barely 20 minutes after the twister was seen approaching from the west, St. John's was in the midst of a disaster zone and debris field, its usual orderliness shattered like the trees outside that had their bark torn off. ❋ Unknown (2011)

I want to increase orderliness, and also make areas simply look more orderly. ❋ Gretchen Rubin (2011)

Will we have a system that encourages orderliness, legality, assimilation and basic rights or will we continue to maintain the current system of arbitrary restrictions, limited legality, unfair competition, diminished rights, and massive deportation? ❋ Rep. Luis Gutierrez (2010)

His actions undermined the orderliness and integrity of the market and the high penalty reflects the seriousness of his breach. ❋ Marietta Cauchi (2012)

Capello at that juncture must have been satisfied as well with the orderliness and confidence of his players. ❋ Unknown (2011)

Italy, “with similar violence,” trains people for “orderliness” and “duty.” ❋ Russell Jacoby (2011)

President Jimmy Carter has been in Sudan this week to monitor the historic independence vote and to meet with top officials, and he praised the poll's high turnout and orderliness. ❋ Unknown (2011)

I liked the orderliness of wiping down the counter and tables, filling up the salt shakers and ketchup bottles for the following day. ❋ Jill Bialosky (2011)

His goal is cleanliness, an orderliness that will bring health to everyone who lives here. ❋ Julie Chibbaro (2011)

Don't [worry]! I've [got you] your own personal [orderly]. ❋ Jaideep Vaidya (2008)

[Doctor]: [Come here]. Orderly: [OK]. ❋ Willy Berns (2010)

Sand [grains], bacteria and atoms are [orderly] smaller than human beings. Stars such as our sun are orderly brighter than [candle light]. ❋ Cardiodynamics (2013)

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