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Definitions of "organization"

  • The act or process of organizing. noun
  • The state or manner of being organized: a high degree of organization. noun
  • Something that has been organized or made into an ordered whole. noun
  • Something made up of elements with varied functions that contribute to the whole and to collective functions; an organism. noun
  • A group of persons organized for a particular purpose; an association: a benevolent organization. noun
  • A structure through which individuals cooperate systematically to conduct business. noun
  • The administrative personnel of such a structure. noun
  • The quality of being organized. noun
  • The way in which something is organized, such as a book or an article. noun
  • A group of people or other legal entities with an explicit purpose and written rules. noun
  • A group of people consciously cooperating. noun
  • A major league club and all its farm teams. noun
  • The act of organizing; the act of arranging in a systematic way for use or action. noun
  • The state of being organized. noun
  • That which is organized; an organized existence; an organism. noun
  • A group of persons associated together for a common purpose and having a set of rules which specify the relations of the individual members to the whole gorup. noun
  • The manner in which something is organized; the relations included in an organized state or condition. noun
  • The act of organizing, or the process of disposing or arranging constituent or interdependent parts into an organic whole. noun
  • The process of arranging or systematizing; specifically, the process of combining parts into a coördinated whole: as, the organization of an expedition. noun

The word "organization" in example sentences

If, then, every known organization is redolent with contrivance, and teems with marks of design, by what analogy can we conclude that _Deity's organization_ is devoid of these properties? ". [Modern Atheism under its forms of Pantheism, Materialism, Secularism, Development, and Natural Laws]

"Just as remarkable as Crow's ability to raise money is his bewilderingly complex organization -- if, indeed, the term organization can be accurately applied," Fortune magazine reported in 1973.. [Developer Broke Ground With Short-Lease Model]

While the difference in organization is of common knowledge, the consequences do not seem to have been recognized when democratic states began intervening in economic life.. [The Social Order]

This drew forth another question: "What do you understand by the term organization?". [History of the African Methodist Episcopal Church]

The term organization includes the conversion of the effusion into tissue, taking its character from the subjacent structures; the development of false membranes: and the formation of certain heteromorphous products, as Tubercle, Cancer, &c.. [An Epitome of Practical Surgery, for Field and Hospital.]

We can define the term organization as two or more individuals who are interacting with each other within a deliberately structured set up and working in an interdependent way to achieve some common objectives.. [Recently Uploaded Slideshows]

The website for the organization is a blog with no list of staff, board of directors or donor information.. [The Volokh Conspiracy » Mothers Against Debt]

She says she's explained that her organization is a legitimate nonprofit serving vets, whose identities are verified through discharge paperwork and checked again with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other federal agencies.. [Media Coverage aPRIL 2009]

Unless the organization has a flattened structure where employees can attend Board Meetings, then the sole source of information about the organization is the CEO or ED.. [OnPoint swoon partially explained (Jack Bog's Blog)]

But the current members can tell you about the current in-fighting, the good things that the organization is attempting to do, and why they joined this particular group.. [Kristine Kathryn Rusch » 2010 » March » 25]

This suggests that the organization is at least racially exclusive.. [9/11 Truth and the Paranoid Style - Boing Boing]

Using my tax dollars to fund this organization is a crime.. [ACORN files lawsuit over loss of federal funding]

The president of this organization is a guy who, at this writing, lists one and only "group" affiliation on his "Linked-In" page: the Georgia Republican Party.. [Paula Gordon: Winning is Preferable]

Today, my organization is at a cross-roads as it emerges from some fairly significant internal shifts including leadership changes, some much-needed house-cleaning, the establishment of a Board of Advisors to give me more accountability and provide much-needed expertise for my entire leadership team, the implementation of key business processes, and the entry into another level of growth past $10 million.. [Women Grow Business » Search Results » levin]

Are you able to demonstrate that you or your organization is a thought leader?. [Women Grow Business » The Chief Troublemaker: Measuring ROI on Social Media Initiatives]

I guess his organization is the only one who can use the word!. [Wonk Room » Black Chamber of Commerce CEO Calls Barbara Boxer A Racist]

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  • Character12
  • Hyphenation or gan i za tion


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