Definitions and meanings of "Orient"

What do we mean by orient?

The countries of Asia, especially of eastern Asia. noun

The luster characteristic of a pearl of high quality. noun

A pearl having exceptional luster. noun

The place on the horizon where the sun rises; the east. noun

Having exceptional luster. adjective

Eastern; oriental. adjective

To align or position in a particular direction or in a particular relation to the points of the compass. transitive verb

To build (a church) with the nave laid out in an east-west direction and the main altar usually at the eastern end. transitive verb

To determine the bearings of (oneself); cause (one) to know one's position in relation to the surroundings. transitive verb

To make familiar with a new situation. transitive verb

To provide with a primary purpose or focus of attention. transitive verb

An abbreviation of orientalist.

To define the position of in respect to the east; ascertain the position of relative to the points of the compass; hence, to find the bearings of, in general; figuratively, to adjust or correct by referring to first principles or recognized facts or truths; take one's proper bearings mentally.

To place or arrange so as to face the east — that is, with its length from west to east; specifically, of a church, to place so that the chief altar is at the east end — that is, to place with the long axis east and west, the apse being toward the east, and the chief entrance at the west end; or, of a corpse, to place with the feet toward the east.

Hence To place or arrange, as a building, in any definite position with reference to the points of the compass: as, the episcopal cathedral of New York will be oriented north and south.

Rising, as the sun; ascending; arising.

Eastern. Also oriental.

Resembling the dawn in brilliancy, brightness, or purity of coloring; bright; shining; pellucid; especially, as applied to pearls, of a delicate speckless texture, and clear, almost translucent, white color with subdued iridescence: opposed to occidental.

Usually preceded by the: a region or a part of the world to the east of a certain place; countries of Asia, the East (especially East Asia).

The countries east of the Mediterranean.

The word which most people mean when they say orientate.  Urban Dictionary

One who charts the physical whereabouts of asians or acts as a divinator of things asian.  Urban Dictionary

The illiterate way to say "oriented." While technically a word, you sound like a moron when you say it.  Urban Dictionary

Orienteering is a running sport involving navigation with a map and compass.  Urban Dictionary

The non-existent plot of land your racist grandfather thinks Asian-American (“Oriental”) people should have to live and work on.  Urban Dictionary

Study of Asian or Eastern history, culture, and people, from a Western perspective.  Urban Dictionary

Politically incorrect term used in place of "Asian." Correct usage should be an adjective for things like inanimate objects, not humans.  Urban Dictionary

The word is supposed to be "orient." I'm not sure why people think orientate is the word, but it sounds like something dumb people make up to sound intelligent. They need to orient themselves with the English language.  Urban Dictionary

A word that simply means "eastern". It refers to anything or anyone from the "East". "Oriental" was first applied mainly to Mesopotamia, Persia and maybe India because those lands were east of the Roman Empire. Later on ancient China was found to be more than a myth and so the previous "Orient" became known as the "Near" or "Middle" East and East Asia was now tagged as the "Orient" or the "Far East". Because of the geography the term "Oriental" came to be applied to the cultural aspects, the peoples and other things from the "Far East". Of course, "Western" is used to refer to anything or anyone from Europe, North America and such.  Urban Dictionary

Can describe EITHER people or things as being from Asia. Many Americans will heatedly argue that only objects are oriental, and to call a person an oriental is now considered racist. They tell you to call them Asian or, if applicable, Asian American. But what most Americans don't know is that in the UK a person from East Asia is considered oriental, and South Asians are the ones designated as Asian. It's a relative term.  Urban Dictionary

The word "orient" in example sentences

How to use orient in a sentence? Example sentences with the orient, a sentence example for orient, and how to make orient in sample sentence, how do I use the word orient in a sentence? How do you spell orient in a sentence?

American commentators continue to object to orientate (used more frequently by the British), mainly because orient is shorter but also because the figurative use is outstripping the literal one. ❋ Unknown (2009)

And after Rabanus, these four be signified by the four parts of the world, by the orient, that is east, the apostles; by the south, the martyrs; by the north, the confessors; and by the west, the virgins. ❋ 1230-1298 (1900)

Google: one would have to compare the verb in an unabmbiguous phrase; "orient" without any qualification will mostly be the noun. ❋ DC (2010)

“Delicious” is not a typical Korean family name, but I changed my name to protect the innocent from shame by association, and when it comes down to evidence of race, religion, ethnicity or sexual asianation some yellow folks are offended by "orient", it has nothing to do with my birth certificate. ❋ Unknown (2007)

BROWN: Just to help our viewers kind of orient themselves, you were on the 65th floor of a building that is how many stories? ❋ Unknown (2001)

The committee, which visited reform schools, schools of industry and places of safety, said isolation cells were widely used as punishment, and were also used to "orient" new children at some institutions. ❋ Unknown (1996)

In using concepts of his own to discredit the theoretic claims of concepts generally, Bergson does not contradict, but on the contrary emphatically illustrates his own view of their practical role, for they serve in his hands only to 'orient' us, to show us to what quarter we must _practically turn_ if we wish to gain that completer insight into reality which he denies that they can give. ❋ William James (1876)

Such strong native sense had they, such innate refinement and courtesythe product, it used to be said, of plain living and high thinking -- that, ignorant as they might be of civic ways, they would, upon being introduced to them, need only a brief space of time to "orient" themselves to the new circumstances. ❋ Charles Dudley Warner (1864)

I think western media especially German which i have to suffer here;; almost always stumble when covering news from the mideast,,, still stuck in the orientalist way of thinking and whether deliberately or not they perpetuate the idea of a virtual line between 'orient' and ❋ Unknown (2009)

The word "orient," when used as a verb, means to align ourselves, or to get our bearings. ❋ Unknown (2009)

"orient" of the cultured pearl is never equal to that of a fine true pearl. ❋ Frank Bertram Wade (N/A)

This use of "orient" does have a kind of eurocentric vibe, but unless something is patently offensive, the puzzle is not apt (INAPT? ❋ Unknown (2009)

Finally, we're providing webinars as another resource to help orient yourself in the new interface. ❋ Unknown (2009)

You place the hole over the tick and orient the key so the mouth parts catch in the notch, then you gentle pull and remove the tick head and all. ❋ Unknown (2009)

The authors predict that instead of pulling out of China, most multinational companies will orient more of their production to serve China and the rest of a growing Asia... ❋ Michele Nash-Hoff (2011)

To better orient both residents and fellows during their time at CHOP, each fellow, resident and student will receive an updated copy of the “Resident/Fellow Handbook.” ❋ Unknown (2010)

[Turn] [the map] over and orient it toward that [landmark]. ❋ CanberraDan (2008)

[i'm looking] for a [thai] restaurant. is there an orienteer [in the house]? ❋ Lexicali Slim (2009)

Annoying [used car] [huckster] in [Phoenix], heard recently on the radio: "We're customer orientated..." ❋ Workinglate (2006)

I'm [going] orienteering [today]. ❋ K90 (2007)

“[I tell you what] [Chuck], why we gotta trade with them Chinese when we got perfectly good orientations [right here]?!” ❋ Itsokimaginger (2018)

[Orientalism] is [historically] an expression of the [curiosity] of an imperialistic mindset, though this is becoming less so. ❋ LudwigVan (2003)

Correct usage: There's an [Oriental rug] store on Derbe Drive. or Are you going to the [Oriental] market? Incorrect usage: Is that dude [oriental]? or Orientals are known to be [bad drivers]. ❋ Sean-Paul (2003)

I went to orientation to become [orientated]. I'm not redneck-orientated. I know how to speak English. Everytime I hear the word "[Orientated]" I want to cringe. It's as bad as hearing the word "ain't" or "[warsh]." ❋ MadamexXx (2009)

1. "Oriental" is a term generally applied to the "race"/ethnicities that inhabit the region from [Myanmar] (formerly [Burma]) all the way to Korea and Japan. It's a term referring to geography ("East") and is not an offensive or slur word. Some politically correct people in America think it is but I've known some Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese and others from [the Orient] in college and they do not find the word to be offensive at all. 2. There are groceries and restaurants that specialize in [East Asian] food. Many of them use the word "Oriental" on their signs, so apparently they don't see that word as a racial slam, do they? 3. [Rugs] made in Iran or India are still called "Oriental [rugs]". They are nice, huge, heavy and expensive. 4. There's been an Oriental presence and influence in America for a long time. There are Chinatowns, [Japanese-American] communities, Vietnamese neighborhoods and Korean neighborhoods on the West Coast states (especially California) and they have been in America for over 160 years. Like all ethnic groups here they have played an important role in making the U.S.A. the great nation that it is today. 5. Also in the Pacific West coast states the Native American peoples have oral traditions detailing of contact with Oriental people long ago. The [travellers] were probably Chinese, Japanese and others. Relations with those visitors were pretty good. 6. Oriental nations have given the world many contribution in the fields of sciences, arts, military strategy, medicine and more. ❋ I Saw U2 Live Twice (2009)

UK Person: Look at those Oriental people over there. US Person: You shouldn't call them Oriental. You should call them Asian. UK Person: But they're Japanese. They aren't Indian. They're Oriental. US Person: [Rugs] are Oriental. People are not. UK Person: YOU are a [rug]. Learn more about the English language outside of [your stupid] country. ❋ Kijsjaan08 (2008)

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