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Definitions of "origin"

  • The point at which something comes into existence or from which it derives or is derived. noun
  • Ancestry: "We cannot escape our origins, however hard we try” ( James Baldwin). noun
  • The fact of originating; rise or derivation: The rumor had its origin in an impulsive remark. noun
  • Anatomy The point of attachment of a muscle that remains relatively fixed during contraction. noun
  • Mathematics The point of intersection of coordinate axes, as in the Cartesian coordinate system. noun
  • The beginning of something. noun
  • The source of a river, information, goods, etc. noun
  • The point at which the axes of a coordinate system intersect noun
  • The proximal end of attachment of a muscle to a bone that will not be moved by the action of that muscle. noun
  • an arbitrary point on the earth's surface, chosen as the zero for a system of coordinates. noun
  • ancestry noun
  • The first existence or beginning of anything; the birth. noun
  • That from which anything primarily proceeds; the fountain; the spring; the cause; the occasion. noun
  • The point of attachment or end of a muscle which is fixed during contraction; -- in contradistinction to insertion. noun
  • To give rise to; originate; initiate.
  • To arise; originate.
  • Beginning of existence; rise or first manifestation; first stage or indication of being or existence. noun
  • That from which anything derives its being or nature; source of being or existence; cause or occasion; fountain; source: as, the origins of a nation. noun
  • Hence, parentage; ancestry; pedigree; extraction; birth. noun

The word "origin" in example sentences

Sante Maure, also French in origin, is an aged goat's milk cheese, or chevre, with a nutty flavor and aroma and a thin, smooth, blue-gray molding.. [Making merry in May: Mexico's National Cheese and Wine Festival]

Also Middle Eastern in origin is shanklish (sometimes spelled shanclish) made with either cow's or sheep's milk, formed into balls about 2 ½ inches in diameter and covered with zatar seasoning made with crushed sesame seeds, thyme and sumac berries.. [Making merry in May: Mexico's National Cheese and Wine Festival]

Misusing words of Latin origin is a common phenomenon.. [Strunk and Light VI: Incorrect (biatch)!]

Whether these skirts were Nguni rather than indigenous in origin is difficult to establish.. [Where Women Make History: Gendered Tellings of Community and Change in Magude, Mozambique]

I found that the origin comes from a Greek word, 'Imperium'.. [India In The Commonwealth]

HAD TWO YEARS AGO is that George Will knows that George Will looks better in a Word origin janek51 - 4/11/11 7:22am. [Crooks and Liars]

Covering his origin is all well and good, but there is much more to the hero than just a silver cloaked costume.. [Hero/Villain of the week! « Giant Killer Squid - Film, Comics, News, Reviews and more]

It sounds like the hold-up on more help is financial in origin, which is in equal measures understandable and completely frustrating.. [The Amazing Survivor Race Challenge: Parenting Edition | Her Bad Mother]

"In this decision, the origin is approached by the force of the gaze, which sets free the essence of the night, removes concern, interrupts the incessant by revealing it: a moment of desire, unconcern, and authority". [Darkness Audible: Negative Capability and Mark Doty’s 'Nocturne in Black and Gold']

Often, she will play with an online dictionary on her laptop to quickly find a word origin.. [USATODAY.com News]

By being racially exclusive at least pertaining to the word 'origin', if not some of the winners isn't the MOBOs overtly racict?. [Evening Standard - Home]

But their origin is almost as obscure as ever: if ancient, their creed has been so corrupted with mysticism and Mahometanism, that its native lineaments are very indistinct. —. [The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire]

In the description of a muscle, the term origin is meant to imply its more fixed or central attachment; and the term insertion the movable point on which the force of the muscle is applied; but the origin is absolutely fixed in only a small number of muscles, such as those of the face which are attached by one extremity to immovable bones, and by the other to the movable integument; in the greater number, the muscle can be made to act from either extremity.. [IV. Myology. 1. Mechanics of Muscle]

It's a kind of origin tale, but considering the mystique surrounding the Joker's history -- I really only know of the origin from the Tim Burton film -- the idea that the preeminent villain of the Batman pantheon rose from such a hapless loser is surprising and a bit disappointing.. [Getting Graphic: "Batman: The Killing Joke" by Alan Moore]

However, it's not explicit that the purple people eater is extra-terrestrial in origin, based on the lyrical evidence, only that it can fly .... [Boing Boing]

But the greatest game of all was Australian in origin – no, not cricket or rugby.. [Stalag 18A]

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