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Originality is the aspect of created or invented works as being new or novel, and thus distinguishable from reproductions, clones, forgeries, or derivative works. An original work is one not received from others nor one copied from or based upon the work of others.. It is a work created with a unique style and substance. The term "originality" is often applied as a compliment to the creativity of artists, writers, and thinkers. The modern idea of originality is tied to Romanticism, by a notion that is often called romantic originality.The concept of originality is culturally contingent. At the time of Shakespeare, it was more common to appreciate the similarity with an admired classical work, and Shakespeare himself avoided "unnecessary invention". It wasn't until the start of the 18th century that the concept of originality became an ideal in Western culture..

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Definitions of "original"

  • Preceding all others in time; first. adjective
  • Not derived from something else; fresh and unusual: an original play, not an adaptation. adjective
  • Showing a marked departure from previous practice; new: a truly original approach. See Synonyms at new. adjective
  • Productive of new things or new ideas; inventive: an original mind. adjective
  • Being the source from which a copy, reproduction, or translation is made. adjective
  • A first form from which other forms are made or developed: Later models of the car retained many features of the original. noun
  • An authentic work of art: bought an original, not a print. noun
  • Work that has been composed firsthand: kept the original but sent a photocopy to his publisher. noun
  • A person who is appealingly odd or curious; a character. noun
  • Archaic The source from which something arises; an originator. noun
  • First in a series or copies/versions adjective
  • Newly created adjective
  • Fresh, different adjective
  • Pioneering adjective
  • Having as its origin adjective
  • An object or other creation (e.g. narrative work) from which all later copies and variations are derived noun
  • A person with a unique and interesting personality and/or creative talent noun
  • An eccentric noun
  • Pertaining to the origin or beginning; preceding all others; first in order; primitive; primary; pristine adjective

The word "original" in example sentences

Her composition was a good example of what a silly child, with an even sillier mother could do, in the way of original work, for surely the essay was _original_.. [Princess Polly's Gay Winter]

_Nouns_, or the names of the objects of our perceptions, doubtless constituted the original class of words; (if I may be allowed to assume such a hypothesis as an _original_ class of words;) but the ever-active principle of association, soon transformed nouns into verbs, by making them, when employed in a particular manner, expressive of affirmation.. [English Grammar in Familiar Lectures]

” Hence that admirable writer postulates some “terrible original calamity”; and thus the hateful doctrine, theologically called “original sin, ” becomes to him almost as certain as that “the world exists, and as the existence of God.. [The Kasidah of Haji Abdu El-Yezdi]

The Latin original translates as: ‘Mine is a heart that scorns the light, and believes that the glory that you strive for is cheaply bought with life’.. [Letter 33]

Hollywood, where the term original idea is an oxymoron, is developing at least six movies about .... [Hasid Trip]

With modern design, the term "original" can be a bit tricky, especially if the piece in question is still being produced and sold in the current marketplace.. [The Seattle Times]

The title original for this post was "BLOODY HELL!", but I thought … it's not that nice.. [Spiritual Garden]

And although the original is a classic in many ways, one thing it definitely lacked was some actually cool martial arts.. [Early Buzz: Peter’s Mixed Thoughts on The Karate Kid | /Film]

Seems the best way to keep the spirit. jackieboi the original is a classic. can't be topped, at least not with those hacks ... i think ill redbox dear john when this comes out.. [Escape From New York Remake: Now With Less Destruction? | /Film]

"Notes on Robert Frost," which fill about two thousand pages of typescript; the original is at the University of Virginia, but there's a good copy at Dartmouth, which is where I read them.. [Brian Hall - An interview with author]

(In fact, reading graphic novels after the original is a good general policy.). [Highbrow]

Neither has McInnis been cleared of misrepresenting his water-musings articles to the Hasan Family Foundation, which he described as "original," leaving him open to charges of fraud.. [Jason Salzman: Among Friends on Radio, McInnis Says He Has "Complete Vindication" but "Just a Little Too Late"]

In fact, the only really discernable difference between this series and the original is the hair.. [Current Movie Reviews, Independent Movies - Film Threat]

It, too, has been copied by many users world-wide, but this original is the best!. [Five Hilarious YouTube Videos | myFiveBest]

Admittedly, it was a second-hand posting; the original is here.. [About: Blinded by Science]

I think the original is almost 50/50 or even more laughs than scares.. [Exclusive: Producer Mike De Luca on PRIEST and the Remake of FRIGHT NIGHT – Collider.com]

Original Translates

TurkishOriginal English to Turkish Translate
s., i. asli, esasa ait, ilk; özgün, yeni, yeni icat olunmuş, orijinal; yaratıcı (zeka); i. aslı, kaynak, menşe; asıl nüsha, müsvedde; acayip kimse. original mind yaratıcı zeka. original sin ilah. kalı- tımla geçen veya doğuştan olan günah.s., i. asli, esasa ait, ilk; özgün, yeni, yeni icat olunmuş, orijinal; yaratıcı (zeka); i. aslı, kaynak, menşe; asıl nüsha, müsvedde; acayip kimse. original mind yaratıcı zeka. original sin ilah. kalı- tımla geçen veya doğuştan olan günah.

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  • Hyphenation o rig i nal
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