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What do we mean by osmunda?

Any of several ferns of the genus Osmunda, such as the cinnamon fern, having bipinnately compound sterile fronds and separate spore-bearing fertile fronds. The fibrous roots are used as a potting medium. noun

A genus of handsome ferns, widely distributed throughout north temperate regions, and typical of the order Osmundaceæ. noun

Royal fern, osmund (of genus Osmunda) noun

Royal fern, osmund (of genus Osmunda)

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The word "osmunda" in example sentences

There are many different media to support orchids inside the pot: osmunda or other tree fern fiber; fir bark, cork or even the jal gravel that give our state its name. ❋ Unknown (1997)

Crystal streams and waterfalls are pouring down the hillsides to lose themselves in one of Connemara's many bays, and we have a glimpse of osmunda fern, golden green and beautiful. ❋ Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin (1889)

On and on goes the stream, for it may not stay; leaving of its freshness with the great osmunda that stretches eager roots towards the running water; flowing awhile with a brother stream, to part again east and west as each takes up his separate burden of service -- my friend to cherish the lower meadows in their flowery joyance -- and so by the great sea-gate back to sky and earth again. ❋ Michael Fairless (1885)

I had returned to the old home during a summer vacation of the State University, and, having made a beginning in botany, I was, of course, full of enthusiasm and ran eagerly to my beloved pogonia, calopogon, and cypripedium gardens, osmunda ferneries, and the lake lilies and pitcher-plants. ❋ John Muir (1876)

Page 173 large and beautiful Filex osmunda, growing in great tufts or clumps. ❋ Unknown (1823)

Sayor calappa and Olus calappoides, describes it as an arborescent species of osmunda. ❋ William Marsden (1795)

Mr. Ferber speaks of the pleasure he received in observing in the buds of Hepatica and pedicularis hirsuta yet lying hid in the earth, and in the gems of the shrub daphne mezereon, and at the base of osmunda lunaria a perfect plant of the future year, discernable in all its parts ❋ Erasmus Darwin (1766)

[John] was being an [absolute] osmunda [tonight] ❋ JeffTheKeff (2022)

Girl 1: Damn look at that girl she killed that boy with only [eye contact] and she's [drop dead gorgeous] Girl 2: Omg that's definitely [Ida osmunda] ❋ Knøttliten (2023)

boy 1: [oh my fuck] look at that [binds] boy 2: bro that's definitely big bunda osmunda she's the most [popular girl] in school ❋ Knøttliten (2023)

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