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What does the word ossific mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word ossific in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with ossific and anagrams of ossific.

Definitions of "ossific"

  • Capable of producing bone; having the power to change cartilage or other tissue into bone. adjective
  • Capable of producing bone; having the power to change cartilage or other tissue into bone. adjective
  • Ossifying; osteogenic; making bone; causing ossification, or converting connective or cartilaginous tissue into bone: as, an ossific process. See ossification.

The word "ossific" in example sentences

Such is not a counsel of ossific reaction, quite the contrary.. [Ceremonial and Insignia—Some Considerations]

Under the slightest irritation or stimulation, however, their bone-forming functions are stirred into abnormal activity, thus explaining how easy it is (especially with bones so open to receive slight injuries as are those of the foot) to get ossific deposits, the starting-point of which we are quite unable to account for.. [Diseases of the Horse's Foot]

The fontanelles are usually closed by the growth and extension of the bones which surround them, but sometimes they are the sites of separate ossific centers which develop into sutural bones.. [II. Osteology. 5d. The Interior of the Skull]

The labyrinths are first developed, ossific granules making their appearance in the region of the lamina papyracea between the fourth and fifth months of fetal life, and extending into the conchæ.. [II. Osteology. 5a. 6. Ethmoid bone]

These accessory nuclei possess no separate ossific centers, but are invaded by the surrounding membrane bone and undergo absorption.. [II. Osteology. 5b. 8. The Mandible (Lower Jaw)]

The inner alveolar border, usually described as arising from a separate ossific center (splenial center), is formed in the human mandible by an ingrowth from the main mass of the bone.. [II. Osteology. 5b. 8. The Mandible (Lower Jaw)]

The ossific centers appear in the intervals between the articular depressions for the costal cartilages, in the following order: in the manubrium and first piece of the body, during the sixth month; in the second and third pieces of the body, during the seventh month of fetal life; in its fourth piece, during the first year after birth; and in the xiphoid process, between the fifth and eighteenth years.. [II. Osteology. 4a. The Sternum]

—The first ossific nuclei are those for the great wings (ali-sphenoids) 33.. [II. Osteology. 5a. 5. The Sphenoid Bone]

—About the ninth week of fetal life an ossific center appears for each of the small wings (orbitosphenoids) just lateral to the optic foramen; shortly afterward two nuclei appear in the presphenoid part of the body.. [II. Osteology. 5a. 5. The Sphenoid Bone]

The ossific nuclei make their appearance in the following order: in the first segment between the first and fourth years; in the second between the fifth and tenth years; in the third between the tenth and fifteenth years; in the fourth between the fourteenth and twentieth years.. [II. Osteology. 3a. 4. The Sacral and Coccygeal Vertebræ]

—About the eighth or ninth week of fetal life, ossification of the central part of the body of the first sacral vertebra commences, and is rapidly followed by deposit of ossific matter in the second and third; ossification does not commence in the bodies of the lower two segments until between the fifth and eighth months of fetal life.. [II. Osteology. 3a. 4. The Sacral and Coccygeal Vertebræ]

The ossific granules first appear in the situations where the transverse processes afterward project, and spread backward to the spinous process forward into the pedicles, and lateralward into the transverse and articular processes.. [II. Osteology. 3a. 4. The Sacral and Coccygeal Vertebræ]

Separate ossific centers have also been found in the costal processes of the fourth, fifth, and sixth cervical vertebræ.. [II. Osteology. 3a. 4. The Sacral and Coccygeal Vertebræ]

The number of ossific centers varies in different bones.. [II. Osteology. 2. Bone]

Two ossific centers, one on either side of the middle line, appear about the eighth week of fetal life in this part of the membrane, and hence the vomer consists primarily of two lamellæ.. [II. Osteology. 5b. 7. The Vomer]

There were only two valves of the aorta, and these were disorganized by the deposition of ossific matter about their bases, and a fleshlike thickening of the other part [7].. [Cases of Organic Diseases of the Heart]

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