Character 9
Hyphenation os tra cize
Pronunciations /ˈɒstɹəsaɪz/

Definitions and meanings of "Ostracize"

What do we mean by ostracize?

To exclude from a group or society. transitive verb

To banish by ostracism, as in ancient Greece. transitive verb

To exile by ostracism; banish by popular vote, as persons dreaded for their influence or power were banished by the ancient Athenians. See ostracism, 1.

Hence To banish from society; put under the ban; exclude from public or private favor.

Also spelled ostracise.

To exile by ostracism; to banish by a popular vote, as at Athens. transitive verb

To banish from society, by a general consent; to exclude from social, political, or private favor; to exclude from conversation or friendship; to shun. A person may be ostracized by a formal vote or by a widespread but informal agreement. transitive verb

To exclude (a person) from society or from a community, by not communicating with them or by refusing to acknowledge their presence; to refuse to talk to or associate with; to shun. verb

Avoid speaking to or dealing with verb

Expel from a community or group verb

To ban a person from a city for five or ten years through the procedure of ostracism.

(by extension) To exclude a person from a community or from society by not communicating with them or by refusing to acknowledge their presence; to refuse to associate with or talk to; to shun.

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The word "ostracize" in example sentences

"since it's your duty to ostracize and bake, _ostracize_ and _bake_, and be done with your ridiculous fancies." ❋ Edward Payson Roe (1863)

Finally you understand the vocabulary word ostracize. ❋ Mark Jude Poirier (2007)

The group had said it would "ostracize" Ingersoll for its machinery sales in Iran. ❋ Kris Maher (2010)

The group had said it would "ostracize" Ingersoll-Rand for its machinery sales into Iran. ❋ Kris Maher (2010)

Those who are will treat me as become gentlemen, as they do, and those who are not I will thank if they will "ostracize" me, for if they don't I will certainly "ostracize" them. ❋ Unknown (1878)

"ostracize" originated in 1649, after the KJV was written; ἐκβάλλω is best translated as ❋ ChrisBo (2010)

We leave them and each other "flat" when we ostracize only of those who commit the bad actions, while we refrain from realizing how often we succumb to lying or cruelty or negligence by not helping the people who mistreat, who fall, who have blemishes on their behavior. ❋ Carol Smaldino (2011)

Mr. Kim and his younger sister spent much of their teenage years worried that their father would ostracize them and favor their half-siblings born of a later wife, according to accounts from relatives of the Kim family who escaped the country. ❋ Evan Ramstad (2011)

And a shocking number of families—Christians as much as Muslims, in my experience—would ostracize sons or daughters who dared to fall in love outside their sect. ❋ Annia Ciezadlo (2011)

People can “express themselves” by waiving swastikas around; I can yell at them for this, ostracize them, and convince others that it should be socially unacceptable. ❋ Unknown (2010)

While efforts to ostracize Libya from the council are being driven by Europe, the United States and some Latin American countries, Asian and African nations will be wary of setting a precedent that can be used against them or their allies in future, said Peter Splinter of Amnesty International. ❋ Unknown (2011)

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