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The word "overdecorated" in example sentences

Either this is some kind of overdecorated on-board storage tank, or else it's just a place to come and relax. " ❋ Foster, Alan Dean, 1946- (1992)

“We need to get back to the strike,” Yetta said firmly, and that sounded so wonderful all of a sudden, to be out in the bracing wind, carrying a sign, telling the whole world the truth, instead of standing in this overheated, overdecorated room, being falsely polite. ❋ Margaret Peterson Haddix (2011)

For two weeks Imogene and Herb stood in a variety of overheated, overdecorated living rooms holding Triscuits on little plates and then Imogene graduated from college and promptly moved to Morocco. ❋ Anthony Doerr (2010)

Every room was overdecorated, and every room had a motif—many, my audio guide told me, chosen by Elvis himself. ❋ Morgan Matson (2010)

Multicolored lights wink and blink like an overdecorated Christmas tree. ❋ Kelle James (2010)

And when I was writing, I just threw in creatures and world features that felt right to me, packing in strangeness and magic like pillows in an overdecorated parlour. ❋ Willowfagan (2008)

E.g., the Nixon Blue Room was considered "too imperial" really just tacky; Hillary made the Blue Room a bluer blue than it's ever been, "people" thought Nancy Reagan overdecorated during a serious recession, blah, blah, blah. ❋ Ann Althouse (2009)

The film preserves the novel's opposition between the unruly, dangerous Australian landscape and the overstuffed, overdecorated "Victorian" interiors at the college; the latter is dominated by Mrs. Appleyard's ominously ticking clock, which in part represents the school's rigid social structure. ❋ Unknown (2008)

"All told, Zhang's latest is a lavishly overdecorated period melodrama with a lot of meaningless, bustling energy," writes David Chute in the LA Weekly. ❋ Unknown (2006)

I have to say, the idea of the gold room makes me think "overdecorated bordello". ❋ Will (2008)

The demo cake, pictured below the mold, is a little overdecorated for my tastes, especially considering that the cake itself is so intricate. ❋ Unknown (2007)

Venetian lions coloured as indelicately as baboons and of shamefully overdecorated Roman eagles. ❋ Herbert George (2006)

The whole room seemed ludicrously overdecorated and overstyled and overcivilized, given the issues at hand. ❋ Child, Lee (2006)

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