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Definitions and meanings of "Overdub"

What do we mean by overdub?

To add (supplementary recorded sound) to a previously taped musical recording especially in order to heighten the total effect. transitive verb

Additional recorded sound that is blended into a musical recording. noun

To record a part along with an already recorded part or parts. verb

An overdubbed part. noun

(sound engineering) An overdubbed part.

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The word "overdub" in example sentences

Les Paul also experimented with the recording process, employing an "overdub" method, meaning recording a part "on top" of another while listening to the original or earlier take. ❋ Unknown (2009)

(Soundbite of music) Mr. COYNE: We sort of thought of the idea of more like, well, we can just kind of overdub a bunch of stuff, and no one's really going to know whether we're playing or not, and if we're lucky, we can make it sound like we're much better than we really are. ❋ Unknown (2006)

Mark was just going to come in and overdub his harmony, but in true Mark fashion, he came in, sat down at the piano to work out his harmonies and the next thing we knew he and I were re-cutting the vocals together live. ❋ Mike Ragogna (2011)

Sometimes, it's a real performance, but we like to overdub quite a bit, so it's not always all of us playing at the same time. ❋ Mike Ragogna (2012)

Because of my connection with Richard Perry -- who was Carly's producer -- and, at the time, was connected to everybody in the world, when we were doing the No Secrets album, we were in the studio where I was doing an overdub, and I look into the control room because somebody had just walked in. ❋ Mike Ragogna (2010)

So, the majority of the tracks were those guys, and we had Matthew Sweet come in and overdub some harmonies. ❋ Mike Ragogna (2011)

Tony says I can overdub the rest in Boston anyway. ❋ David Krancher (2012)

Cuts within individual scenes never quite match continuity: actors 'physical proximity and movements don't fully mesh, and in one or two scenes actors overdub their lines when their lips are closed. ❋ Unknown (2010)

But she had a chance in the overdub of the vocal to redo a part if she wasnt totally satisfied, without having the band to have to play it over again. ❋ Unknown (2010)

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