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Definitions and meanings of "Overeater"

What do we mean by overeater?

Here you will find one or more explanations in English for the word overeater. Define overeater, overeater synonyms, overeater pronunciation, overeater translation, English dictionary definition of overeater.

To eat more than what is necessary for our body. Urban Dictionary

Synonyms and Antonyms for Overeater

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The word "overeater" in example sentences

The emotional overeater must be helped so that eating provides adequate nutrition, encouraged to use exercise to rid the body of the physical tension caused by the stress and told how to eat to diminish the emotional pain. ❋ PhD Judith J. Wurtman (2012)

Yet we continue to blame the overeater for his or her lack of will power. ❋ PhD Judith J. Wurtman (2012)

I identified her as an undereater/overeater, as many high-achievement professionals are. ❋ Janet Jackson (2011)

Among people who overeat, I typically see three different types: garden-variety overeater, food abuser, and, like my client Carol, food addict. ❋ Bob Greene (2010)

No matter what type of eater you are—addict, abuser, or garden-variety overeater—the nine step treatment plan starting on page 98 will help break the spell that food holds over you. ❋ Bob Greene (2010)

Like an overeater who uses food as an emotional outlet, you need to figure out what compels you to whip out that credit card. ❋ Phillip Bloch (2010)

Not slavishly or fanatically (as a compulsive overeater with a daily reprieve, I don't do well with fads and tangents). ❋ Unknown (2010)

He is a recovering compulsive overeater and owner of Milestones in Recovery, a residential program for people with eating disorders in Fort Lauderdale. ❋ Unknown (2008)

The key differences are that the patient with BED is not eating because of any “need for calories” or physical hunger, is not eating as part of a regular meal or social event, and ends up feeling quite troubled and disgusted at the lack of control (unlike the “hedonic overeater” who truly enjoys splurging on tasty foods and actually feels quite happy and content after a large scrumptious meal). ❋ Unknown (2008)

[Overeat] if you want to gain [weight] or [throw up]. ❋ Shantanubdas311 (2016)

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What does overeater mean?

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