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What does the word overfamiliar mean? Find synonyms, antonyms and the meaning of the word overfamiliar in our free online dictionary! Find words starting with overfamiliar and anagrams of overfamiliar.

Definitions of "overfamiliar"

  • Too familiar, as: adjective
  • Exceedingly common or ordinary: overfamiliar sayings. adjective
  • Unduly forward or brash; offensively presumptuous: She displayed an overfamiliar attitude toward her superiors. adjective
  • common or repeated to the point of being unnoticed or annoying adjective
  • so acquainted with something, that one doesn't notice it, or is annoyed by it adjective
  • overly friendly or intimate adjective
  • Taking undue liberties; assuming an unwarranted tone of familiarity. adjective
  • taking undue liberties adjective

The word "overfamiliar" in example sentences

The last version was FKNAWSM, despite the rambling, sometimes overfamiliar prose and the impression it was a 2nd draft essay before the linking paragraphs were done.. [Cheeseburger Gothic » Not so lazy Sunday]

In "Ark," he is unwilling to expend the slightest effort to make his overfamiliar premise plausible.. [A Master Back in the Saddle]

It seemed like an overfamiliar way of revisiting loss, ageing and regret.. [Rewind TV: The Apprentice; The Song of Lunch; The Genius of British Art]

The stand-up material in this video would be overfamiliar to anyone who has an interest in him, but I just loved the line about tickling everybody in the audience.. [What am I supposed to do: go out and tickle them all, individually? | clusterflock]

Connie Willis: D.A. Connie Willis sends up overfamiliar "space academy" stories with this one about the only girl on Earth who has no desire to enroll.. [L, t U & E]

None of them was a reader, so I was mysterious and magical, almost priestlike, treated with a respect I was unused to in my old indoor life among bitter writers and overfamiliar readers, the well-meaning bores of literacy.. [Beard]

Classic, overfamiliar scene: X has just found out that her husband, Y, has cheated on him with Z, her best friend.. [Menachem Kaiser: How DFW Got Me a C+]

But there's no triumph here-not in the indifferent readings of overfamiliar songs, not in the tame B-movie spoofs that seem less campy than the movies themselves.. [Rocky Horror Sci-Fi Show]

On Love Makes the Changes (Fantasy), jazz singer Freddy Cole (Nat's younger brother) also avoids the overfamiliar -- the bluesy title cut's a gem -- and pianist Cedar Walton anchors his all-star band.. [All I Want For Christmas...]

By now many of the charges and countercharges will seem familiar, or overfamiliar.. [Latifah Is Rich,]

He had cut from his list of acquaintances and associates a number of people who had been a little doubtful or overfamiliar or indifferent or talkative during. [Jennie Gerhardt]

Lunigiana: where one of her Sonnes became servant to the Lord thereof, and was found somewhat overfamiliar with his Masters daughter, who therefore caused him to be imprisoned.. [The Decameron]

Mathieson had always tended towards the crude, overfamiliar and downright leery towards the female staff, but now that she had been foisted upon him, he made a point of staring at her tits or making remarks he clearly hoped would make her uncomfortable.. [Be My Enemy]

At this point, we are led to believe that the movie is moving into overfamiliar territory.. [Nicolas Cage's Twitchy Con Man Takes the Dad Rap]

Today, if anything, we've become overfamiliar with the static masterpieces that Robert Wilson and Philip Glass regularly ship off to the Brooklyn Academy of Music.. [Monk, Eisenberg and Banhart: Oh Me, Oh My, They're So Unusual]

I'll say only that Mr. Marsalis 'frantic pace of invention flags somewhat over the course of a very long piece, and some overfamiliar gambits-the gospel bits and pieces, the too-charming reeds writing meant to suggest the dance between the sexes, the jazz homage to trains-begin to cloy.. [All Rise: Cocksure Marsalis Redeems Himself as Pasticheur]

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@AOC Oh thank God - I've been quietly moaning about this. Make them stop putting up thuddingly bland, randomly time…


@Neo_url: Older women are hella overfamiliar and disrespectful in public spaces. Like...you're probably confused cause you're someone's…


@Neo_url: Older women are hella overfamiliar and disrespectful in public spaces. Like...you're probably confused cause you're someone's…

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Overfamiliar Word Data

  • Pronunciations(ōˌvər-fə-mĭlˈyər)
  • Character12
  • Hyphenation overfamiliar




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